Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Avatar: The Videogame

Avatar: The Videogame

With the imminent release of the film comes from the hand Avatar the suffering merchandise and a new game of the same name, which can be a handicap against him, since most gamers are fleeing in some way to this type of security due especially products that are often being made to drag them into the cinemas and also non-standard and high quality games. Is this so one of those games that end up cluttering the thrift stores?.

In a stream of a new resurgence of the FPS, Avatar presents this third-person shooter set in a colorful world and grating in the dreamlike, fantastical and somewhat romantic taste in terms of scenery. But not everything is rosy, and that behind this "paradise" will hide a number of hazards that result in a multitude of enemies of all shapes and sizes ... at this time remember how to play other titles such as any installment of Battlefront.
The gameplay is not going to surprise and progress through the scenarios is fairly linear with few surprises. The controls are fairly regular and we can get hold of them within five minutes of playing, which is not necessarily a negative point but rather the opposite.

So what can bring back this new game? The first is that the guys at Ubisoft has worked in a 3D game that can be a pioneer in this field and promises a series of sensations to which we are unaccustomed. Imagine for a moment what would move into a world where you can feel the sense of depth and almost touch the different textures of any element of the environment, this gives a sense of reality that hooks from the outset.
This does not mean we can not enjoy this game on a screen as normal, however in this case all the scenic views above falls in the middle half and becomes a game that promises to be good but not becomes an imperative. On the other hand the negative aspect that we can endorse it is precisely its strength ... a bit of trouble right? Nothing is easier, if just for novelty and strength is its design to be enjoyed in 3D, its weakness is that it can only be enjoyed if you have a very latest generation television today are astronomical prices.

According to PC Gaming Magazine this adaptation came December 3 at the stores, and comes with this controversy in tow. Hopefully, once in the market and tested by end users will not be as one among the pile of games that adorn our collections and clutter the thrift stores. Yet why not say so, we are looking forward to the stores.

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  1. Nice review, but where the character from avatar game? why you don't give character review too? By the way thank for write avatar game review...:)