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Alice in Wonderland PC Game Review

Alice in Wonderland PC Game
"Sharing the same interpretation that Tim Burton"
Alice, 20, returns to Wonderland, destroyed by the evil Red Queen. His goal? Helping his old muckers. But contrary to what one might think, it does not identify the young woman (this is useful, she has amnesia) until the very end of the adventure. As we entrust Jean-Marie Nazaret, one of the founders of the studio, ELB task was to "follow the plot, the better to depart at any moment, the important thing is to" share the same interpretation "that Tim Burton for his film. This includes, and we regret the loss of elements characterizing ambiguous character as the universe of the British writer. That being said.

Such a program obviously required "a lot of communication with Disney and the film crew, both parties are starting to" agree on a level requirement "to have the two versions. On Wii / PC and DS, it will protect Alice in controlling some of the most charismatic of the universe not so magical, in a platform game filled with puzzles and very oriented toward the fighting. From the action-adventure as we see many, in fact. Begin our entry into this mystical world through a small tower next to the Wii and PC versions.
Alice PaWii of MerWiielles

Playable alone or in cooperation with two opus Wii / PC offers five characters embody very different powers. Rabbit handling time, the mouse makes kung-fu, the March Hare circulation telekinesis, the cat can become invisible and the Hatter can play with perspective. You can switch very quickly from one to the other characters, each clearly designated to specific situations on the screen represented by colors, each hero has their own. In the manner of a Mirror's Edge, color appears when one is sufficiently close to an element with which they can interact. Effective.

According to Alice in Wonderland PC Review :the fights are very classic (developments in technology, simple to perform combos, lock automatically) and dynamic, sinking at times in total confusion because a camera that seems difficult to find the right angle. Phases puzzle / platform we have seemed much more interesting, offering insight into the creative studio of French. The game perspective are numerous and ingenious, allowing you eg to open a new crossing by aligning both sides of a table representing a corridor. It will be placed in the right place and play the camera so that different plans fit together to be one. We love.

It will also play with reflections, cope with Alice's size (very large, small, normal) or move the head down, apparently for various sequences. To avoid spoiling anything, this variety is accompanied by a range of environments (fifteen) more or less known in Wonderland. Castle of the Red Queen, mansion that serves as a common denominator at all levels, forest or local village, the premises are fairly simple in their construction, but quite aesthetically consistent. If the Wii does not really wonders at the display, it is here in front of an entirely watchable be properly animated and almost always fluid in the big moments of action. The technical result is ultimately very strong, responding well to the expectations of players a few connoisseurs of the universe so rich visually what he's Wonderland.
Alice, a real DS?
The DS version is fortunately not a beast carrying his big sister. Design and game system have indeed been completely designed for the portable pen. The characters, very cute, moreover, have very contrasting colors and black outlines with a general report that flatters the retina. The 2D scrolling is required, the goal of the game is to accompany Alice throughout the ten stages. Much like the magnificent Ico for Playstation 2, it will not release the beautiful one second under pain of disappearing, swept away by the vile playing cards that populate the land of wonders. In the PC game review, the help pass the traps and climb the platforms are too high will also be needed, requiring you to take each picture as a puzzle potential.

Design sliced gameplay Ico and beautiful music, this DS version has everything you

The music of this version is beautiful and the gameplay very intuitive stylus. The game looks relatively simple solutions to problems are often obvious, but it takes a lot of fun to make progress in this world perfectly built, developers have even had the brilliant idea to include a puzzle (each number representing a environment) you can with a little thought to move rapidly from one level to another. A sort of mini-game within the game that does not waste the effort on the general atmosphere, which releases this je ne sais quoi irresistible. A DS version pretty playable and enjoyable, whether you ask for?

If the Wii version seems solid and should provide fans of action / adventure is a classic but relatively sympathetic, it's really the DS version that has caught the eye during the presentation. Its gameplay Ico, cutting edge design and its enchanting music reinforces the portable Nintendo console as clerk to puffs of fresh air PC Games. Two titles that will, hopefully, teams of ELB can finally focus on their internal project, in development for three years now in the greatest secrecy. It's all the evil that they wish.

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