Saturday, December 26, 2009

Mega Man 10 Game

The blue bomber returns in Mega Man 10
The mythical hero of Capcom will deliver new plataformera in downloadable format.
Capcom has announced the release of MegaMan 10 via digital download service WiiWare from Nintendo, the Xbox Live online network of Microsoft and Sony's PlayStation Store platform in the month of March 2010. MegaMan 10, the latest installment of the popular franchise from Capcom, rolled back to the nostalgic to the days of classic 2D MegaMan deliveries in a delivery that will link the action retro and vintage-inspired graphics the NES.

The year is 20XX and a suspected outbreak of Roboenza, a robotic bird species has been unleashed. It spreads through the world like wildfire robots knocking everywhere. The robots have been infected out of control, destroying the city and Who is behind all this mess? MegaMan who will be responsible for dealing with this ominous threat and bring the bottom of this mysterious virus.

Through this adventure MegaMan will face robots infected, as well as classic and characteristic bosses you can only find in this saga. Each with unique weaponry and equipment, their own vulnerabilities. The creator of the original Mega Man, Keiji Inafune, is responsible for the direction and supervision of all bosses designs, offering the most savage villains of the series.

Among the new features of MegaMan 10 includes the ability to play with the favorite character of all fans, Protoman, from the beginning of the game, and the inclusion of "Easy mode" that will allow more users to enjoy the challenges this series made it big. Moreover, how "MegaMan Challenges" will practice the skills and prior preparation before facing the thrilling adventures that await them.

MegaMan 10 arrives in March 2010.

Guest Post By : PC Games Magazine

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