Friday, January 29, 2010

Kane & Lynch 2 2010

First official pictures of Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days - PC, PS3, Xbox 360

Eidos has distributed the first official images of the sequel to Kane & Lynch. This second installment, which will carry the subtitle of Dog Days, presents a narrative perspective inspired by the films of Mr. Michael Mann, with camera in hand and realistic action. It is expected to launch for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 sometime in 2010.

The first captures the title appeared not only confirm the good impression that the title is causing to be published since the first trailers of the same. It seems that the guys at Eidos want to overcome the stumbling of the first half and action on a show worthy of praise.

Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days will take us back to the city of Shanghai, where his friend Lynch will take the leading role to plunge into the depths of the Asian city. There will be plenty of action and, as we see good visuals.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Dark Void PC Game Review

New game video "development diary" Dark Void - PC, PS3, Xbox 360

Capcom offers us a new video "development diary" of his new proposal: Dark Void. The game, which launches itself across PC, PS3 and Xbox 360, promises to deliver a spectacle worthy of action, with a fairly decent graphics engine and gameplay that will bet on the union between verticality and horizontality.

In the new video know some more details on completing the title and discovered some new ingame sequences, which are always welcome to accompany the hard Monday. Capcom hopes to position and its new IP in the market and is promoting the product too often, which could translate into good sales.

While Dark Void hits stores, we leave you with his latest video "Journal of Development":

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Mass Effect 2 Rumor

Rumor: Mass Effect 2 DLC could be available from launch - PC, Xbox 360

At least that is what might be drawn from the latest updates to the Twitter Mass Efefct 2, which suggests the possibility of accompanying the first DLC release of the game, due out for PC and Xbox 360 on 29 January . So far, nothing has not been confirmed officially.

"BioWare has no intention to get paid more money for a possible content of Mass Effect 2 on day of release. There will be more details on the DLC's title next week, "Twitter comment from the account title.

For now, we wait a week to learn the first details of the game downloadable content which, remember, come to us in just a few days, to the delight of our pleasure in science fiction and adventure western Roler of clear cutting . Stay tuned to DB Games for more on this upcoming release.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Modern Warfare 2 2010 PC Game

Just Dance breaks the rule of Modern Warfare 2 on the UK charts - PC, PS3, Xbox 360, Wii

It seemed a challenge, but Modern Warfare 2 has lost its status as leader of the UK sales chart. Just Dance, Wii exclusive title developed by Ubisoft, has seized the privileged position which had been occupied for nine weeks. As explained from Chart-Track, dance simulator Ubisoft has experienced sales growth of 114%, while the rest of games has been declining.

Just Dance is a title that invites us to spend a nice time dancing with our friends and family. Squeeze the full potential of Wii motion control, so it's no wonder that is causing a sensation in the UK, where casual games are the leitmotiv of the interactive business-like in the rest of the world .

Modern Warfare 2 has won the complicated square number one for nine consecutive weeks, becoming the best selling game of 2009 and one of the highest rated. But like everything else, success must end and give way to others, having been Just Dance chosen for the occasion.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Dragon Age: Origins PC Game Review

Analysis of Dragon Age: Origins - Graphic Section - PC, PS3, Xbox 360

BioWare has treated the development of Dragon Age with the professionalism with which we are accustomed, ie the game has not gone on sale until levels have not reached their maximum elevation of performance.

The construction of buildings and open spaces are credible and each zone has its own refined aesthetic, giving the feeling of open spaces or oppressive dungeons as the case with great accuracy, although it is unfortunate that the interaction with the environment is relegated to the background and the objects are mere props no chance of being employed or holding. If we play with a computer powerful enough, we dazzle the exquisite construction, real textures to the smallest detail, lighting and all and each of the elements that build the world of Theda.

The characters are particularly well cared for, so tools such as armor is 100% believable and gives the feeling of being weapons "Battle Ready". Animations, faces and anatomy made with care, with little nuances between them beyond mere cloning which we are accustomed to other titles.

The bestiary is varied and often original, although there are classics such as giant spiders and the like. In battles we find from compact groups of wolves that attack in packs a multitude of different types of enemies attacking melee distance and coordinated with each other, with a wealth of forms, weapons and protections.

Dragon Age: Origins takes full advantage of the qualities of the cards or game consoles, without losing detail at any time.


Dragon Age: Origins is a real treat in terms of its soundtrack.

The talks are fluid and exciting are masterfully implemented and care, which is appreciated by title you're going to devote much of our time talking with each other to solve the missions, to understand the world and Theda his story or to understand the plot and its implications.

The background noises and other sound effects are made with care complementary, noting clear differences depending on the area in which we find or the weapons we use, even in the encounter between different types of weapons and armor are sound surprising nuances.

As for the musical themes, reminiscent of Celtic with a strong element of self-descriptive music of recent times, accompany the player giving interest when due and contributing to the moments of epic struggle and a touch bitter, sometimes, helping to raise the level of adrenaline.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Bioshock 2 PC Game Review

The walls of Rapture, whose appearance is revealed that the passing years and the decline of an idyllic civilization make a dent in its structure, is again the scene of our destination. Everything is familiar, yet an aura of uncertainty and anxiety that fills the space suit will protect us during this new adventure. We are a Big Daddy destined to save the last glimmer of hope for a civilization that sought to escape from an imperfect world, following the ideology perpetrated by Andrew Ryan. However, the road will not be easy, since the bond we have with our Little Sister, is contrary to the principles that we develop during the game and, in many cases conflict with the acts that we have to interpret. The path we choose will define our character, marking the passage that will lead us into all that really matters to us: our protected is far away, and without it life is sealed off within the metal packaging that protects us.

Bioshock 2 is one of the most important releases of the year. The tremendous success of the first part Levine, whose approach has revealed novel mechanisms and structure interactive narrative copy, is the leading cause of legions of fans to the world of electronic entertainment are waiting on the release of this anticipated title. Although Levine is not involved directly in the project, has defined a solid work and well-structured for 2K Marin put all eggs in one basket. After many months of waiting, we finally have the opportunity to enjoy Bioshock 2 Preview for providing this article, and enlightening about the virtues of this new interactive work, destined to become one of the most memorable video game generation.


Just start the game, we encountered an unusual situation. We are recovering slowly, consciousness where we realize that all around us rises the imposing Rapture, a city built in the depths of the Atlantic Ocean as a sign of ambition unleashed by its creator. The primary objective of this project placed him as the perfect residence for the superior beings, despite their status as privileged individuals undergoing technological advances in genetic research by accepting the fees established by the Adam, plasmids and promoters artificial created by Andrew Ryan. Products that increase muscle mass to levels unimaginable new proposals by which you can acquire the proper degree of intelligence of a genius, or various plasmids that you become a destructive killing machine, announced casually and daily throughout the city . However, there have been 10 years since Andrew Ryan exhaust its latest efforts to shape a society impossible, now, a former political rival Ryan has taken power in Rapture, thanks to a doctrine that has allowed it comprises a number unconditional supporters really bulky. His goal: avoid shortages of Adam kidnap girls from the area (sending to the dreaded Big Sisters) became small and infallible collectors, and retake the course of Rapture to define a new height of the perfect civilization.

But somebody has woken up and, initially, it appears that our mission becomes the only hope to stop plans Sophie Lamb. We are the first Big Daddy successfully linked to a Little Sister, we have the ability to control our craving both lethal firearms as plasmids, and our life is at risk if we do not find Eleannor Lamb, the Little Sister to which we are hopelessly emotionally connected.

