Sunday, April 18, 2010

World of Warcraft: The Secrets of Ulduar

Those of you who are weary of "raid" Naxxramas again and you're in luck, because the patch 3.1 is here. The number of new features is endless, so nothing better to discover all that talking to those most responsible for its development, Greg Street and Cory Stockton. Do you dare to challenge the old gods of Azeroth?

It has been hard to get, but the patch 3.1 is here. World of Warcraft never been more than 5 months without an update of content, and that is why millions of players around the world who daily pass into the lands of Azeroth went and eager to discover new challenges in the MMORPG Blizzard. The patch 3.1, titled "The Secrets of Ulduar" enter World of Warcract about 1 giga of news, both in terms of new content and settings of all that entered the patch for the latest expansion Wrath of the Lich King .

To celebrate this special event in what is the day to day the successful MMORPG, we have had occasion to talk with the heads of the ongoing development of World of Warcraft: Greg Street (Ghostcrawler), chief designer of World of Warcraft responsible for balancing the different classes of the game, and Cory Stockton, responsible for developing maximum dungeons and architect of what is the biggest novelty of the patch 3.1, Ulduar. So, we leave you with an interview that will probably answer all the questions revolve around the first big patch after the release of Wrath of the Lich King.

Broadly speaking, and before delving into the various sections, what gives us the patch 3.1 to players of World of Warcraft?

Well, as you know, the patch revolves around the new dungeon, Ulduar, so we could say that this new "raid" is the biggest novelty. However, we have introduced a host of new features, among which are the Argent Tournament to be held from now on in Icecrown, a massive amount of new objects to get the double branch of talent, several additional difficulty modes for 14 heads of Ulduar, new achievements ... in short, a lot of content for any player.

Now you mention the double branch of talent, and on the basis that since the launch of World of Warcraft one of the design features of the classes was that virtually all of them could develop different roles within the battle, why it has taken both made a much-desired functionality like this?

Although it is true that already in the past several hybrid classes could be considered as to their role in the battle, it was not until recently when all these roles were really truly viable. Before The Burning Crusade, our intention was that a warrior was a tank, a healer and a priest. There were alternatives, yes, but they were balanced, much less as they are now. Not the same way we took care of all talent trees. However, and especially after the launch of Wrath of the Lich King, we do believe that now any class can be viable in more than one role, and that is why it is now that we have decided to implement this feature, which allows all players quickly change talents and glyphs without having to go each time for coach class.

Many players, especially the most experienced, complained about Naxxramas presented little difficulty and, in general, most of the PVE content that introduced the latest expansion. Ulduar Could that be the dungeon that the players more "hardcore" were waiting for?

Yes, without any doubt. Naxxramas dungeon was the most difficult of the game before the release of The Burning Crusade, and the reality is that very few people got to move on it. We wanted to make Naxxramas in its version for 25 people a dungeon accessible to all players and if we also take into account the content of it was almost the same as the old version, it is normal that the more experienced will be missed a challenge. But as we said, Ulduar dungeon itself may be considered ideal for this kind of player, for the leaders who live with, as happened with Sartharion, several modes of difficulty for the clans that want to get the best possible equipment.


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