Monday, March 15, 2010

Supreme Commander 2 in tha market!

Supreme Commander 2 is available!
For now only in its edition compatible.
Square-Enix title informs us that the Supreme Commander 2 is already on sale in Europe as a PC edition to the Euros 39'95 price, while the Xbox 360 version will not reach stores until April 1. The game was developed by Gas Powered Games, and you can visit the official website:


Set 25 years after the end of the Infinite War, Supreme Commander 2 starts with a galaxy of balance by the recent assassination of newly elected President of the fragile Colonial Defense Coalition. Members of the Coalition (the United Earth Federation, the Illuminate and the Cybran Nation) are blaming each other and across the galaxy are heard the first rumblings of war.


• Take on the enigmatic three commanders, old friends from each of the factions: United Earth Federation (UEF), the Illuminate and the Cybran Nation, who are mired in the aftermath of a galactic conflict.
• Explore a rich game, led by the characters and single player that stretches over 18 missions by providing a new level of emotional connection to the genre of strategy games in real time, or battle online to enjoy an exciting multiplayer experience.
• action-packed Fighting a massive scale, wars in vast land and naval air units and visually stunning environments that have come to life thanks to an innovative rendering technology into a complete evolution of the controls of the games real time strategy for both platforms.
• Improve and customize armies with new weapons and technology and deploy it instantly on the battlefield, turning a basic level tank in a combat unit multifunctional high-powered guns and several anti-aircraft devices.
• Experience wild experimental war machines that can change the balance of power in a given time.
• Enjoy a redesigned user interface and restructured to focus entirely on combat, combat tactics and making strategic decisions in high-level, offering a vision of improved player in the strategic zoom view.

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