Bioshock 2 offers a very interesting dramatic development, the story becomes more attractive as we move into the plot, and the number of recordings that we find in Rapture brings a host of scenic and narrative nuance, drawing with restrained pulse which emerges as one of the most remarkable stories of recent years. As we had occasion to advance in the game, I can assure you that Bioshock 2 promises to follow the lead of the first part to the letter, introducing some important developments in their development leading to a new interactive experience.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

StarCraft 2 2010 (PC)

It's almost twelve years have passed since one of the titles of real time strategy more important in the history of the game come out to market. StarCraft was a revolutionary in the genre by bringing dynamism and speed to frantic multiplayer games and a tireless, relentless, and shows no signs of damage when we realize that, even today, are still enjoying it. Blizzard Entertainment knows the legion of fans awaiting the release of their second delivery is huge, so I returned the loyalty to their product in the form of love and pampering to work. And is that both development time (started in 2003) predicts that StarCraft 2 will be great ...

How would you improve the foundation for a genre that, a priori, seems stalled for years? What would you do to your fans are not disappointed with the output of the game who have been waiting so long? If we look at all the details that have given us about StarCraft 2, we feel it will be more of the same: maintaining the well-known races (Terran, Protoss, Zerg), when it would have been logical to think that created a new for the occasion, the proposal in the field looks the same and no major alterations units. What if we look more closely? Aside from the obvious graphical leap, every one of the points made great original titles have been taken a step further: the millimeter maps designed to introduce different strategies, new units that complement those already known and modes individual campaign and multiplayer that will far outweigh (or at least it seems from this perspective) to everything we've seen in other RTS. And yes, I am generalizing.


I'll start this review with what we know at the moment on the single player campaign. As previously announced, StarCraft 2 will split into three parts, each focusing on the protagonists of the game breeds. Thus, the present one-StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty "will be presented to us by the Terrans, starring Jim Raynor four years after the events of StarCraft: Brood War. Good old Jim does not like the attitude of the emperor of the Dominion, Arcturus Mengsk, and has spent all this time to annoy with small and annoying attacks. But now things are much worse, and it is precisely because of the bad relations between humans: the Zerg have returned stronger than ever to expand throughout the galaxy, and its imprint is reflected in the large number of planets they have conquered.

The campaign will place us in situations of long, everyday for anyone who enjoyed (and enjoy) of the work Blizzard fight in more than 30 missions in which we will eliminate any existing threat, defend our position with specific facilities , or working as escorts. However, the change is more than noticeable in the resolution of these, where a good strategy will be key to ensuring our survival. A clear example is the mission of Redstone, which we will supply a number of minerals to finish it. In meeting will be crucial to keep in mind what our goal from the outset: do we want to collect all the minerals as soon as possible, holding the Zerg wave as we can? Or prefer to clear the area of enemy aliens, to then take us calmer collection?
starcraft 2 terranstarcraft 2 gameplay
Another case of Meinhof gang, a mission that will test your speed based on the cycles of night and day that will live during the game. At sundown, soldiers infected by the horde Terran Zerg will attack us without mercy until our defenses yield. Not so when reluzca daylight, at which time we must take to destroy all the reservoirs in which to hide our former colleagues, now become the enemy. The game times will alternate these cycles that depend on the difficulty chosen, and may be five minutes in a medium difficulty.


The importance of our success in missions not only reflected in our progress towards the end of the campaign, but also reward the work invested in each and every one of them. For every victory gained by money and units that complement our troops. With the profits we can improve our arsenal, armor and accessories to have more chances in the following missions, but as expected we will have to choose carefully. Blizzard's team does not want that when we finish the campaign has control of a super-invincible army, but properly manage the resources by following a few guidelines, objectives to be achieved. So if our style is purely defensive, we must focus on improving the armor of the soldiers, while if we're going to launch the attack must focus our efforts on improving health and weapons, for example.

We may also invest our savings in paid soldiers, mercenaries contracted for a specific number of missions to be agreed based on our purchasing power. And apparently, we must set aside some money to rent their services as it will be crucial at certain points of the campaign in which we can not face what is coming down on our own. Cost nearly three times more than standard units and may not improve the least, but calm: do not need. You will truly feel safer having them around, that's for sure.

And not everything will be better soldiers, as StarCraft 2 is intended to spend time exploring the maps. To do this, we can also let us pay for investment research. During the parties to find various artifacts that may be used to our advantage, reflected in the long term. Let there be no corner undiscovered.


As was the case with the original StarCraft, this new release is intended to get established between the gaming community. StarCraft 2 seeks to break the mold again, setting new standards in the world of RTS to create a hybrid between RPG and strategy. So our relationship with the characters he encountered along the way will be crucial to the development of history, to change direction as our decisions.

This will provide different options we can choose missions that will serve primarily for small victories and to develop our troops. The road we follow will lead us to a certain end and show us events, scenes and different music videos at our discretion, making the individual totally replayable campaign. That will get at least the wait for the following expansions, so to call them-is more bearable when we have Wings of Liberty hand.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Modern Warfare 2, Infinity Ward PC Game Review

Modern Warfare 2, Infinity Ward

Within five years, Infinity Ward has managed to move from "small team that starts" instead of "absolute reference in the field of action game great spectacle." After the resounding success of Modern Warfare first name, Activision had a lot on the last baby's California studio and can say he was not disappointed. Over 500 million have been achieved in a week on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. Does this mean that this is the game of the year?
Afghanistan, Brazil, Russia: Marines on all fronts
Modern Warfare 2 comes to us when Infinity Ward is already crowned a very solid reputation in particular gained the previous opus, Call Of Duty 4. History does not return to the ins and outs of the script and can enter the heart of the matter, please consult the test PlayStation 3 / Xbox 360 in which Maxentius back on everything you need to know ... Now that you know how Makarov is really bad, you know the Task Force 141 and its members (Allen, Ramirez, Sanderson ...) and you have a clearer idea of the geopolitical context in which the game is, we can go.

Produced mode 'Commando', our exclusive video focuses on various sequences of the single player campaign

With Modern Warfare 2, Infinity Ward so that innovates very little. He is still involved in a succession of missions featuring different characters in the fight against international terrorism. Modern Warfare 2 remains true to the brand name Infinity Ward and the disposal is once again at the heart of the single player campaign. Very spectacular, it takes us around the world (Afghanistan, Brazil, Russia and even the U.S.) for a series of missions generally short (it rarely exceeds 45 minutes), the objectives rather basic, but remarkably dense and rhythmic.

The variety is also needed, not only in environments that make us discover a favela in Rio de Janeiro, an oil rig in Siberia or the famous Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington. There is actually some question driving gear (snowmobile, Zodiac), use of equipment "fixed" (machine guns) and act differently in different situations. For example, some missions are borrowed infiltration, while others are more in the "punch to it, but even in this latter case, situations vary and the attack in the favela is very different from the mission in the Airport Moscow (fictional) Zakhaev.
"Despite mechanical game based entirely on the use of scripts, Infinity Ward has done a remarkable job"
Nothing to say about the forms adopted the single player campaign: it takes full eyes and despite mechanical game based entirely on the use of scripts, Infinity Ward has done a remarkable job of making it quite difficult to criticize the conduct of missions. However, we can find fault with the scenario of the game is certainly dramatic, but who uses and abuses of twists Hollywood "clumsy". The ensemble is far too serious to finally push open doors or falling into the cliches of the most enormous action cinema.

