Friday, April 30, 2010

Reality or pc game?

2010 Gaming PC: Reality or pc game?

The digital realism is reaching unimaginable heights, to the verge of creating characters that we find difficult to classify as real or virtual. Let's say the girl in the image on the right. It is a 3D representation of a Korean girl. It looks real, right?. But after a few seconds looking at something tells us that something strange happens to her. Too perfect and cold at the same time. I miss that twinkle in his eye, the breath of life that we recognize instantly among our peers. Stare us a feeling of rejection that experts call "the valley disturbing."

PC Gaming Industry

The term was coined by Japanese roboticist Masahiro Mori in 1970. It refers to a repulsive response that makes us a being too similar to humans but is sufficiently "non-human" so we can detect it. Overall, we produce more sympathetically as real a picture of the same girl.

From movies like "Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within" to "Avatar" has been done to progress in the representation of virtual beings who are able to meet the actors on the big screen. In the pc game world, how to tell a story that has been achieved by "Heavy Rain" could be a prelude to what will bring the cinema of the future. Films featuring characters made interactive computer capable of transmitting the same emotions as flesh and blood actors.

Current technology allows ever more convincing models. One of the latest developments has proposed a few weeks ago the company nVidia at the Game Developers Conference. An impressive simulator that can represent the movement, physics and appearance of the hair of a girl. We leave you with a video in which we make a demonstration of this amazing technology, which could be used in upcoming games.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Digital Encounters: Daniel Suarez, Call of Duty: World at War

We met with Daniel Suarez, executive producer of Activision, a virtual meeting in which you are the protagonists. All questions and concerns raised by users is reflected in this exclusive interview.

After a first successful Digital encounter with Peter Hines about Fallout 3, which took place in the forums of the magazine a few weeks ago, Daniel Suarez has taken over and answered the questions that the user community over the proposed PCGameTrek days. The executive producer of Activision has shown a good sense of humor and, most importantly, a concern more than evident to demonstrate the new features World at War. This time the project has been borne by Treyarch, and on this issue, in addition to the impact and doubts arising as a result of the beta, have revolved around almost all of the questions. We summarized the interview in the following extract;

David Suarez. Good morning. I'm looking forward to the interview, I think we started on it shortly. I apologize in advance for not answering my questions in Castilian, my grandmother would have been very proud, but you probably partiríais readers laugh.

O Dae_soo: Why did you choose to Treyarch as the developer of the game after the huge success that was Infinity Ward with CoD4?

DS. Treyarch chose mainly for its history with the brand. They have been developing games for longer than World War II lasted. Many team members have worked in the first expansion to Call of Duty, United Offense (which actually is the old Grey Matter team, who worked on Return to Castle Wolfenstein). For many this is their fourth Call of Duty and also love this franchise.

Call of Duty: World At War (PlayStation 3)

unis1703: In COD4 the action took place today, and it was really awesome. Why have you gone back to the conflict of the Second World War?

DS. Just as CoD4 redefined the modern military shooter, we feel that we wanted to do the same with cod5 in regard to the Second World War. Infinity Ward after COD2 redefined this franchise and we feel that we did the same in CoD3. Treyarch has spent two years and much effort to analyze and qualify the key that could redefine the way in which the players understand the Second World War.

Call of Duty 5 (PlayStation 3)

kissadicto: Since World War 2 is a time of history much exploited in pc games and being the Call of Duty series a reference, what do you think can bring this new installment in this regard?

DS. World War to start strong in a new setting, the Pacific, we had not used before in the franchise. This gives us a new enemy, the Imperial Japanese Army, and dozens of new tactics and banzai charges, spider holes, Kamakazi attacks, etc., which actually increase the feeling of suspense and dramatic tension during the game. In the Russian campaign we have taken a very personal look for this battle from the eyes of a Russian sols and their revenge against the Nazi German army. It is the story is narrated by Gary Oldman, Sgt Reznov, who stars in a story really brutal, but very different from what we've seen before in a Call of Duty. I think it's one of the ways in which we staged to refresh the concept of the Second World War and everything that surrounds him.

Dying_day: I played well to the beta and my friends and I have encountered a lot of bugs. I killed a guy who was below the earth! Can we trust that all these defects have been corrected in the final?

