Saturday, October 2, 2010

Lies About PC Games

The world of gaming has grown very significantly in recent years, the issue is that when a medium becomes important, the attention of more people and it is inevitable that rumors start and above all, to invent lies to regard. In the case of video games, this is because many people know and make judgments on first impressions they leave or simple ignorance. Here are some examples.

Video games are for kids

In an investigation (you can read full here) of the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) found that the average age of gamer in the United States is 34 years and that these people have played since the age of 12. That one of the reasons why now there are so many games rated M (for ages 17 and older). As you can see, the idea that video games are just for kids is one of the biggest lies in this area, but that brings us to see the other side of the coin.

All games have violence or sex

There are a number of people who know that video games are not for children, but have a completely opposite view and believe that above all games are beatings, bullets and blood.

The consoles of this generation have a wide range of genres, there are options for the whole family and even some teaching. There are also card games and board in general and a very good variety of sports titles. Interestingly, at ESA's research found that 82 percent of all video games sold in 2009, were rated for children under 16 years.

Women do not play video games

There are still people who believe that this statement is true. It is a fact that forty percent of U.S. gamers are women and not only that, they are also part of the establishment games and have been placed in important positions in some studies. An excellent example is Jade Raymond, Ubisoft CEO of Toronto.

The video games were better

Some say that games from previous generations are better than today, the truth is that we are living the best time that video games have seen so far. Thanks to the Internet you can update the game and correct mistakes that can be found after they go on sale or add new features that were not planned when the console is also created Internet also makes it possible to play and communicate with others the world instantaneously. The controls now have an excellent accuracy, ergonomic and wireless. Digital distribution has allowed some game developers to publish their work and graphic power of consoles has gone so far that the only limit is your own developers imagination.

Video games are guilty of violence and crimes

It is fashionable to blame the game for almost any type of misfortune. Attacks have been saying that are used to train terrorists and incite people to commit crimes, the fact is that this is only a strategy used by some parents to avoid responsibility for poor education they have given their children, and is also a tactic used by some lawyers to try to get some trouble to their customers. But Stan Lee, the creator of Spider-Man, Iron Man and Hulk, I had explained to the comics, as these were also blamed for creating juvenile delinquents and generate violence in the decade of the fifties. The music, in turn, was targeted by these accusations at one time and it is likely that any future political ambitions, another half point as the culprit in many situations only to become famous.

Video games are useless

One of the most heard allegations that a gamer is, "That's not going to let anything good." The truth is that no research to prove that video games help improve reaction times, decision-making and hand-eye coordination. Some may serve as an exercise for a good memory, and now there are titles that have the specific goal of getting fit.

As you can see, most of the negative comments about the games are fake, the truth is that this hobby is one of the best on this and we are experiencing a great era in which many artists try to gain our attention with a huge variety of genres.

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