Wednesday, March 31, 2010

World in Conflict 2010

Fast and complex strategy

One of the main barriers of traditional strategy games for fans of first-person shooter is the "slowness" of development and excessive micro-management "which typically require. Some games have tried to facilitate and simplify the concept of real time strategy, but the complexity is not usually something that frightens the geeks of the FPS, that's not the problem, rather the habit of being in the center of the fighting from the beginning.

Sierra takes a few months promise a strategy game in real time much quicker pace than realistic, with troops coming into direct combat with an online gaming component very strong and amazing graphics: World in Conflict.
Having played more than promising a beta online, Vivendi Spain (Distributor in Spain) invited us to see how their offices in fellowship, in addition to testing the final code multiplayer, with enhanced graphics and new options.

The first thing we saw (and played) on our visit was the online mode, so frantic and fast as promised. For resources will not have to build any building materials in exchange for us soldiers (absurd notion in itself but we are used). What are some points we will be getting purchase of units increase with time and our achievements, allowing us to call in reinforcements, be they soldiers, equipment, air strikes and other destructive forces, including the powerful (and very expensive) combo atom.
These units will be deployed to the map point faction controlled by our desire, allowing you to place them closer to the action as possible and defend strategic points or attack the enemy by a sudden flank. The basic objective of an online game is to control a series of dots on the map simultaneously, leaving roadblocks within which buildings may also barricade to defend them.

After playing a while it becomes clear that the promise of quick action is met, will not be gone in five minutes she was distributing tow, but what surprises strategic change is the game, which affect our decisions on types of troops to deploy, destruction stage elements such as bridges or buildings or coordination with our partners to launch coordinated attacks, keeping in mind that on a computer online all the players share a pool of money than to spend all the time.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Crazy Machines 2

How often have we tried to create some crazy experiment, strange machines, performing some combination of household item and we should not create chain reactions with all sorts of objects. Well, now thanks to Crazy Machines 2 is based on some things mentioned above available in our computer without having to put ourselves in danger, either by solving those created by the machine or invention itself, so you can start preparing your mind and show of what you can.

An objective

The main object is to go beyond the different levels proposed by the mad scientist Doc To use it you will have to go very everyday objects and others not, some of which may include: springs, bulbs, boxes, balls, toasters, robots, ramps ... surpassing the 300, but considerable numbers after giving the "play" you'll see a ripple effect, and whether all is well in place since overcome the level. In this way the game we will use all our ingenuity and imagination.


Graphically the title is very well adapted, ie we will not have incredible detail throughout the game, but in substance, such as each of the objects that have to interact perfectly recreated and achieving a good visual effect when it is put into operation, a laser, a light bulb, the rotation of some nuts, the rebound of a mannequin against springs ... are examples.

While funds remain somewhat soulless, because everything in it is mounted on a gray wall of wood, trying to imitate the subject in which we find ourselves. Through all this, we can put the game in high definition resolutions for players with more powerful computers, as a user with more limited resources may also enjoy the game without being demanding of your requirements.


Monotonous melodies, trying to go a little in keeping with the theme of the game itself, but eventually may get to become rather tiresome, but on a PC you can always run our music player.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Gamers Wait for these PC Games

The best thing that comes to your PC.

The PC gaming world can sometimes seem alien to everything that moves daily blogs from the web and video game news, there is always talk more than the console versions of the same titles and PC exclusive, with most honorable exceptions, are usually left parked by the little impact on sales and follow-up by gamers (World of Warcraft separately).

To show that PC players will have reason to give cane to expensive graphics cards of their teams, we intend to list the 4 games (and one more tip) that will make us be proud of our PCs in 2010.

1 - Rage
id Software and John Carmack ... We know that Rage will technically be the bomb, we do not know is whether they will be able to return to the glory of Quake and Doom I / II or whether we will continue the mediocrity playable Doom III / Quake IV.