DS. Yes, we are aware of all the problems of beta and we have corrected immediately. The PC version was released shortly after the 360 and solved some problems, and last week released a patch that amended some of the problems detected in the beta. We are very pleased with the acceptance we have received from users and we have been working on upgrades to ensure a smooth launch. We take into account the opinion of the fan community and it is very important to both Activision Treyarch view to providing the best gaming experience possible.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Riddick Vin Diesel PC Game

Riddick Vin Diesel
Vin Diesel in Los Angeles received a set of questions from various media in the face of all the details on its Riddick. Since we did not want to miss the opportunity to participate in this event.

Atari made an appointment call with Vin Diesel at 23:00 on Friday. Bad day to be waiting until night to end a hard day's work. We could not reject the offer or the opportunity to not only learn about the latest title in Tigon Studios, but also to ask some questions to the popular actor taking advantage of the promotion of his latest title from developer. Yes, Vin Diesel is not just a very versatile actor when he wants (his memorable role in Guilty Declaradme away from any box that placed him as a guy given to the action, but nothing more), also has a study which claims founder member and participant.

In addition to her personality is not the rings fall in explaining, as he did with an hour late, that his role in the production of the Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena was far more important than many consider, among other things because it was he who gave life to the script, was forced to record a new Motion Capture system that actor, in his own words, just never get used. Diesel is passionate about pc games in capital letters, and so this interview was emerging as a good opportunity to ask what were your early or what else has caught the attention of his career in the industry. With a title like Escape From Butchers Bay at the back of his studio, no doubt that we have a unique character with lots of interesting information to offer.

However, despite the nervousness that accompanies this kind of situation, the actor appeared in the room with an hour late. Atari took up the matter very wisely and left-to us and the rest of the media, including PCGameTrek was the only Spanish-in the presence of Randy Nelson, one of the designers of Assault on Dark Athena, who happy unveiled the first doubts of the press. Here we offer you the transcript of the first questions of the event, all focused on key aspects of the game;

Riddick Vin Diesel

Question - You have returned to rebuild from scratch Escape From Butcher's Bay for the launch of Dark Athena. Has an opportunity to include new features, or else the game is still as in your day?

Answer - Yes, of course. The main argument we had in our favor was the problems of compatibility between Xbox 360 and original Xbox, which is not allowed to enjoy the original title, so we decided to do it again so that users discovered what was the beginning of everything. We also had to offer the game also on the PlayStation, which never saw the light. It was a way to please the enthusiast community and we really believe we have achieved very positive results, which will surely delight both fans of the series and those who join it first.

P. How have you approached the multiplayer mode, one of the most important points of the original?

R. We have focused this modality in a different way, based on information from the universe of Riddick. We have included the way in which Riddick Pitch Black can run faster and use their innate abilities in the dark, while the other characters have to seek with flashlights and all kinds of junk. It is really a unique experience to be a FPS where premium not only action but also how to do things for the stage. You have to play to appreciate all that I am commenting and rating you can surely when you have the game in your hands.

P. Let us know what you had in mind when creating this sequel. What aspects are most important, any information you give us.

R. First, there is an environment very different from the first delivery. Keep in mind that it is the same production team, they're talented guys who put all their energies to create an adventure that meets expectations, but above all that is accurate to the original product that seek to represent. From the beginning we had great freedom of expression, although we had to retrieve all the conceptual art and completely change the atmosphere with respect to Escape From Butcher's Bay-ESBB from this moment.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Generational Crisis - PC Games 2010

Much of today's games lack of difficulty and challenge, to find challenges that we must look back to the classics of yesteryear. Instant health regeneration, checkpoints in every inch of terrain, obstacles that are passed automatically ... How did it come to this?

Every time I read the comments from readers regarding my articles appeared in Back to the Past, the retro gaming section PCGameTrek is not uncommon to end meeting people who says he is disappointed with the current generation of consoles, even to the point of rejecting it altogether. The grounds, away from the hackneyed "any past was better" or "no longer make games like they used to," speak of disillusionment, loss of interest of securities that fail to fill enough to be worth them spending their leisure time in them ... I, the undersigned have thought himself free from this, to call it somehow generational crisis. There has always been disappointed with what it offers a new generation about what could be found in the former. He passed on the baton from 16 to 32 bits, happen again in the replacement of 32 by 128, and was expected to occur also in the change of the 128-bit for this generation "high definition."