We would like Infinity Ward to show a little more restraint than the studio or sprinkle everything with some humor and even secondary schools to exhibit a hint of cynicism ... However, these shortcomings are quickly forgotten and the real issue of the campaign is to look elsewhere. Firstly, it is too short and failure is all the more noticeable it is catchy. Even commando (third level of difficulty of four), do little more than seven hours to see the end credits, but mostly it relies entirely on a system of progression by failure.

Not to wander, the regulars will at least play commando, but he must do so with the limitations of an aging nicely gameplay: for example impossible to look to identify the enemy. Suddenly, we discovered, it is killed and as you know where the enemy is, it does not remake the same mistake twice. Such a progression system is not rewarding for the player, even if it ensures a certain difficulty to the whole. We would obviously prefer that the enemy artificial intelligence is advanced enough to offer a real challenge, but let's not be too hard, it does not defend himself so badly and the enemies are capable of such maneuvers bypass interesting

Though aging, the technology used allows the installation of a good atmosphere

When 'Soap' slips to the opera "Roach"
Alongside the campaign and then we bitterly regret the absence of a cooperative mode, Infinity Ward moved - like to buy - a Special Operations Section. We do not return to the nature of these missions, Maxence was very well done versions for PlayStation 3 / Xbox 360 and PC content is strictly identical. However, we regret that the challenge is too pointed to be played solo. On one hand we have a campaign only playable solo and the other missions independent of each other, but it is strongly advised to make several ... Too bad Infinity Ward was unable or unwilling expand options for players.

It is now time to address the topic "that angry" multiplayer. No miracle, Modern Warfare 2 does not therefore propose dedicated server and it is a matchmaking tool that selected the participants and determines which host the game. Suddenly, players find themselves with a ping "musty" and the parties are limited to 9 against 9 while the cards seem very small ... distance of 32 against 32 the previous opus! However, the experience system, Weapons / special skills and concept maps are really damn good and provided you do not fall on chitterlings, the parties are very enjoyable.

Especially pleasant indeed they have the quality settings and solos that despite the appearance of aging technology at Infinity Ward, the implementation is correct and finally bit greedy. The graphics are sometimes marred by textures really "ugly", but the composition of the environments is impressive and plunges us immediately into the atmosphere. An atmosphere also doubly backed by the excellent soundtrack and clever use of 3D Vision. It must of course be equipped (NVIDIA, monitor 120 Hz) to benefit, but the result, if somewhat reduced our precision is stunning in solo mode. From a purely technical, Modern Warfare 2 is close to Crysis, but it manages to capture our attention and this is essential.

It is difficult to conclude the test of a game as paradoxical as 2 Modern Warfare, Infinity Ward as constantly blowing hot and cold. Thus, the single player campaign is action-packed missions as varied as rhythm that gives us not a moment's respite. Unfortunately, it suffers from a painfully grotesque scenario that allows all excess without taking down or play the card of the second degree. In addition, its length and the principle of advancement based on a failure by the player are deeply flawed. This is more or less the same for the multiplayer which is very pleasant to play, but so far the standards of the genre on PC.
If the game is ultimately identical to the console versions, we can not forget the multiplayer regression performed by Infinity Ward any more than we can not ignore the unprecedented rate charged by Activision for PC game. We welcome however the solo performance performed by the studio and the incredible atmosphere of this campaign. Modern Warfare 2 is therefore one of the best single player experiences you can find at present for an action game on PC, but do not have hope for its long winter evenings to you see if they justify the 60 euros charged by Activision!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Defense Of The Ancients Demigod PC Game

No solitary pleasure for Demigod?
In the letter endorsing the concept initiated by Defense Of The Ancients, Demigod will therefore get rid of a number of classic strategy game real time. Here, no question of embarking on collecting resources, building bases impregnable or excessive exploration. The cards are simple, nearly symmetrical and serve as clashes between two factions virtually identical. Thus, the player does not directly control all its troops. In fact, it does not control even a single unit: the Demigod.

Demigod: the Guardian and Fire triumphed

Through parts between two camps, but two to ten players, participants must better manage the benefits and shortcomings of their Demigod to protect their fortress while attacking the enemy they must destroy to win . At the heart of a base which we do not support the construction, the citadel is the starting point of the Demigods and it allows them to acquire a number of improvements to strengthen the defenses of the base, improve cash flow or to move small units that are with us.

If it comes to gold to pay for these improvements, farmers 'scavengers' are however not the party. In Demigod, this is done automatically based mines that we control and Demigods enemies that we terrace. All the "trick" the game is therefore based on the proper use of the Demigod to take control gradually of the entire map. This control involves making flags and the gradual advance on the camp of our enemy who will try today, of course, to do the same on his side.

Players must choose between rush towards the enemy stronghold or advanced calmer. They should also consider allocating their money to choose between buying equipment for its Demigod, improve the troops accompanying or give defense structures are some questions that can not fail to arise during part of Demigod. Moreover, we must reflect on its progress in that Demigod As part of gaining experience to be shared on a skill tree.

Technically successful Demigod has several game modes in multiplayer parties vary, but fishing solo.

Narrow content? Normal is a half-god!
These skills must be chosen according to the map, but also Demigods retained by the opposing team. In total, Gas Powered Games offers us eight cards and much Demigods. The strategies are obviously different depending on whether we should fight on or Ziggurat crucible and in the same way, the choice of Demigod is crucial. It holds two categories: the Demigods assassins and generals. The first (foul beast, Guardian of Fire, Regulus and size-Tour) are ace fighter with specificity: ranged combat, melee or magic.

As for the general, things are slightly different. Of course, Demigod is more powerful than any "small unit", but it should be more careful, because the oak, the Queen of Thorns, Lord Erebus and Sedna are much less resistant. These four heroes in fact rely on their powers of prayer, protection or care to win. Once you choose one of the Demigods, it becomes more important to follow the "small units" for support rather than truly pursue the fight.

We do well here is a summary schematic of fighting Demigod and fans will notice quickly that in reality things are much more thorough. Let's just say that depending on different Demigods "assembled" in a team, the possibilities "tactics" are much greater. Note that despite the affinities that players have with a particular Demigod, there really is no ugly duckling in the lot. The eight heroes are endowed with real assets and can only say that some have mastered more slowly than others.

Demigod: some Demigods in action

Also note that Gas Powered Games is listening to the players to constantly carry out readjustments through small updates. Updates that were already allowed to return to the main problems in North American launch of the game: the lag observed network. Today, although there is still improving, things have become very playable and there is no real criticisms of this level ... The situation is unfortunately not the same everywhere.

Thus, the content of the game still seems very light. Only eight cards and eight heroes are scheduled game from Gas Powered Games, which remains far from its model, not far from 100 different heroes despite the single card! The developers have however promised news after the release of the game and now that the technical problems are almost fixed, hopefully it all too soon. Meanwhile, we have a Demigod aesthetically very successful and has an ergonomic quite remarkable is that at $ 40 (on Impulse), is adding a little salt ... Fortunately, the Euro "is with us"!

