Thursday, April 15, 2010

Mass Effect 2 is the way

Bioware's latest work has returned to swat the foundation of the gaming industry. The excellence of this game allows you to simply become a necessary purchase, but questioned the limitations of the action game in the third person appeared so far.

Mass Effect 2 is the name of fashion in the world of videogames. In a spectacular start at the 2010 Games, and what is yet to come, "the sequel to Bioware's space opera has won all outbreaks of the industry. Metacritic, the collectors notes in the press, asked last week about Shepard's new adventure, if we were at the game of the year in the month of January. The numbers justify such audacity: 96 half after more than eighty international analysis. They are not alone. Number of prestigious publications have not hesitated to compare him with the great name of 2009, Uncharted 2, or wonder if there really is a match for Mass Effect 2 in the eleven months remaining to finish the year.

"Victims of excessive hype around the game there or the real reasons for such extreme praise? Rather the latter. And totally justified. After finishing immersed in the suicide mission of Commander Shepard during sessions in which one never finds the time to close the console, Mass Effect 2 shows, simply, that is the way forward in the world of videogames. The experience is the game at all levels provides sufficient grounds for the formula is copied and exploited by other companies. It is not compared to a specific game, it goes beyond. This is the concept; playable base that sits above the table.

Mass Effect 2 surcharge. Toca many keys. And it does so with excellence in each of its sections may despair to those who want to classify pc game genres. In the future it will cost about labels. And therein lies the greatness of Bioware's work. Mix Master battles with third-person action-type that hold to the greats of the genre, with rises of skills, better weapons and equipment and classes to choose from. Indeed, also in simplified form (the purists have a role here for the pseudo-critical vein) and accessible to all. Not counting the strategy used when the possibility of attacks and give orders to teammates. The great war that Marcus Fenix in Gears of War falls short by his side. And speaking of the game from Epic Games, it can do any other game in the third person action or adventure. The current proposals, as supply concerns and possibilities, they pale next to Shepard and company. Why? are limited.

And is that not simply mixing RPG and action. It is meaningful action, "leaving behind arguments that are merely excuses to kill without rhyme or reason, and likely to tap our movements. And in that, with the created universe and its characters, no rival in Mass Effect 2. And if so, surely some mention Bioware's own work, experts in the field. A world alive with people of all kinds. Some may say that huge mapped vast in NPC (non playable characters) and tasks to be solved and there. Oblivion, Fallout 3, Dragon's Age. These games need something that only serves to magnify the world of Mass Effect: the charisma of its inhabitants. Characters deep, full of feelings, contradictions, and stories behind them.

Moral decisions are the icing on the cake in a staging mature than most. We decide how we are, what we want around us. It really goes wrong in depending on which intersections, and subsequent doubts do not disappear: 'What if ...? "Is repeated within us while we are convinced we did the right thing. The point differential in Mass Effect 2 is that this does not affect the personality of the characters. We chose the path, they will remain living, charismatic, believable. The power of decision is at odds with having characters 'real'. Understanding how these actors not real they choose their own path but do not speak, no one sees them, they are not feeling.

Some will say that this debate could have been put on the table with the first Mass Effect. Yes and no. While the original work had a more pronounced RPG component, but the balance of your proposal is resented in moments of action. This second part of the polished, continues to move inexorably to what can be considered the total game and shows that the limitations we have always taken as normal, under the umbrella of being an adventure, be an action game, etc.. and conventions that this entails, and meaningless. Mass Effect 2 clearly demonstrate to the rest: If a character decides on its own through a video sequence, is not due to the linearity of a particular genre. It is due to the limitation of the proposal playable. And if you can not shine next to Bioware's work in any of the ways. Those who consider action adventure, third person shooters, or similar, have much work ahead. The overall game concept has form and name.


  1. Mass Effect 2 surcharge. Toca many keys.

    I think that says it all right there...LOL!

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