Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sam and Max Adventure PC Game 2010

Quirky, friendly and winds of change, the adventurous detectives return to scene.
The third season of Sam & Max begins as a downloadable content for PC, Mac and PlayStation 3. The first of five episodes is called The Devil's Playhouse, and with it we have among us a new and wild adventure of the two eccentric detectives.
Although early in his career many did not give much credit to the new adventures of Sam & Max, the truth is that TellTale boys have achieved with the first two seasons to recover the interest not only fans but also applauded the criticism that most of the episodes.

The third season, in fact, just started with The Devil's Playhouse, the first of five episodes that make up a whole. Supermonos alien spaceships attacking Earth and a series of interesting changes in the concept of the instrument playable make The Devil's Playhouse a very interesting proposition for lovers of classic adventure games.

Missing some personality and weight in the secondary characters, but the presence of Skuk'ka'pe villain gives interest to the whole.
Missing some personality and weight in the secondary characters, but as a villain Skuk'ka'pe presence gives the set of interest.
The Criminal Zone
Sam & Max: The Devil's Playhouse begins at the end. As a prologue we witness a disturbing scene on the bridge of a spacecraft while sweeping the city Skuk'ka'pe formidable in its path piloting the ship. What happens next is that, logically, will reverse the situation to then return to the beginning of the story behind this shocking flash-forward.

Perhaps this first chapter is a light to the fans in narrative terms, since it has less importance in its depth and exposure to other installments of the saga. A sense of humor is once again prominent, with some comic blows more inspired than others but with a set broadly as remarkable as the previous delivery. The Devil's Playhouse to the point, and except for a few moments expendable by side as Stinky and his ancient family, the truth is that there is little utility or interest in the script of the game.

So we will see in first person through the eyes of Max. The objects will accumulate in the wheel of the bottom, and we can freely move the camera using the mouse or keyboard controls.
So we will see in first person through the eyes of Max. The objects will accumulate in the wheel of the bottom, and we can freely move the camera using the mouse or keyboard controls.
That is precisely the only weak point of the game in question, since in playable areas introduces a series of changes that are really interesting. First, because now we can move to Sam style keyboard action games, the use of WASD keys. In addition, because the "Max Mode" we have the option of putting us directly into the head of the sympathetic co-star like a First Person Shooter is involved and observe around us from the perspective of small animal but without moving the point where you are .

Moreover, the quality of the puzzle has increased significantly, with a number of really interesting puzzle to put in their mouth. The main element that makes them clever gadgets is derived from Max because it has supernatural abilities. Letters to read the mind of the characters, the phone to teleport from one place to another or the ability to read the future are just some of them, endowed with its range of interesting variety and departures to situations.

The cut of the scenarios still maintaining the traditional cartoon aesthetic of the series. Buildings, buildings and streets exude sympathy play on all four sides.
The cut of the scenarios still maintaining the traditional cartoon aesthetic of the series. Buildings, buildings and streets exude sympathy play on all four sides.
The only main problem arises from the interfaces and the disposition of inventory that transmit the sensation of having been significantly raised to console, and never with the mouse-keyboard combo PC in mind. Thus trees of options to look like the talks radio, and gadgets available to Max itself also seem to have been raised to be chosen and selected with a pad. The game offers the option compatible to be played with the Xbox 360, which gives us an idea of what were the priorities of Telltale Games in this regard.

As regards the technical sections, graphics and audio bit to say. In the visual, artistic and technological the game follows the same lines as previous episodes, with a style continuum starting to need a facelift before making an appearance in keeping with the times. Do not confuse sympathy, lightness and humorous designs and technological anachronisms scruffy, and perhaps the game should progress in this field. Moreover, the title is in English with no translation into our language, or for texts or for vocals.

Assessment of Sam & Max: The Devil's Playhouse
In this day and age it's good to put in their mouths a good adventure game, as before. Telltale Games is right to amend certain aspects of the game off without altering its essence, and consolidates a new and frankly estimable new Sam and Max adventure with this The Devil's Playhouse that will delight fans of the genre he mastered the language of Shakespeare.