I had remained indifferent to all these generational changes in the sense that the new generation games as much as I loved the old ones. Concepts are transformed, mechanical ways of understanding both the game as the industry itself and a thousand and one things, but still enjoyed the same level of Donkey Kong Country, a WipEout, a Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time or Oblivion. My unconditional love for this world remained impassive without changing trends and developments of this and that kind could erode. "Till death do us part, you'll never be unfaithful" I used to think about my favorite hobby. But something is changing. It has been two titles of the current generation who have blown my internal alarm. In recent weeks I have been playing a couple of shooters who had outstanding taste for some time: Killzone 2 and Uncharted 1. The result? Never in all my life, I was so bored when playing pc games.

The two titles I just mentioned have technical levels brutal, overwhelming, tremendous. The staging, artistic values, overwhelmed in the moment you set eyes on the screen. However, both games have me bored. Why? They are simple walks without any emotion or challenge, empty experiences in which you feel to be an omnipotent god to anyone or anything get to kneel. Both Killzone 2 and Uncharted in the first I played with the maximum levels of difficulty, and yes, on occasion managed to lie down. But when you lie down and you see that continuing in the same exact spot where you have lost their lives (although videojueguil concept of "life" became meaningless long ago), or even somewhat later (recurring situation in Uncharted because if you fall off a cliff, more often than not you find that reappears a few meters beyond that barrier, finding yourself with the game has risen to the challenge for you), you lose all interest in continuing to play. Because that's what I do: play. And for that I need a challenge, I need the game somehow penalize me if I fail, so that the failure to have any meaning or rationale.

Also, it's not just that you do not get penalized when enemies lie down, but not care less that reach hurt. With cover you for a few seconds, all fixed. It is called "spontaneous regeneration" that the popular Halo franchise and has done so much damage to the shooters. Where are the health units of yesteryear? Where is this tension, that measure your steps to the millimeter, because your health is low ebb and you know you have a new impact will be the end? What happened with that "I found a kit but do not need, so your location memorizaré back for him if I am on minimum? "And that feeling of loss when, after a shooting, you see your health bar has fallen by 50%? The lives and health units or continuations, have stopped making sense. And with that the games are over simple walks in becoming the only thing you can do is admire the magnificence of the graphics. Never mind that the enemy AI is more or less realistic. Opponents of the first Doom, possessors of an artificial intelligence that allowed them to go straight to you while shooting, were far more dangerous than the current enemies, no matter how elusive and accurate they are or how well you know barricade behind a column.

And not just talk about Uncharted and Killzone 2, but Assassin's Creed, Prince of Persia (of course the current, not the classic) and many games of this generation. Where did it come that denial on the part of developers in providing challenges to the player? "No, by God, facilitémosles things as possible, lest they become frustrated and stop playing." That seems to be the unwritten rule that today everyone keeps to the letter. What are the impact of a bullet? Curémosles automatically, at that moment. What fall off a cliff? Let reborn and saved with that obstacle. What end up losing a life? Let's put checkpoints on every inch of land to avoid having to repeat a single previous installment. Forward, forward and forward. That seems to be the only thing that can be done in most current games. For that, you see, I see a movie better.

Yes, instead, what I did was return to the past. After turning on my PSP and take a turn in the PS Store I found the first Rayman, a game originally released in 1995. A delightful little gem of a two-dimensional platform that I did not hesitate a moment to download. And it all came back to make sense: difficulty, limited lives, no more than two checkpoints per phase, no health regeneration spontaneous ... That really was a game, instead of walking through the park that flood the store shelves by day today. If we focus on the evolution that has been (and never better) the Rayman series since that first and charming title that the franchise is today (the Rabbids), one can not help regretting the way you are taking Much of the industry.

Fortunately, there are still titles that have not forgotten how to be a pc game or what the user seeks to take up a control pad. Unfortunately, fewer and fewer. Hopefully, that indomitable Gauls located in certain coastal village, now and forever resist the invader. If not, well, we can always look back. Before I say goodbye and go and have a little game the first Crash Bandicoot (another wonderful franchise now disgraced), let me applaud the statements of this man. I wish everyone thought like him.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Effect GT Gran Tourismo 2010

The first real demonstration of Gran Turismo 5 has left the public cold. While trying to find out whether or not a final version, users highlight the importance of providing a quality product as evidence of fire before disbursing € 60 for a title.

How many referendums are necessary so that the developers are aware of the importance of dealing with a demonstration launch of a title (especially a triple A) shortly before it sees the light in the market? Users have spoken in a recent survey shows once again what we have been repeating in this weekly podcast home for active and passive: the 'demos', trial versions that allow us an idea about the look that will look particular security in question should be a prerequisite of any game that appears on the market. When the job is done well, community feedback is immediate. It puts in motion the machinery of mouth to mouth I taste, I like, and when the opportunity arises, I invite people around me to share in my discovery.