In committing themselves to the proven concept of Defense Of The Ancients, developers Gas Powered Games can not be wrong. Gameplay side, there has not to worry and Demigod is a very good defiler with parties rhythmic loop that is often fast enough. Alas, I must admit that they are perfectly balanced parties, the friends of Chris Taylor has been a little light level content. With only eight cards and eight heroes, Demigod seems light ... Fortunately, the fun game is there and the parties to ten players are among the most fun we had played a long time. Still, no tutorial, it is difficult to advise beginners, while its content may disappoint those accustomed to Defense Of The Ancients ... A choice to think about while waiting for the playable demo!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Anno 1404 PC Game Review

Anno 1404 PC Game

The East has never been so close ...
Before going into details which will surely excite the many fans of previous titles, it is necessary to explain the concept behind the Anno series. A concept that developers themselves have chosen to detail, little by little, through the single player campaign that takes longer than ever airs long tutorial. In early part and then to us to test some Northburg Richard, Lord of his condition, decided to entrust the management of a small island it regards our stronghold. The aim being to achieve establish and grow a colony worthy of the name on the island in question.

First buildings, fighting at sea and exploring the East program at our video compilation

We start therefore with a small warehouse on the seafront, some wood, some tools and a very large tract of land that opens our arms. In Anno, however any question of degree and therefore should not cut corners in building this colony. We begin by ensuring the minimum living wage to our people: the establishment of a woodcutter and a fisherman's hut sufficient to satisfy the needs of the less demanding the fringe of the population, the pioneers. We build houses and then the pioneers arriving slowly in the colony, significantly increasing our cash flow.

Broadly speaking, we are here the key element of the game: finding the balance between inflows of money procured by the people (via taxes) and expenditures aimed at improving the lives of these people. The goal is to build more prosperous colony possible: in fact a colony and arrived at some point, we speak also rather city or medieval metropolis! Indeed, once a certain threshold is reached pioneer of new buildings to "unlock" new resources can be produced and a class more "civilized" inhabitant may come into play

Four stages are available as well (pioneer, settler, patrician and noble) and each of them result in a mandatory change the appearance of the city to meet the changing needs of residents. Sewing up, we arrive at a city much more impressive than in previous Anno, but he must succeed to keep pace, because the requirements are more important. Indeed, among the many novelties of this version 1404, we note the presence of needs "secondary". While only one type of food enough to satisfy the need for "food of all classes must now diversify things.

New requirements, new interface and new culture in three images, the main additions Anno 1404!

Indeed, while the Pioneers simply fish, add spice to the menu of settlers and bread to the patricians! The same goes for the linen garments which must be complemented by leather doublets or spirituality of our congregation who do more than just a simple chapel. This increased need may seem minor, but in fact it completely changes the way we build the colony. Things are obviously a little more complex, but all still very gradual it is hardly troublesome for newcomers or beginners management.

Who said more needs to satisfy, said obviously more production mechanisms to assimilate and more natural resources to find. Of course, our island departure as great as it is, does not contain all the materials and, more than ever, we must therefore turn to the exploration and trade. Exploration side, things have not changed and the ships loaded using basic materials, he "just" to find an island which coincides with our plans. Trade side, however, things have greatly changed due mainly to a complete overhaul of the design tool of trade routes has made good progress.
Integration "express" from the East had been a crime!
Simply put, this tool is as powerful as it is quick to learn and exchange our food islands or those of other people present on the card is now a cinch! A game that allows you to quickly get acquainted with the last major novelty of Anno 1404: the presence of Orientals. These people who were closer to North Africa live on islands warmer and operate a new range of resources. Again, it was for developers to enrich a very logical content of the Anno series. Suddenly, the Orientals are able to produce the famous spices for our colonies.

War is an excellent way of defeating its competitors ... but diplomacy is not to ignore

Many other products are used in "East" and trade with these people or, better, establishing a colony in the East, are essential in order to develop a little ambitious city of departure. To talk numbers, the introduction of the East and these new materials can lead to a total of more than 200 buildings, 24 types of resources and 64 different goods! Yet - and here we must acknowledge once again the excellent work of developers - the game never seems abundant, the player never feels overwhelmed.

I must say that once again Related Designs / Sunflowers, supported by Blue Bye now, we have developed an interface worthy of all praise, which certainly has not changed much compared to that of Anno 1701, but is a little more comfortable. Note also that each element of this interface is detailed at one time or another in the long-player campaign. A campaign which gives the main objectives to accomplish, but also many subtasks to learn to control all mechanisms implemented. These subtasks take the form of quests that you are of course free to refuse.

The regulars will tell you as good as it is, the single player campaign will never replace a "free part" and of course it did not matter to delete this option. Here, you can start a game by simply choosing the level of difficulty, but it is also possible to set up an incredible number of options to customize the adventure. The cards are larger than those of Anno 1701 and life promises to be simply staggering. Note however that the developers have added another six scenarios leading to parts of nearby open parties, but with very specific objectives to accomplish.

The military system decrypted by the game developers

Note finally the presence of hundreds of awards to, somehow, to validate our progress and to compare themselves to others, provided you have registered online profile ... A little more irrelevant in the gameplay, but reinforces the life of already hallucinating Anno 1404. Ultimately and outside the reserve for the protection TAGES used by Ubisoft, there is little fault to be the new Anno. It would however liked the campaign a little more open to a scenario worthy of the name and not a "simple" tutorial.

We would especially like that the creators provide more guidance to players so that they can better "know" their people. It lacks information on the transition from one stage of development to another or a tool to verify the proper functioning of a particular production line. But say it really criticizing. More disturbing, however: Anno 1404 is more greedy Anno 1701. More beautiful there's no doubt (look at our catch), but also more greedy and to enjoy, aim for a double-heart 1.8GHz with 2 GB of RAM and a "small" GeForce 7800 GT.

Of course, Anno 1404 is not going to revolutionize a series that anyway did not need a revolution. Leading the boat without much pressure from Ubisoft, the developers have prepared a reinterpretation of the concept they implement for ten years. A concept they have mastered to perfection and works within seconds of play integration of production chains longer and more complex, the arrival of the East or redesigning the system of trade, however, are more than simple changes. It is true innovations that improve the gameplay, but also prompt us to rethink the way we play, to see the little routine that was installed with Anno 1701. With dozens of options, a long campaign, multiple scenarios and parties "free" exciting, Anno 1404 is the best of the series title, if not to possess, to discover!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

World In Conflict - Soviet Assault PC Game

World In Conflict - Soviet Assault:
In Seattle, when the army sneers, the Soviet tick?
Alongside the release of Soviet Assault, Ubisoft sells a version called Complete Edition including both the extension and the basic game. A classic idea after all, but makes sense when one looks more closely the progress of the new single player missions proposed by Soviet Assault. Indeed, there is no question for Massive to invite players to a new campaign. The developers have instead decided to resume the campaign of the original game and to insert six exclusive missions to play in the boots of soldiers of the Red Army.

World In Conflict - Soviet Assault: the attack on Berlin in 15 minutes

Alas, this change in perspective is the only true original Soviet Assault, which offers us interesting missions, but too few, and this, especially since the former is a sort of tutorial preparing the main attack on Berlin. In other words, this disc includes no additional six missions to lengthen the single player campaign and two maps for multiplayer. You admit it's been a bit light, and this, especially since the two cards are available to owners of World In Conflict with the last update of the game

This lack of content is without doubt the biggest problem with an extension that fortunately the good taste to bargain 15 euros. It remains to praise the quality of the six tasks proposed to exploit the wonderful benefits of Masstech Game Engine. The battlefield is huge and the graphics is very good bill, even if improvements in the DirectX 10 does not jump to my eyes. Level gameplay, all is still as a tactical resource management reduced to its simplest expression: the player finally manages the call for reinforcements in accordance with its needs.