Friday, May 28, 2010

World Cup FIFA 2010 South Africa

World Cup FIFA 2010 South Africa is the leading UK sales
Super Street Fighter IV debuts in second place.

World Cup FIFA 2010 South Africa
Change of leaders in UK sales over the past week-which included the days between April 26 and May 2, "though Splinter Cell: Conviction and Just Dance have given the first and second positions Cup World Cup: South Africa 2010 and Super Street Fighter IV, respectively.

The other main entrance on the top has been the God of War: Collection debuting in tenth place, while the discreet Iron Man 2 spends his first week on sale in the twentieth position.

Then the top 10 in full:

01. World Cup FIFA 2010 South Africa
02. Super Street Fighter IV
03. Just Dance
04. Splinter Cell: Conviction
05. GTA IV: Liberty City Episodes from
June. Plus Wii Fit
07. Wii Sports Resort
08. Battlefield: Bad Company 2
09. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
10. God of War Collection

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

StarCraft 2

If you're a fan of Blizzard and were awaiting the moment to get their hands on the highly anticipated sequel to StarCraft you already have an official date: Blizzard has announced StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty will aa sale worldwide on 27 July.

StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty is the sequel to the 1998 Blizzard Entertainment, StarCraft, which both players and critics have been considered one of the best games of RTS of all time. Like his first successful delivery, StarCraft II will once again focus on the battle between the Protoss, Terran, and Zerg, three sides that have many units and improved or completely new skills.

The single player campaign of StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty will pick up the epic saga ended where StarCraft: Brood War, and his argument about the adventures of Jim Raynor, the marshal become leader of a rebellion. The game will feature 29 missions in single player campaign and will include several mini-games in Challenge Mode, designed to introduce basic strategy players in multiplayer mode, true star of the game that will debut a new service with many upgrades and options as voice communication, data storage on the network, links and ratings, achievement and access to statistics, among many others.

"Some time ago we are eager to return to the StarCraft universe, so we're really excited that the time is pretty close," said Mike Morhaime, president and cofounder of Blizzard Entertainment. "Thanks to all who have been testing the beta version, we have made great progress in the final stages of development, and we are ready to welcome in a few months to players from all over the world in StarCraft II and the new "

StarCraft 2 will be released on July 27, 2010.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Ankama Game Developer Madrid

Ankama introduces its latest developments in Madrid Expomanga
DOFUS The last expansion was one of the key players.

Pipe Pavilion next to the Casa de Campo in Madrid again host another edition of ExpoManga from 30 April to 2 May. The French company Ankama, creators of the highly successful MMORPG DOFUS, was present in this latest edition, presenting their latest developments.

Ankama's stand was 50 square meters available to the public 18 computers with the latest expansion called FRIGOST DOFUS which uses the new graphics engine DOFUS 2.0 includes a new island, 14 unreleased dungeons and new monsters, missions, objects and sets, focusing particularly for experienced players in the series.

During the weekend showed the public their latest developments, both in terms of DOFUS, as DOFUS-Arena and Wakfu. Also gave more details of the new game for Xbox Live called Islands of Wakfu and Slag its next major release for PC.

Besides video games, Cosplay Ankama also organized a very special series, various contests, book signing by Ancestral Z, projections and tournaments with numerous awards.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The UK Game sales - Call of Duty

Call of Duty: Black Ops will have among its scenarios Cuba, Vietnam and the Arctic
Shall also be as cooperative with the latest Treyarch COD.

The UK Game sales chain have made public the first details on the new Call of Duty this afternoon, reports that bring us some interesting details such as where it will develop.

"You are going to witness the birth of elite special forces and take part in secret missions using unconventional weapons to fulfill them," he says from Game UK "From Cuba to the Arctic, through the jungles of Vietnam, Call of Duty: Black Ops brings great graphics and intense gameplay to get you in the heart of the action."

In addition, Mark Lamia, head of Treyarch, has advanced the game will feature multiplayer modes, single-player and cooperative: "The entire study has been poured into this title, giving special attention to the multiplayer modes, single- player and cooperative, creating the most intense gaming experience, exciting and fascinating as possible for fans from around the world. We look forward to inform the community gaming experience Call of Duty: Black Ops. "

Sunday, May 16, 2010

IP Next Bungie, the creators of Halo, distribute Activision

The company and the study reach a distribution agreement of 10 years.