But what happens when it does not follow this line of work? When a developer, whether for the reasons whatsoever (internal pressure, speed in production, massive demand from fans ...) and offers the user a trial that generated more questions from those addresses. Konami he lived a few months ago with the presentation of PES2010 reviled, ground with a stick from all sides to bypass 50% of the news that was supposed to include the franchise this season. A Square Enix was happening the same with the first minutes of Final Fantasy XIII in Japan. Now it is the turn of one of the heavyweights of the industry, Sony's right hand, a great ally of the kind of driving, it was reinvented a decade ago to the delight of lovers of the four wheels: Polyphony.

The demonstration of Gran Turismo 5 has left an unimaginable shock a few days before that was done their appearance in the official official Sony Store. Within hours, the bazaar was totally collapsed, flooded with hundreds of thousands of fans who rushed ready to prove the supposed "first final" driving simulator. Days later, with little time to calmly analyze the quality that holds the show, are beginning to shuffle the reasons why Polyphony made available to its community of fans spoiled only the Nissan 370Z at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Certainly very austere, even for a test contralerroj as being organized for GT Academy.

First, you can not expect much more of a package of barely 300mb, a size that seems a little low for the technical power, that we have been enjoying in the international book fairs is highlighted. Secondly, it is clear that the physics engine, collisions, damage and many other basic features of any simulator is not integrated in its entirety. Third (though no less important), both the number of cars and circuits that we have access to less ridiculous is when to perform a review with feet and head, as it has wanted to do certain sectors of industry . Eye, may not understand these words as an uncompromising defense of the title of Polyphony, but an appeal for reflection on the consequences that may result in throwing a show like this a few months after Gran Turismo hits the shelves worldwide.

Going a little further one could say with confidence that this move by Polyphony has all the earmarks of being a term of Sony, a call to raise expectations about the imminent release of the game. We understand from the outset that a show does not necessarily represent the final quality of the title in question but, if so, in this case, why include a message that gives the opposite to start playing? Or one or the other: what ever do is play with the players generate impressions after trying a game. Not only bad for the fans, who do not know what to expect from the final version, also for the binomial publisher / developer. This leads to a sad conclusion: no win, neither party gets its target, which in business terms is defined as a failure.

We have reached a point where it almost does not matter what title is talking about when it comes to analyzing what gives a demonstration. The effect is usually always the same among the public. In Batman: Arkham Asylum live a totally different situation: Eidos hopes to have the title ready to then provide a petit avis of what is to come. It is the basic concept has always bear in mind when posting a trial version that does not convince. Create a bad show is what comes to be throwing stones on the roof of your own home, as we say in day to day: what you're doing bad yourself. It seems an easy concept to understand, so obvious, that does not explain how some companies are still sinning constantly commit the same error. It is time that things start to change, the user is taken as an integral part of the game and not simply as an obstacle before enriching their pockets at the expense of others.

Let's be sensible: the price of a game is too high to require a demonstration (in fact, has been that many users maintain a strict policy based on rent a game before buying it to prevent fraud, which represents a significant change in the psyche of the consumer), and even more for having to face situations such as that caused in this case the first contact with Gran Turismo 5, the title for many (so wrong) and has become the biggest fiasco next season. This is what is called the effect GT: poor management of your resources can ostracizing less twinkling of an eye. You'd better to Sony, and the other companies in general, begin to value more and better the effect may involve a mistake like this.

If it is really a failure or a mistake: we know that many times the counter-advertising works better than traditional sales methods, but this, of course, is another matter sand.

This column reflects only the opinion of the author and not necessarily that of PCGameTrek.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

World of Warcraft: The Secrets of Ulduar

Those of you who are weary of "raid" Naxxramas again and you're in luck, because the patch 3.1 is here. The number of new features is endless, so nothing better to discover all that talking to those most responsible for its development, Greg Street and Cory Stockton. Do you dare to challenge the old gods of Azeroth?

It has been hard to get, but the patch 3.1 is here. World of Warcraft never been more than 5 months without an update of content, and that is why millions of players around the world who daily pass into the lands of Azeroth went and eager to discover new challenges in the MMORPG Blizzard. The patch 3.1, titled "The Secrets of Ulduar" enter World of Warcract about 1 giga of news, both in terms of new content and settings of all that entered the patch for the latest expansion Wrath of the Lich King .