2 - Deus Ex 3
The first delivery was an absolute clasicazo, an evolution of System Shock playable system that culminated after Bioshock. The second delivery is no longer a passable FPS. Does the third? We'll see, but out of respect to the original include it in this list.

3 - Fracture
As absolute fan of X-Wing vs. Tie Fighter (does anyone remember those games?) I've been waiting for something modern to match. There have been several near-successful attempts, as the original or Freelancer Jumpgate, Jumpgate Evolution, but this promises to be all that we have been waiting and more ... If I'm honest is the game for any platform, I most look forward with Halo Reach.

4 - All Point Bulletin
Typically, and for all we know so far, this game would not include in the list, but developed by the creators of the most underrated game of all time (the GLORIOUS Crackdown) and having all the earmarks of playable maintain the spirit of this, next to a persistent online world can be "silent success" of 2010.
To take into account.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

S4 League PC Game Modes

New game modes for S4 League
It makes possible the game with single player Arcade mode.

Many users of S4 League threw missing a single-player mode in which to test their avatars before facing other equipment. Thus, Burda: IC announces that the next update is added to the Arcade mode, a mode that allows players to fight alone against animals, guards or bosses controlled by AI. These enemies appear at random, allowing the items are always different.

Players can access the Arcade Mode at any time, presenting various phases and adjustable levels of difficulty. The main motivation of the community is the ability to train and practice their team skills and strategies without risking the victory points or worsen their game statistics.

Furthermore, the Arcade Mode offers the possibility of other 3 players join the game and overcome a cooperative manner.

Friday, March 19, 2010

FSX Games

Finally the awaited FSX has started his final gait, on Monday 24 July was presented in Madrid to the press.

There were some sites of importance in the field of computer games and flight simulation fans, all in the headquarters facility of Microsoft and Spanish responsible charge of Head of Aces and designer, Paul Lange, recently arrived U.S. to attend Campus Party in Valencia and also perform the presentation of its product to enthusiasts and simulation games that impressive frame. Exercising as a translator of Oscar del Moral presentation, product manager of Microsoft Spain.

As expected, the expectations over the past year, based on photos and comments on the new Flight Simulator X, was crept to the fans of this type of simulation programs are totally satisfied with that seen in this presentation.

To begin to comment that this is fully compatible with FSX which until now had ... Flight Simulator 2004, so anything bought or mounted at the level of scenarios or aircraft is lost when you install the new FSX, and this in itself is all good news because there's nothing to throw away .

Another important development is that contrary to what we all thought, the FSX is made of 100% to work on Windows XP and not on the new Windows Vista, in fact the latter will not come until early next year and what FSX we have in our stores with a large synchronized global launch for this fall, said Paul Lange obviously not leaving aside the possibilities that will give the new Windows Vista and its Directx10 modern technology, so that once launched certainly be made available to buyers through Microsoft FSX Update An update to take advantage of all these improvements.

And how is the new FSX? ... it simply stunning. Something different from what they knew as far scenarios, weather, pictures of aircraft or flight, etc.. A world seen from the air resembles an awful way to camp. The mountains, rivers, cities, airports and a huge charge another dimension and so on are now more real views on any of the previous versions, for example, major airports like Madrid Barajas has searched absolute level of detail, including the new Terminal T4. This version contains autogen system can get to stop any small computer for this to be very powerful because the world literally comes to life.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Supreme Commander 2 in tha market!

Supreme Commander 2 is available!
For now only in its edition compatible.
Square-Enix title informs us that the Supreme Commander 2 is already on sale in Europe as a PC edition to the Euros 39'95 price, while the Xbox 360 version will not reach stores until April 1. The game was developed by Gas Powered Games, and you can visit the official website:


Set 25 years after the end of the Infinite War, Supreme Commander 2 starts with a galaxy of balance by the recent assassination of newly elected President of the fragile Colonial Defense Coalition. Members of the Coalition (the United Earth Federation, the Illuminate and the Cybran Nation) are blaming each other and across the galaxy are heard the first rumblings of war.