On the battlefield, using the specifics of each type of unit is still as important as the commissioning of "tactical aid". Here, it is most often involve outdoor units to deploy a barrage of artillery, napalm attack, an acknowledgment or a nuclear bombing ... Still as impressive, these attacks have not lost their effectiveness on the ground. Ultimately, it can also be said of gameplay from World In Conflict. A gameplay that takes place with as much pleasure as the original game's release, and this, in both solo and multi.

Without backup World In Conflict, we must rebuild the entire country to play the Soviet missions, interspersed between the American missions.

Within eighteen months, the gameplay has not aged a bit and the game's graphics engine Massive is always so impressive when one makes use of powerful weapons at our disposal. Alas, we must admit that even taking into account the relatively low cost of Soviet Assault, this extension is a little light level content. Let's say that fans of single player of World In Conflict will no doubt themselves, but they quickly regret lightness Massive / Ubisoft. Remains interesting Complete Edition package, which for 30 euros, allows newcomers to sample one of the best RTS in recent months in a version a little more complete.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Medieval II: Total War PC Game

Medieval II: Total War
"We always prefer war that pay tribute whatsoever and anyone"
Contrary to what they had done on Medieval II: Total War developer Creative Assembly has this time decided to embark on a new historical period. However, contrary to what the title might we suggest to us French, it does not address the question of the Napoleonic Wars in Empire: Total War. In reality, the studio stopped just before, preferring to ignore the revolutionary France to this opus focused on the eighteenth century. So, it is mainly question of conquest of the subcontinent of India and development of the American colonies against a background of Anglo-French competition.

Empire: Total War: an overview of the campaign mode

Before entering the heart of the matter, he should lay the groundwork so that newcomers know what Total War is a fact. For almost ten years, the series designed by the English Creative Assembly intends therefore to mix the genre of tactical strategy and the management in order, somehow, to make the player completely in control. Thus, the country's development is ensured by a party that can bring Civilization as fighting game are more real-time strategy, resource collection / database management excepted.

Eleven nations in the Great Campaign
This duality is of course the heart of Empire: Total War allows us to apprehend through two campaigns. The road to independence is by far the most accessible and, because of its script pushed, the more dynamic. It puts us in the skin of the Founding Fathers before going on the development of the Thirteen Colonies and the War of Independence. In reality, this is mostly a kind of very large tutorial designed to go over all the elements that characterize Empire: Total War. In doing so, it is of course a must for all beginners, but interest still the familiar.

First of course because it helps to review the news, but also because the use of multiple triggers and the presence of multiple kinematic give it a little later "immersive" not unpleasant. Note that two other tutorials have been designed by developers to return to the land battles and confrontations at sea The goal of course being that the player is ready before attacking the various battle scenarios, but also and especially it could start to attack the big chunk of the game: Great Campaign.

From the shores of the Channel in the heart of Germany through Ceylon ...

It has never so aptly named. It begins in 1700 and offers four different situations depending on whether you want some "short" long, with a victory in the prestige or "domination". Among these modes, especially the final objective changes and most important is the choice of the nation and difficulty level. The regulars will miss being limited to key nations that Portugal is not selectable by example, but the eleven available already offer quite a variety as their starting point is of course quite different.

Foundation of Bordeaux!
While France can count on the wealth of its national territory and population as abundant and dynamic nations like Britain or the United Provinces (Netherlands) need to think "world." Empire: Total War is the first of the series has truly offer this possibility through the three theaters of operations and later its development in Europe, the player can move to America, of course, but also in India. These areas operate on the same model in parallel to each other which gives a lot more work to the player who wants "in its empire, the sun never sets."

In itself the management of the country does not change fundamentally from that proposed Medieval II, the studio has mainly been in the idea of seeing his copy to make the experience more complete. It is therefore to take control of a nation and decide scientific guidance, economic, social, military and diplomatic. However, options are both more numerous and richer than what was proposed in Medieval II. This is particularly true of the diplomatic side of things now enjoying improvements that include developers have tapped into Europa Universalis.

Information diplomatic / economic are also numerous and interesting

At any time, it is now possible to see the attitude of nations towards each other and develop plans based on the enmity of everyone. The diplomatic options are more numerous, but we regret that artificial intelligence (AI) is not more interesting: it is nice to offer trade agreements and technological exchanges, but the AI makes no cons - proposal and negotiations quickly turn short. The science of things evidently benefited from the acceleration of discoveries at that time and the tree of technology is therefore much more dense.
"Those who are willing to sacrifice essential liberty for temporary security deserve neither the one nor the other"

An overview of available research
What we call "science" actually includes all the progress they are military, agricultural, industrial or social. The research is available through schools and universities across the country that can be seen on the campaign map, Creative Assembly has decided to make it much "talking". While the provincial division is still "special" (one province for all France, for example), each region has a capital (including the control determines the control of the province) and various secondary locations. They are the ones that leverage the opportunities of the campaign.

These sites can accommodate a school, a military shipyard, a farm, mine, a commercial port ... Once built, these buildings increase the potential of the region and give rights to various bonuses. It must however protect them, because to take the example of France, an enemy may well occupy the port of Marseilles without needing to control Paris! So, defense is much larger than in previous episodes and marketing opportunities are numerous: it becomes possible to bend an enemy by destroying its infrastructure and avoiding major battles.

It is always necessary to gauge the enemy failing to return the bill ... in the water!

Since we are speaking of battles, now turn to the second major component of Total War: the battle. Above all, it is important to note that the automatic resolution of battles is always available to offload small skirmishes without interest, but when the battle was decisive, it is better to occupy oneself to enjoy innovations devised by Creative Assembly ... starting with the clashes at sea very impressive visually, they unfortunately seem less attractive to practice their terrestrial counterparts.

The naval battles are awesome
After only a dozen battles, fatigue already pointed to the fact that strategies were not being repeated enough. The fighting at sea have seemed a bit repetitive, although the side of Creative Assembly's work is done, and done well. The modeling of ships, from plans supplied by the National Maritime Museum in London, is splendid as the work done on the rendering of water. The vessels are responsive to the demands of the player and taking into account the wind is perfect. Regrettably, however, a few wolves in the management of training and travel groups, a defect that is found elsewhere on earth.

Indeed, it is not always easy to maintain properly trained several units during a trip together and fast units (cavalry or aviso) sometimes find themselves at the forefront. Training is also much abused since the displacements are carried out on land "complex" (cities, forests), which is not necessarily illogical and even the best of us will soon find its flaws the AI intelligently manages more lines: it example not hesitate to retreat when danger is present too and even manages to put some loads quite effective.

Charges and collisions have a role to play, but remain in the background

In this regard, if the charges can still be very difficult, it is important to clarify that requires the eighteenth century, the fight in melee is less and less fashionable as the campaign ahead. The grenades, infantry and more guns are becoming masters of the battlefield is also in the seats that we realize the importance of these documents which can completely disorient enemy troops in just a few well placed shots. Note, however, that a party demoralized definitely not leaving the fight and after a little rest, she can resume the assault.

Delicate diplomatic exchanges
It must then be careful not to be taken back by troops "forgotten" and thus lose all of his precious artillery, as was done brilliantly with your humble servant! The fight in melee should not be completely ruled out and, depending on terrain, it will be possible to achieve some good ambushes or find refuge in a building to arise at the most appropriate. Despite many hours of gameplay and testing in every sense, we probably touched upon the possibilities of Empire: Total War in ground combat while fighting for the Marine we are more circumspect.