To celebrate this special event in what is the day to day the successful MMORPG, we have had occasion to talk with the heads of the ongoing development of World of Warcraft: Greg Street (Ghostcrawler), chief designer of World of Warcraft responsible for balancing the different classes of the game, and Cory Stockton, responsible for developing maximum dungeons and architect of what is the biggest novelty of the patch 3.1, Ulduar. So, we leave you with an interview that will probably answer all the questions revolve around the first big patch after the release of Wrath of the Lich King.

Broadly speaking, and before delving into the various sections, what gives us the patch 3.1 to players of World of Warcraft?

Well, as you know, the patch revolves around the new dungeon, Ulduar, so we could say that this new "raid" is the biggest novelty. However, we have introduced a host of new features, among which are the Argent Tournament to be held from now on in Icecrown, a massive amount of new objects to get the double branch of talent, several additional difficulty modes for 14 heads of Ulduar, new achievements ... in short, a lot of content for any player.

Now you mention the double branch of talent, and on the basis that since the launch of World of Warcraft one of the design features of the classes was that virtually all of them could develop different roles within the battle, why it has taken both made a much-desired functionality like this?

Although it is true that already in the past several hybrid classes could be considered as to their role in the battle, it was not until recently when all these roles were really truly viable. Before The Burning Crusade, our intention was that a warrior was a tank, a healer and a priest. There were alternatives, yes, but they were balanced, much less as they are now. Not the same way we took care of all talent trees. However, and especially after the launch of Wrath of the Lich King, we do believe that now any class can be viable in more than one role, and that is why it is now that we have decided to implement this feature, which allows all players quickly change talents and glyphs without having to go each time for coach class.

Many players, especially the most experienced, complained about Naxxramas presented little difficulty and, in general, most of the PVE content that introduced the latest expansion. Ulduar Could that be the dungeon that the players more "hardcore" were waiting for?

Yes, without any doubt. Naxxramas dungeon was the most difficult of the game before the release of The Burning Crusade, and the reality is that very few people got to move on it. We wanted to make Naxxramas in its version for 25 people a dungeon accessible to all players and if we also take into account the content of it was almost the same as the old version, it is normal that the more experienced will be missed a challenge. But as we said, Ulduar dungeon itself may be considered ideal for this kind of player, for the leaders who live with, as happened with Sartharion, several modes of difficulty for the clans that want to get the best possible equipment.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Mass Effect 2 is the way

Bioware's latest work has returned to swat the foundation of the gaming industry. The excellence of this game allows you to simply become a necessary purchase, but questioned the limitations of the action game in the third person appeared so far.

Mass Effect 2 is the name of fashion in the world of videogames. In a spectacular start at the 2010 Games, and what is yet to come, "the sequel to Bioware's space opera has won all outbreaks of the industry. Metacritic, the collectors notes in the press, asked last week about Shepard's new adventure, if we were at the game of the year in the month of January. The numbers justify such audacity: 96 half after more than eighty international analysis. They are not alone. Number of prestigious publications have not hesitated to compare him with the great name of 2009, Uncharted 2, or wonder if there really is a match for Mass Effect 2 in the eleven months remaining to finish the year.

"Victims of excessive hype around the game there or the real reasons for such extreme praise? Rather the latter. And totally justified. After finishing immersed in the suicide mission of Commander Shepard during sessions in which one never finds the time to close the console, Mass Effect 2 shows, simply, that is the way forward in the world of videogames. The experience is the game at all levels provides sufficient grounds for the formula is copied and exploited by other companies. It is not compared to a specific game, it goes beyond. This is the concept; playable base that sits above the table.

Mass Effect 2 surcharge. Toca many keys. And it does so with excellence in each of its sections may despair to those who want to classify pc game genres. In the future it will cost about labels. And therein lies the greatness of Bioware's work. Mix Master battles with third-person action-type that hold to the greats of the genre, with rises of skills, better weapons and equipment and classes to choose from. Indeed, also in simplified form (the purists have a role here for the pseudo-critical vein) and accessible to all. Not counting the strategy used when the possibility of attacks and give orders to teammates. The great war that Marcus Fenix in Gears of War falls short by his side. And speaking of the game from Epic Games, it can do any other game in the third person action or adventure. The current proposals, as supply concerns and possibilities, they pale next to Shepard and company. Why? are limited.