• Take on the enigmatic three commanders, old friends from each of the factions: United Earth Federation (UEF), the Illuminate and the Cybran Nation, who are mired in the aftermath of a galactic conflict.
• Explore a rich game, led by the characters and single player that stretches over 18 missions by providing a new level of emotional connection to the genre of strategy games in real time, or battle online to enjoy an exciting multiplayer experience.
• action-packed Fighting a massive scale, wars in vast land and naval air units and visually stunning environments that have come to life thanks to an innovative rendering technology into a complete evolution of the controls of the games real time strategy for both platforms.
• Improve and customize armies with new weapons and technology and deploy it instantly on the battlefield, turning a basic level tank in a combat unit multifunctional high-powered guns and several anti-aircraft devices.
• Experience wild experimental war machines that can change the balance of power in a given time.
• Enjoy a redesigned user interface and restructured to focus entirely on combat, combat tactics and making strategic decisions in high-level, offering a vision of improved player in the strategic zoom view.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Terminator Salvation PC Game

Are you ready for the beginning of the end?

PCGameTrek could attend the presentation of the new Terminator Salvation game at the offices of Warner Bros. Interactive in Madrid. The game is being developed by GRIN Studios, known for making some very good PC ports, such as Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter, and secuela. Also by other titles such as Bionic Commando Rearmed and the film adaptation of Wanted the game for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Based on the upcoming movie Terminator Salvation, produced by Warner Bros. and Sony Pictures, the videogame of the same name offers the possibility of assuming the role of Jonh Connor, a resistance soldier fighting for survival against forces far superior Skynet.

The adventure takes place two years before the events depicted in the film, in a post-apocalyptic Los Angeles and decimated. We are faced with an action game in the third person with a very graphic part worked, leaving us to observe large and partially destructible scenery and an easy and intuitive control system, comprising an innovative and versatile cover system, along with other details unique to the game, as The new machines are designed specifically for him and the wide range of weapons taken directly from the film, where we can find shotguns, machine guns, heavy weapons, grenades, rocket launchers and a few others. Although the game reminded us of the already quite well known game of Epic Games, Gears of War, something that really is all admiration and praise for the Xbox 360 exclusive title.

We must also say that the only game we've seen subtitled into Castilian and totally lacking in online modes, offering only a campaign mode and the ability to play with a fellow co-operatively on the same console.
With an estimated life of 11 hours. Terminator Salvation gives us a completely visceral gaming experience, in which the characters and history play a crucial role, because thanks to the game can find more details on this epic saga.

Terminator Salvation will be available at stores across the country on May 29 for the Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC, one week before the film's release on 5 June.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Batman: Arkham Asylum PC Game

Batman: Arkham Asylum - Best Game of the Year Edition

The world of comics fans have found in Batman: Arkham Asylum a reference title in the catalog consolero: an incredible technical quality, an interesting mechanical playable, surprising development ... Well, if you have not yet been able to test how wear the mantle of Batman maybe you should wait a bit until the launch of what promises to be the most complete version of the game: Velvet Assassin: Game of the Year Edition.

This Game of the Year edition should include all downloadable chapters released both here and in America (Insane Night, Prey In The Darkness, Dem Bones and Crime Alley), including exclusive content from the collector vesion ... And of course the Xbox 360 should be able to prove the Joker.

It's risky venture to bring forward other content, since as many of you know Rocksteady Studios is already immersed in the development of the sequel. We will keep you informed of developments.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Star Trek Online PC Game Preview

Star Trek Online: Ships spectacular to conquer space

Hand in hand with Bandai Namco Games comes a batch of unpublished images of Star Trek Online, the highly anticipated MMORPG that is poised to repent in one of the games of the year thanks to the success of its beta.

For those who still do not know, Star Trek Online is set several years after Star Trek Nemesis and leads to a galaxy in constant war, we face the hostile natives, space pirates and other races with whom we have conflicts.

The beta of Star Trek Online MMO PC Game has been published on 26 January. To enjoy the full game, you will have to wait until March 5.