Each new battle ground is the opportunity to try new things while maritime clashes seem less clear. So, it is not always the mistakes and missed opportunities. We bet that when fighting against other people, things will be much clearer result. Multi question, it is noted that the main innovation has not yet been tested: Creative Assembly promised to make the single player campaign quickly playable vs. 1. 1, but it will still wait a bit and just for the moment battle scenario for a maximum of eight players.

Empire: Total War: an excerpt "official" of famous battles

This last point is a new opportunity to regret because in reality, there is currently only one card to play 4 vs. 4 out of 27 maps available. Since we are mentioning the last regret, speaking quickly to lack of interest in theaters called "commercial". Four in number, they complement the theater of operations and can run its fleet of Commerce for Brazil, the Gulf of Guinea and Mozambique and Indonesia. If their financial interest is obvious, they do not bring anything to the gameplay of the game outside of many naval onslaught that is solved automatically.

Glasgow on the west coast? To balance
One such defect is unlikely, however, to disturb the enjoyment of players as the Grand Campaign is a monument. It requires some investment, but the player is amply rewarded: the life is impossible to assess where the parties are constantly renewed. In fact, we see only one obstacle to the lovers: the hardware requirements. If the level of retail units, modeling of ships or the campaign map are simply magnificent, it is paid and it takes a good dual-core processor (2 GHz minimum), 2GB or 3GB of RAM and type card GeForce 9800GTX or higher to enjoy.

If the wait (two years) was long, we can say that Creative Assembly did not entirely miss its rendezvous with the fans of the series. The English Studio offers us a marvel to consume without moderation. Of course, perfection is not of this world and be done with few defects. We would have hoped that such naval battles are a bit less repetitive or artificial intelligence that we do not fall over when it grows a little. Similarly, we would rather not encounter any return to the Windows desktop and the hardware requirements are not as high ... But there are signs that do not deceive. When a game is able to keep us awake for hours. When the tragic culmination of a battle with us even in our dreams and the eternal refrain "a last round" haunts us ... is that we have here a major title.

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Chronicles of Mystery: The Scorpio Ritual PC Game

Chronicles of Mystery: The Scorpio Ritual

For Nicole Bonnet, everything starts in the United States where a new series of mysterious murders and especially wild talk of the town. The killer always leaves the scene of his crimes a doll dressed in the style of the 18th century. His initial investigations lead to the Paris and Marseilles to Spain and Cuba. As for Sylvie Leroux, following the death of his uncle who had made an important discovery concerning ancient Order of Knights Hospitaller, she tries to find us and travel from Malta to the Vatican via Istanbul.

Developed by the same teams, and arriving home one month apart, both securities City Interactive has a lot in common. Based on the same mold these two adventures in the style point & click for the third person we offer two different stories, but achieving almost identical and the game mechanics strictly similar.

After an initial adventure subdued, Nicole Bonnet had to do better with its second survey and unfortunately it started badly for the investigator with a cinematic introduction that it is impossible to pass and we must play again Whenever we continue our party. After this first hurdle, the two titles we offer exactly what we expect from our time with this class of games.

We move the two young women by pointing to a spot on the screen and by double clicking the make run. Other objects are to be able to harvest them in detail, combine in the inventory and use in environments or with the characters we meet. Classic now by clicking the question mark on the bottom of the screen we show the areas of interactive sites through. The Art of Murder, the pointer shaped mouse displays small icons on the left and right buttons indicating the action that will be based. From Ritual To The Scorpion, the pointer changes shape depending on feasible actions.

Art Of Murder: the hunt for the Puppeteer

Investigations adventure

Visually, the two tracks we posted a pleasant environments colorful, varied and rich in detail with some animations atmosphere from time to time, but are not plenty. The two heroines modeled in 3D, however, suffer a certain rigidity in their movements and a glaring lack of charisma, especially for any particular Sylvie Leroux, Nicole Bonnet fared somewhat better with its false air of Vic McPherson (Still Still Life 1 and Life 2) that give a certain sympathy. French dubbing is okay even if somewhat lacking in dynamism. The background music are discrete in both titles and sound effects are satisfactory. Many kinematic reward our progression. Often very short, their quality is fairly average with a vague general well now.

But it is mainly in the course of history in solving puzzles that the two titles are different. Chronicles of Mystery: The Scorpio Ritual From the player helps a lot, far more than Art Of Murder: the hunt for the Puppeteer. Thus, it is impossible to leave a place until everything has been done, where Nicole is happy to report that we must remain something to do, Sylvie puts us on track of what remains to be done. The enigma of the ritual of Scorpio is much more logical than Art Of Murder, they are also much easier. When an object is missing in a place to perform a particular action, it is almost certain that we find in the next screen.

Art Of Murder: the hunt for the Puppeteer is a little more industrious in the progression of the adventure because of a lack of logic associated with interventionism narrative imposed by the developers. Thus, we have to do complex things impossible to recover at some point when we know that we shall need later. Likewise, give an object a character is sometimes talking and sometimes using the object on the person, but one of its possibilities is valid under the circumstances, quite frustrating!

The lifetime is affected immediately. By its very easy, Chronicles of Mystery: The Scorpio Ritual ends very rapidly between four and six hours. Art Of Murder: the hunt for the Puppeteer opposes a little more resistance, particularly for the reasons mentioned above and therefore falls in the middle games of this genre in terms of life with six or eight hours before to see the end. Note the appearance of Sylvie Leroux Art of Murder on the terrace of a café, a poster plastered on a wall of the cover of Art of Murder in Adventure Sylvie Leroux and the furtive meeting between the two heroines on the site of Gozo. Small friendly winks for two titles missing some of fantasy and humor.

Chronicles of Mystery: The Scorpio Ritual From

Very classic, both titles let themselves go nicely despite a few flaws. The achievement is generally of good quality, but lacks flavor and dynamism. On this last point Art Of Murder is the title that offers the best alternative. Both games City Interactive fulfill their contract without embellishment, without trying to make little more able to convince the player. Unfortunately for them, they arrive while a Runaway: A Twist Of Fate was expected and that he is actually doing the very best in the field. Note nevertheless that this latest adventure Nicole Bonnet is much more interesting than the last. But we have not heard the last of them as each new adventure are already on track.

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Alice in Wonderland PC Game Review

Alice in Wonderland PC Game
"Sharing the same interpretation that Tim Burton"
Alice, 20, returns to Wonderland, destroyed by the evil Red Queen. His goal? Helping his old muckers. But contrary to what one might think, it does not identify the young woman (this is useful, she has amnesia) until the very end of the adventure. As we entrust Jean-Marie Nazaret, one of the founders of the studio, ELB task was to "follow the plot, the better to depart at any moment, the important thing is to" share the same interpretation "that Tim Burton for his film. This includes, and we regret the loss of elements characterizing ambiguous character as the universe of the British writer. That being said.

Such a program obviously required "a lot of communication with Disney and the film crew, both parties are starting to" agree on a level requirement "to have the two versions. On Wii / PC and DS, it will protect Alice in controlling some of the most charismatic of the universe not so magical, in a platform game filled with puzzles and very oriented toward the fighting. From the action-adventure as we see many, in fact. Begin our entry into this mystical world through a small tower next to the Wii and PC versions.
Alice PaWii of MerWiielles

Playable alone or in cooperation with two opus Wii / PC offers five characters embody very different powers. Rabbit handling time, the mouse makes kung-fu, the March Hare circulation telekinesis, the cat can become invisible and the Hatter can play with perspective. You can switch very quickly from one to the other characters, each clearly designated to specific situations on the screen represented by colors, each hero has their own. In the manner of a Mirror's Edge, color appears when one is sufficiently close to an element with which they can interact. Effective.