And is that not simply mixing RPG and action. It is meaningful action, "leaving behind arguments that are merely excuses to kill without rhyme or reason, and likely to tap our movements. And in that, with the created universe and its characters, no rival in Mass Effect 2. And if so, surely some mention Bioware's own work, experts in the field. A world alive with people of all kinds. Some may say that huge mapped vast in NPC (non playable characters) and tasks to be solved and there. Oblivion, Fallout 3, Dragon's Age. These games need something that only serves to magnify the world of Mass Effect: the charisma of its inhabitants. Characters deep, full of feelings, contradictions, and stories behind them.

Moral decisions are the icing on the cake in a staging mature than most. We decide how we are, what we want around us. It really goes wrong in depending on which intersections, and subsequent doubts do not disappear: 'What if ...? "Is repeated within us while we are convinced we did the right thing. The point differential in Mass Effect 2 is that this does not affect the personality of the characters. We chose the path, they will remain living, charismatic, believable. The power of decision is at odds with having characters 'real'. Understanding how these actors not real they choose their own path but do not speak, no one sees them, they are not feeling.

Some will say that this debate could have been put on the table with the first Mass Effect. Yes and no. While the original work had a more pronounced RPG component, but the balance of your proposal is resented in moments of action. This second part of the polished, continues to move inexorably to what can be considered the total game and shows that the limitations we have always taken as normal, under the umbrella of being an adventure, be an action game, etc.. and conventions that this entails, and meaningless. Mass Effect 2 clearly demonstrate to the rest: If a character decides on its own through a video sequence, is not due to the linearity of a particular genre. It is due to the limitation of the proposal playable. And if you can not shine next to Bioware's work in any of the ways. Those who consider action adventure, third person shooters, or similar, have much work ahead. The overall game concept has form and name.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Modern Warfare 2: Stimulus Package

Following criticism from the player community, we spoke with Rob Bowling of Infinity Ward to clarify some points about the controversial war simulator downloadable content.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 was one of the titles that marked last year. In this so far this has been uncovered as the enormous success expected to be, but it has done with the help of his campaign not only alone, but with the help of impressive multiplayer mode that has done as good times pass over half of the amateur community that has this unique, regularly being the most played title on Xbox Live every week. Robert Bowling, an active member of the development of strategies Modern Warfare (he designed the combat tactics that later will be torn down by the enemy) has been responsible for presenting the latest map pack that has appeared on the market, first to date. Nobody can answer this question better than the fans themselves, especially when the community was up in arms against what is considered an unfair price -15 euros for a pack of 5 multiplayer maps, 2 of which are rescued from a previously COD .

Thus, in order to answer all your questions, Activision has given us the ability to chat via telephone with Bowling to hear more closely what the 'Stimulus Package' that will be released on 30 March, will offer for the price of 1200 Microsoft Points. As announced at E3, the PS3 and PC users will have to wait a little longer to enjoy it but, nevertheless, is a good time to find out what offer and for answers to this controversial IW. Stimulus Package includes Crash and Overgrown maps, taken from Call of Duty 4 and completely original three maps; Bailout (composed of several levels), Storm (industrial area) and Salvage, which locations will use the snow of the title. Concerns about them this interview.

1. What time began to develop the DLC in particular, during the production of the original game or a posteriori? Many users complain that companies cut material of their games and then make extra money in the form of DLC.

Response - We started to develop the DLC in early January, although its design predates. We took a short break during Christmas after the original release and then continue doing piecework on maps until finally we completed a few weeks ago.

2. Okay, so already had in mind in preparing this package before launching the game, but did not start working on it until later.

So, we prefer to take a break, think about things calmly and then focus on the demands of gamers.

3. This being so, what could you say to the players to understand the value of this product? What innovations are included to justify this package has been released separately?

New Call of Duty Announced
Well, basically, our goal is to add variety to the multiplayer, giving people the opportunity to discover new material to that previously had no access. To do this we have based on feedback from players and the community, we have asked to see what news they wanted to see, further squeezing what ways, because as you know all about them when it comes to this kind of products . There is also room for surprises than anyone expected. This time we can say that here we find a little something for all players (Translator's note: Bowling uses a play on words in English). In the Stimulus find three brand new maps based on certain aspects of the original while also mapped include two remodeled extracted and Call of Duty 4 (most played). We tried to make each player feel a little of what you like so you can enjoy it the way you want. So what do you like, fighting as a team? That's what the map Storm, a new map that can exploit this plane.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Back to the Past: Street Fighter Alpha 2 & 3

In Back to the Past back to put on the kimono to continue paying homage to Street Fighter, the most renowned franchise as far as the fighting genre is concerned. This time we stop at Street Fighter Alpha 2 & 3. Versions of recreational, conversions and revisions, curiosities ... Hadoken!