Thomas Tipple and Harold Ryan, COO of Activision and president of Bungie.
From the moment that Bungie settlement agreement with Microsoft for Redmond distribute their games in the future had enormous expectations about where future projects would be directed towards the study creator of Halo. Today we have the answer.

"Under the terms of this agreement, Activision will have worldwide distribution rights and exclusive of all Bungie games based on new intellectual property across multiple platforms and services." This has been the announcement of the U.S. giant, which has been insured for 10 years the distribution rights on this new IP from Bungie to be announced.

"It's no secret that while most of the study was focused on developing Halo: Reach, there was another team led by Jason Jones, one of our co-founders-working on breathing life into a new universe, as well as new stories and characters, "said a spokesman for Bungie's own website.

"We decided to partner with Activision for the launch of our next intellectual property, due to the extent that the company is global, experience on multiple platforms and its ability to carry out marketing activities," said Harold Ryan, President Bungie, in a press release. "Based on the work carried out jointly in the past nine months to implement that agreement, it is clear that Activision supports our commitment to continue to offer our fans the best gaming experience possible."

"Our next big video game has a specific and defined way, in our study to the platforms we have chosen to launch," continues the letter. "The formalities of the business are below us. Our Constitution remains the same. Bungie are still and remain independent, we are free to take our stories to an even wider audience. "

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Medal of Honor

Electronic Arts recognizes that a year of delivery to the Medal of Honor was not positive for the series
"The team is working on a game every year, tired, running out of time and effort to be innovative also exhausted."
Medal of Honor

Frank Gibeau, president of EA Games, has sung a sort of mea culpa around the Medal of Honor franchise, which has been dropped it might have been overexploited by the U.S. company.

"I think all the franchises that carry a lifetime just entrenched by the fact of having to meet once a year," Gibeau admitted on Medal of Honor. "The team is working on a game every year, tired, running out of time and effort to be innovative also exhausted."

Gibeau also confessed that he believes "is not enough attention to the multiplayer section." "Any shooter worth his salt is going to be groundbreaking in its online game, and I think Bad Company is a good example. I think Modern Warfare 2 is a good example and I think Halo is clearly a good example. The power of a franchise of shooter genre is its online component and its ways. "

Monday, May 10, 2010

UFC 2009

Recognizes that THQ UFC game, Darksiders, and have saved Red Faction
The two fighting titles accounted for a drastic reduction in losses in 2009.

UFC 2009
Just a few years the situation of the U.S. distributor THQ was certainly complicated, and is that losses in the semesters one after another in recent years tax.

On this day, however, THQ has announced its latest financial results for the fiscal year ending March 31, and showing "a significant change of direction" that has seen losses are reduced dramatically.

During the fiscal year that has elapsed since April 1, 2009 through March 31, 2010, THQ has been a loss of $ 9 million, a figure that may seem high or alarming until one considers that losses the same period last fiscal year amounted to a whopping 431.1 million dollars.

"The reason for this recovery? They explain them. "In the 2010 financial year we have managed to reverse the situation successfully with three major franchises, UFC, Darksiders and Red Faction," said Brian Farrell, CEO of the company.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Rumors: Assassins Creed 2

Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood officially confirmed by Ubisoft
We are promised "an online experience like never before"

After successive rumors finally know for sure the name you will receive the next Assassin's Creed will be arriving within the last line of this 2010, Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood.

The information has been disclosed through a promotional image of the possible game box
use an American chain of stores for your reservation.

In this image we can read several sentences that leave us with some information: "Live and breathe like Ezio, now a legendary master murderer in their struggle against the order of the Templars. Lead your own guild of murderers and strikes at the heart of the enemy. Rome. "

On the multiplayer states: "For the first time, participate in an innovative multiplayer allows you to embody a murderer of your choice and define your style of assassination. An online experience never seen before. "

In the picture also appreciate the platforms on which they will play, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.