According to Alice in Wonderland PC Review :the fights are very classic (developments in technology, simple to perform combos, lock automatically) and dynamic, sinking at times in total confusion because a camera that seems difficult to find the right angle. Phases puzzle / platform we have seemed much more interesting, offering insight into the creative studio of French. The game perspective are numerous and ingenious, allowing you eg to open a new crossing by aligning both sides of a table representing a corridor. It will be placed in the right place and play the camera so that different plans fit together to be one. We love.

It will also play with reflections, cope with Alice's size (very large, small, normal) or move the head down, apparently for various sequences. To avoid spoiling anything, this variety is accompanied by a range of environments (fifteen) more or less known in Wonderland. Castle of the Red Queen, mansion that serves as a common denominator at all levels, forest or local village, the premises are fairly simple in their construction, but quite aesthetically consistent. If the Wii does not really wonders at the display, it is here in front of an entirely watchable be properly animated and almost always fluid in the big moments of action. The technical result is ultimately very strong, responding well to the expectations of players a few connoisseurs of the universe so rich visually what he's Wonderland.
Alice, a real DS?
The DS version is fortunately not a beast carrying his big sister. Design and game system have indeed been completely designed for the portable pen. The characters, very cute, moreover, have very contrasting colors and black outlines with a general report that flatters the retina. The 2D scrolling is required, the goal of the game is to accompany Alice throughout the ten stages. Much like the magnificent Ico for Playstation 2, it will not release the beautiful one second under pain of disappearing, swept away by the vile playing cards that populate the land of wonders. In the PC game review, the help pass the traps and climb the platforms are too high will also be needed, requiring you to take each picture as a puzzle potential.

Design sliced gameplay Ico and beautiful music, this DS version has everything you

The music of this version is beautiful and the gameplay very intuitive stylus. The game looks relatively simple solutions to problems are often obvious, but it takes a lot of fun to make progress in this world perfectly built, developers have even had the brilliant idea to include a puzzle (each number representing a environment) you can with a little thought to move rapidly from one level to another. A sort of mini-game within the game that does not waste the effort on the general atmosphere, which releases this je ne sais quoi irresistible. A DS version pretty playable and enjoyable, whether you ask for?

If the Wii version seems solid and should provide fans of action / adventure is a classic but relatively sympathetic, it's really the DS version that has caught the eye during the presentation. Its gameplay Ico, cutting edge design and its enchanting music reinforces the portable Nintendo console as clerk to puffs of fresh air PC Games. Two titles that will, hopefully, teams of ELB can finally focus on their internal project, in development for three years now in the greatest secrecy. It's all the evil that they wish.

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Magic Kingdom PC Game Review

Magic Kingdom PC Game

It's not rocket science

At the Magic Kingdom is the excitement to celebrate the new year. After the festivities, Simon takes his main activity, eating pizza while admiring through the film made for New Year Alix, his girlfriend, goes exasperated. Then the knock on the door of the house. Simon makes a superhuman effort to get out of his comfortable armchair and go open. And then, what was his surprise to meet face to face with two strange creatures with green skin who threatened him with a mysterious device resembling a weapon. Simon slammed their door in my face and then must find a way to escape. Aliens have invaded the Magic Kingdom and its fate in the hands of Simon, which is not necessarily good news.

Initiated in the wake of the previous title, few elements distinguish this particular episode of the previous level interface proposed to us. We now find ourselves in an adventure game-style point & click for the third person. Displacement Simon have been intelligently designed and, according to the remoteness of the click relative to its position on the screen, he will run or walk. Double clicking on an output (all visible by pressing a key) can go directly to the next screen. The inventory can be continuously displayed or called by placing the mouse in the bottom of the screen. The main interactive features are also viewable at any time through a key. From classic now, but the effective and all necessary options are present. The authors know their subject.

Like its predecessor, the newspaper accessible at all times provides a summary of current objectives and those completed. The help system has been preserved and we have three clues to put us on the trail of what to do. If the first two tips are just reformulating the problem while putting us a little bit on the way, attention to the use of the latter. Indeed, the latter in most cases, gives the solution. It is therefore impossible to stay stuck for long in this episode, despite some puzzles in the absurd logic inherent in the series and the fact that we live in a magical world.

But fortunately, Silver Style did not simply offer us a simple copy / pasted from the previous episode in the achievement. Thus, the title has greatly improved visually speaking. If it is still as colorful and offers us very many details in his surroundings, a great effort has been made on the rendering of characters, they are not really in cell shading, have an aspect that comes close strongly and can display various animations fairly thin. Some defects are visible when close up on faces, but nothing too serious. This subtlety of animation we avoid the appearance of robotic characters and allows highly detailed movements of each action.

Simon the Sorcerer: The Meeting With Extraterrestrials - Cuts selected 1

Harry Potter had better watch out

Various activities of which are found here and there in the environments a little cheer to the places visited. A nice job has been done on the play of shadow and light creating an atmosphere and an atmosphere appropriate for each location. Novelty compared to the previous episode, the camera is not fixed and it follows Simon in some of his trips to zoom in and out a bit more dynamic. We find again delight with panoramic environments and not mere decorations occupying the space of a screen. Incidentally, the game supports widescreen now becoming more widespread.

We regret the work on the French dubbing of the previous episode, very disappointing on this point. The title is passed from the hands of those Atari Micro Application, it has not seen fit to pass through the French dubbing box. Recognize that this is not necessarily a disappointment, being excellent English dubbing and lip sync in good order. The subtitles in French are not free of some shells, see translation error, but on the whole nothing very frightening. Especially since the good-natured humor is transcribed and the correct adjustments. Musical compositions are varied and enjoyable as the soundscape rich in sound effects. But some fall into the ludicrous or lack of care some loops with unfinished slightly scratching the ears.

Humor, parody, derision and irrelevance are the credos of the series of Simon the Sorcerer. Having scratched the fairy tales and mythology in the previous episode, this episode tackles some innovative themes for the series anyway. If fairy tales are less skinned before (Puss in Boots takes for his number) is mainly Pirates of the Caribbean and the infamous Jack Sparrow and Star Wars that are targeted now. We find some people involved in the series (Alix Swampy), some from the previous episode (Goldilocks thief, Little Red Riding Hood always as ringworm and activist and the Wolf totally alcoholic), and that little new make their appearance here. All are in their degree including the Wolf. Only the genius from the second opus is not well operated in that episode.

Everything we proposed a scenario for staging rather sympathetic in the early hours of gameplay, but unfortunately difficult to keep pace and gradually begins to falter. The riddles are also suffering some redundancy and the same mechanisms are found repeatedly used. Although the title late tries to revive the vitality of the adventure by offering a puzzle can be solved in three ways or managing the wolf, he is too cautious and much more linear than the previous one in which a myriad of small quests were proposed to solve simultaneously. Here, the scenario takes us without giving us the choice to a disappointing end to which lack of imagination of the authors is evident and where the player has little to do. For the account, if you do not abuse the third option of using integrated plan between eight and ten hours to see the end. An end that offers a new menu to translate the sounds emitted by the aliens and to understand the end of the story.

