Wednesday, March 31, 2010

World in Conflict 2010

Fast and complex strategy

One of the main barriers of traditional strategy games for fans of first-person shooter is the "slowness" of development and excessive micro-management "which typically require. Some games have tried to facilitate and simplify the concept of real time strategy, but the complexity is not usually something that frightens the geeks of the FPS, that's not the problem, rather the habit of being in the center of the fighting from the beginning.

Sierra takes a few months promise a strategy game in real time much quicker pace than realistic, with troops coming into direct combat with an online gaming component very strong and amazing graphics: World in Conflict.
Having played more than promising a beta online, Vivendi Spain (Distributor in Spain) invited us to see how their offices in fellowship, in addition to testing the final code multiplayer, with enhanced graphics and new options.

The first thing we saw (and played) on our visit was the online mode, so frantic and fast as promised. For resources will not have to build any building materials in exchange for us soldiers (absurd notion in itself but we are used). What are some points we will be getting purchase of units increase with time and our achievements, allowing us to call in reinforcements, be they soldiers, equipment, air strikes and other destructive forces, including the powerful (and very expensive) combo atom.
These units will be deployed to the map point faction controlled by our desire, allowing you to place them closer to the action as possible and defend strategic points or attack the enemy by a sudden flank. The basic objective of an online game is to control a series of dots on the map simultaneously, leaving roadblocks within which buildings may also barricade to defend them.

After playing a while it becomes clear that the promise of quick action is met, will not be gone in five minutes she was distributing tow, but what surprises strategic change is the game, which affect our decisions on types of troops to deploy, destruction stage elements such as bridges or buildings or coordination with our partners to launch coordinated attacks, keeping in mind that on a computer online all the players share a pool of money than to spend all the time.

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