Ubisoft has confirmed the authenticity of the image and has promised to give more details about the game next week.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

On All Platforms That Make Sens

Bungie released its "on all platforms that make sense"
The study gives some more clues about its agreement with Activision.

If yesterday we announced the agreement reached between Bungie and Activision to distribute games from the first by the second day in the studio responsible for the Halo series has some more details about the conditions of the agreement.

"We have the opportunity to benefit from the experience and knowledge of them for things like cross-platform development, something that, to be honest I do not have much experience," said Brian Jarrad, the studio executive UGO portal. What platforms will your next game? "We're trying to get it on any platform that makes sense for the type of game we try to do."

The possibility of dealing with an existing IP Activision also addressed in the interview. "It is a topic of conversation that might occur, but they have partnered with us specifically for the vision that we and the universe of games we want to create for the next decade."

Dragon Age: Origins "Darkspawn Chronicles

BioWare details Darkspawn Chronicles, the new expansion of Dragon Age
Be launched, remember, the 18th of May for $ 5 or 400 Microsoft Points.
Dragon Age: Origins "Darkspawn Chronicles

Few days ago we announced the existence of Dragon Age: Origins "Darkspawn Chronicles, but confessed that after his announcement was not much further information to give the BioWare secrecy about it. In today, however, the Canadian company has taken the first details.

The study reconfirmed that the game appears on PC and Xbox 360 on May 18 in exchange for 400 Microsoft Points on the console and 500 Microsoft Points BioWare compatible. The date of the PlayStation 3 has not been provided so far, but we sense that its price will go in the same line, being also about $ 5.

According to BioWare the game is set in an alternate history in which the character died in the initiation ceremony and gray guards march under the command of Alistair. "With the return of ancestral threat of humanity and the world plunged into a civil war, has been chosen by destiny to unite the shattered lands and destroy the Arch-once and for all."

Fallout MMO 2010 public art-works

Fallout MMO: the first was made public art-works
Continued legal proceedings called Project V13.
Fallout MMO: the first was made public art-works
Just weeks ago we reported demand for Bethesda Softworks filed against Interplay video game rights for the Fallout universe, in key MMO, are pursuing the latter. Today, however, the very Interplay has gone one step further and made the first public art-works title, proving that it is in development.

The images you see from here are the classic post-apocalyptic settings and some early sketches of characters. "They are not final papers, but will give you an idea of what we are trying to achieve with Project V13," code name of the game, "said Chris Taylor, head of product and not to be confused with the creator of Dungeon Siege or Supreme Commander, of the same name.
Interplay has signed a definitive agreement with Masthead Studios, creators of massively multiplayer gaming tools "to advance the development of its Fallout massively multiplayer online gaming, whose code name is: V-13 Project. Others use It has a public Beta of this game comes out in 2012.

Interplay and Bethesda are now in a legal dispute over the use of the Fallout franchise.

If Interplay win, will be free to launch the V-Project 13, which would have the right to develop, but only if the massive online game of Bethesda last week announced is not a Fallout game.

But it is not supposed to, but rather it is a game of Elder's Scrolls, is said unofficially.

For months we show images of massively multiplayer online game Fallout.

Piracy is a consequence of the price of games

Charles Cecil: "Piracy is a consequence of the price of games"
The creator of Broken Sword is committed to a digital business model and attractive prices.

Charles Cecil of Revolution Games (Broken Sword) seems to go against their classmates in the industry, and believes without hesitation that the current business model is causing the high degree of piracy, especially the high price of games.

"Personally I think the level of piracy that we have is nature's way of telling us that the games are too expensive and that the way it is distributed is not ideal," Cecil said in an interview with MCV.

Cecil seems to prefer a digital distribution model, "Yes, we can put pressure on Internet service providers and bring a number of measures against piracy. But ultimately iTunes has proven that if you make distribution easier and put a price attractive, get the public's respect and, although this does not completely eradicate piracy, become less of a problem "he says.

Think that the best business model is the digital distribution and episodic games: "If we can show that this model can work will create new opportunities for other people."

Charles Cecil is currently working with Sumo Digital in a series of games related to Doctor Who series, which will regularly via digital download individual chapters.