Simon the Sorcerer: The Meeting With Extraterrestrials - Cuts selected 2

With this fifth installment of the adventures of Simon the Sorcerer, Silver Style confirms his mastery of the genre and the re-railing of the series. Their mistake may have been to propose a little too quickly on a new adventure without taking the time to tinkering with small onions. With proper implementation and a very interesting story, despite the fact that it sank into the big time by anything, this new adventure nonetheless a sure bet in the series. It will appeal to fans of the sorcerer and his world shifted.

All this sorcery and such not your bag? Maybe something like online bingo would be a fun diversion, and maybe a little more terrestrial too! Click here and give it a shot.

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Grand Theft PC Game Review

Grand Theft Auto Video Game
The concept of Grand Theft Auto merit he really believe that we will come back? Since the release of the first branch in 1997, things have not fundamentally changed, even if the staging, it is the opposite of what we have known before. So what GTA IV begins with the arrival at the port of Liberty City, a merchant ship as another ... On board, a Niko Bellic who has been forced to flee his native Serbia to dark stories with a man named Bulgarini, but you will have time to learn more throughout the adventure, because the characteristic of this Grand Auto Theft is good storytelling. Oh sure, it is not very original, but the staging is excellent.

Though sometimes a little too seriously, the scenario includes a large gallery of characters

Very gradually, in true Rockstar style, it allows us to discover the colorful characters, the universe made of criminals sometimes funny, often despicable, but always ready to "render services" ... At least with friends like these, our brave Niko Bellic does not need enemies! They are actually ready to shoot in the legs and these are cheap shots during many twists and turns that continually revive interest in this story of gangsters. Niko starts at the bottom of the ladder alongside Roman, his cousin the "big mouth", and must build up contacts to make his name and live the way the American dream.

More realistic novel, but also less timid and more expeditious, Niko was not long before being spotted by the Russian mafia, traffickers Haitian and American gangstas. The mission succeeded to contracts or "errands" and, yarn needle, Niko finds a way to make some money, obtain weapons rather diverse and, especially, to unlock different parts of Liberty City. In doing so, the player accesses more hideouts, shops, vehicles and miscellaneous equipment to accomplish its goals. Of course, history of advancing the scenario, it takes others to make decisions and choose to kill one or two players, or not to accept a contract.

If the player sometimes leads to more delicate missions, there is no mention of blocking as a fool, to find themselves facing a cruel game over. A failed mission always gives us the opportunity to start to do better then that death leads us in fact to the local hospital from which he can leave for a small decline in our savings. Be careful however not to be tightening by the police: this event is probably what can be worse because the player is released without any weapon on him. It must then necessarily visit a supplier and breaking the bank not to leave any naked!

Without originality, the missions are varied enough to renew the adventure

On the merits, nothing new under the sun of Liberty City then. Grand Theft Auto IV is, like the preceding sections, an action game for the third person. We always offer to chain tasks to service types more or less desirable and it is always about to climb one by one the steps that will lead us 'summit'. Where things change is in the game and if we've already talked about staging simply excellent, we must now address the incredible sensations that emerge from the city. Memory player, it has rarely felt truly live in a city.

Certainly, many buildings remain permanently closed and the limits of "artificial life" here reproduced by Rockstar quickly jump to the eyes, but we still have leaves. The developers have done an incredible job for the immersion is complete, the walks are as successful as possible and above all that renews itself constantly. The interface, particularly discreet, there is obviously much, as well as the variety of environments, vehicles and characters encountered. Stronger still, despite some technical limitations, rendering the city is incredibly rich with windows wide variety of neighborhoods and have a "soul."
A colossus with feet of clay?
It takes no more than a few minutes to completely take over the game and although each in their way, the different phases of gameplay are not free from blame, this is hardly embarrassing. Thus, the conduct could be more flexible, the firing sequences have benefited from being played for the subjective aspect of adventure would have benefited interactive dialogues or multiple choice, but it is ultimately the details and progress is compelling since the previous opus: with phases of shooting richer and fuller, driving styles very different depending on the vehicle "borrowed" and, above all, write more effectively at all levels.

If it is not the most beautiful game in the world, GTA offers some nice effects

To avoid spoiling anything, the PC version has numerous improvements over the console versions of this Grand Theft Auto IV beginning with the control system. Once is not custom, it is possible to move the lever to couple keyboard / mouse without unplugging anything. Better information on the screen change depending on the device being used so that the beginner is never lost. During phases of conduct, it may well be more enjoyable to play than the joypad when the mouse is far more precise to align the enemies ... But it is all a matter of taste and, fortunately, Rockstar gives us a choice.

Developers have also used the power of modern PCs to improve the look of Liberty City with a traffic management more polished (during rush hour, traffic jams are real) and a field of view much more satisfying. Note also the shadows more successful and overall textures more detailed, although it remains far from the leaders of this type on PC: tenors who have not, however, manage an entire city! The management of a city as a whole leads us to be more lenient with Rockstar, but it does not excuse everything, and alluded to in the introduction, Grand Theft Auto IV is what might be called a 'nest bugs.

A first update was distributed two weeks after release, but since then nothing and things are far from being perfect. First, we must mention the number of tools in place before launching the game: the Rockstar Social Club, Games For Windows Live, SecuROM protection, tools and C + +. Net framework to complete the side Steam client, with the tool to the platform from Valve ... You admit it's been a bit much of TSRs! Problem, it does not play to be especially unstable, quite the contrary. Things have improved markedly with the first update, but we are still far from faultless performance.

Multi, video editor and richness of content does not outweigh the "technical uncertainty" of the PC version

Thus, many players are now facing problems with the SecuROM protection, others are faced with problems of memory management that lead back to the Windows desktop. Last but certainly not the least of worries, countless players have to do with fluidity of animation more than questionable that to make matters worse, tends to deteriorate during the game. On some machines, and must be resolved in sessions of two / three hours before running good old GTA. Question power machine, the concerns are all the more regrettable that there is no playable demo or tool for evaluating performance.

Fortunately, the configuration recommended in the back of the box seems realistic and enjoy the game properly (read: have a level of detail higher than 1680x1050 on consoles), you strive for the Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz supported by at least 2 GB of RAM, a graphics card like GeForce 8800 or Radeon 3870 and a controller for the Xbox 360 followers of the joystick Even so, Grand Theft Auto is fickle and we recommend staying with Windows XP 32-bit to put all chances on his side. In the absence of a playable demo, it is not possible to know if the game will properly on your machine. Despite the qualities of this Grand Theft Auto is a problem that can not be missed!

Within minutes of exclusive video on PC

Substance, Grand Theft Auto IV is an excellent way both PlayStation 3 than Xbox 360, there was no reason for the pleasure of play is not to go with this grinding PC. Indeed, we must recognize that the adventure is really involved, the scenario correctly written with dialogue that score and characters more interesting one than the other. The variety of gameplay is another point that we should welcome this and virtual that is New York City Liberty City is a true happiness. One the other, all conditions were required to make GTA IV a title to have absolutely PC. Alas, a thousand times, alas, the programmers at Rockstar have filled the finger in the eye, and deep, with their adaptation. The whole is marred by genre protection "painful", the stability of the game is more than questionable when the hardware requirements are quite mind-boggling. The most troubling still is the fact that we can be sure before buying that the title will work correctly on his machine and that, despite the pleasure we feel when playing, we simply prevents you Advisor: Pending hypothetical second update? Sad world.