That the Street Fighter series has been, is and always will be one of the ten most important franchises in pc game history is something that can not be discussed. This one you have before your eyes is the third story we devote to such a great and long series. In the first round we reviewed in detail the original Street Fighter and its legendary sequel (along with countless revisions thereto), as well as paying attention to the various entries in the anime world that has had the saga of struggle for excellence. The second round focused on the first Street Fighter Alpha, but also devoted a number of paragraphs to tell the curious history of Gouken, Ryu and Ken's teacher since he emerged as a false rumor of a famous work by reason of the specialized publication April Fools' Day (the equivalent of our Holy Innocents) from 1992 until his final appearance as a character real hidden in the arcade version of Street Fighter IV (2008) and playable in the game's namesake domestic conversions appeared a year later.

And speaking of Street Fighter IV, we can only rejoice because their popularity, instead of forward, still more in vogue than ever. The final installment of SF remains by far the game of its kind most played online (with all that means to a pc game, and if you tell it to World of Warcraft or Modern Warfare 2), all while Capcom's latest preparations for a review, with the name of Super Street Fighter IV offers many new features that would almost be worthy of consideration as a new installment of the long numbered franchise. But this section does not look to the future, so will our faithful old DeLorean lead us to take a quick look at the history of the franchise until we stop at the final two installments of the trilogy, Street Fighter Alpha for testing all detail.

The Street Fighter series debuted in the world of pc games in 1987 by a recreational curious that broke the mold in a genre (versus control) until then not very popular recurring or face the fans. This first SF was fairly criticized for its nefarious control (run a Hadoken was tremendously difficult, let alone a Shoryuken), but managed to corner the successful enough that Capcom decided to plan the creation of a sequel. That game came in 1991, was called Street Fighter II and revolutionized the world of videogames as a few titles they had done before. SFII became an immense success both in leisure and in their subsequent adaptations to home, so much so that Capcom simply throw in the following years various revisions (SFII Champion Edition, Turbo Hyperfighting SFII, Super SFII ...) clearly aimed at further squeezing goose that lays the golden eggs with a minimum expenditure of resources in the process.

While Capcom was asleep on his laurels, his main rival in the genre of the fight vs, SNK, gave birth to a juegazo after another: Fatal Fury Special, Art of Fighting 2, Samurai Shodown, The King of Fighters '94 ... It was precisely this last game that shook the foundations on which sat the throne of the creator of Street Fighter, forcing her to stop navel-gazing to get back to work. Thus, in 1995 it was Street Fighter Alpha, the first SF created from scratch since the release of SFII. The game exploited to maximum advantage CPS2 recreational plate to put on display a dramatic and colorful graphical section, clearly inspired by the superb film Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie (1994). The character designs also received inspiration from the film, as in Street Fighter Alpha we met with some Ryu, Ken and Chun-Li in youth versions. That is why the SFA is arguably talking about was between the first two Street Fighter numbered.

While Street Fighter Alpha was excellent in all sections, fans viciously criticized the limited roster of playable characters (ten plus three hidden) and the small number of existing scenarios (many characters share the same decor). And is that after taking a look at the game fairly quickly and is sensed precipitation in its market launch, probably because Capcom wanted to put an entirely new delivery of his most famous saga of struggle in the market as soon as possible so that SNK, its main rival, has not taken more advantage in the genre that the creator of Street Fighter had raised to the altars in the early 90s. SFA was a success, so Capcom, and more calm and patient, began to call to schedule a sequel outdo the original Street Fighter Alpha in each and every one of its sections. Well, once made a brief summary in the style of "In previous episodes ..." it is time to move on. The proud SFA 2 and 3 ahead.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

F1 2010: Keys to success

After three years, a new title based on the F1 circus will arrive in a few months. What elements should be included for that title was actually dreamed up by amateurs? Here our opinion ...

We can say without equivocation that few sports in the world so that they combine technology, improving daily, lots of expertise and research support, and yet that all this also depends on a person who needs to be done in a special wood to succeed. This is Formula 1, an amalgam of elements very important before you begin the season as during it. The development of the fireball begins when a season has not even finished the last. Dozens of engineers, test hours in the wind tunnel, aerodynamic studies, testers doing miles and miles, the boosters will always try to get more power, tire tests under various conditions, ... and in the end everything depends on a pilot has enough to make arrests in the last chicane, braking worry more than your competitor and get fun in the home straight.

And so long as everything else in the race runs smoothly. Not to mention free practice, qualifying laps of Q1, Q2 and Q3, that accompanies the weather, that is not immersed in an indirect impact, or that different types of mechanical failures do not appear, overheating motor, good pit stops, including the output of a safety car may be good for our interests, ... Current F1 depends on many things, that the technology involved is only part of the core. Two weeks of work between Grand Prix and Grand Prix can break down because the pilot has taken two tenths of a second later a curve being stuck in the escape, or because it has limited the engine when I took advantage and do not force it has decided to stop lying or simply because, without wishing to enable pit speed limiter during the race (hello, Hamilton). For all this, and much more, Formula 1 is so attractive.

Actually many of us gamers to enjoy we love racing games, arcade games and simulators either. In this case, the desire of a good title for this specialty has long been dormant. The sensation of speed, emulate our favorite drivers, feel (within our means) what it would drive a Ferrari, run in Monaco, etc, all this was done to pray for a few years (the last title was the title of the genus launched in 2007 for PS3, though it may be "Grand Prix" of Geoff Crammond idolized the best example of this virtual sport). However, Codemasters is working on the new F1 2010 more than three years. Especially in Spain with the arrival of the brilliant Fernando Alonso F1 has been followed up more closely, and perhaps also why our country is expected in May as water arrival of the new game, with the Spaniard and dressed entirely in red for the home Maranello.

Last year we could try the first approach of the British house the F1 circus both PSP and Wii, and we can not say that the results have been particularly successful. It was also clear that until the arrival of the versions of "strong" on PC, Xbox360 and PS3 can not do a full-value analysis of the intentions of the developers, previously involved in pseudo-court titles like Race Driver GRID Simulator or more Colin McRae DIRT arcade and more elaborate-and second-hand. However, everything you have told us and our partner Xcast well explained in his progress last week, the 2010 F1 paint really well. But ... it has everything it should? Are there elements that are still in time to be included? Incluiríais what this game you to F1 was the most complete and spectacular story? From our humble opinion, and always constructive plan, we will appoint the factors should not miss the next section of Codemasters, and according PCGameTrek, a title would really round. Surely many of you incluiríais other things, or just the same elements, but modified. We know ... it is impossible to please everyone. F1 2010 PC Game Review can make you expect more from this pc game.

While Alonso has won the first race, while Vettel seems to be the tough competitor who has to contend this year the Spaniard (if his Red Bull respond), while de la Rosa, Alguersuari and Hispania Team Racing Championship are more Spanish than is recalled, while Australia has witnessed a dramatic comeback Spanish, and the largest of the large-alias-Schumacher has returned to its natural place, we'll bite the bullet content to see the championship and await the arrival of the title that occupies. Are you with us? Let's take this car firmly that soon we can control and give way ...

3 PC Gaming News of April 8th 2010

*Free weekend of multiplayer PC Modern Warfare 2
From today until Sunday we can play for free on-line facet of the game.
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
Valve announced this morning that today Thursday 8 April to Sunday 11 can play for free at multiplayer Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 on PC version.

The pre-discharge of this part of the title is available free from tonight through Steam itself, and the time when the free period runs out you can purchase the game directly at the normal price of 59.99 euros.

*Void Dark Zero will also come to PC and iPhone
Currently there are no price, but the day April 12.
Capcom has announced that Dark Void Zero, 8-bit version of Loose Dark Void, will also be PC and iPhone after successful Nintendo DS, which has worked well since its launch commercially in the past month of January.

The game can be purchased via Steam on PC on 12 April, and although not yet announced its official price, knowing that the DSi Ware original cost no more than $ 5 we assume that these versions do not set your cost far beyond that figure.

The leader of The White Stripes recommended for aspiring musicians to leave the game
"It is depressing to get your label and tell you that kids are learning your music for Guitar Hero"
The leader of The White Stripes recommended for aspiring musicians to leave the game
The always controversial Jack White, frontman of the band The White Stripes, has made a statement in which he speaks of a series of recommendations for aspiring musicians. Recommendations passing by to stop playing video games or pull the Auto-Tune and others.

"The aspiring musicians need to stop playing games, throwing their programs of Auto-Tune, and cut his three-stringed guitars," said White. Recall that the musician himself last year and expressed difficulties with programs such as Guitar Hero or Rock Band: "It is depressing that it is your mark and tell you that kids are getting to know your music by Guitar Hero," said White in 2009 itself.