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Chronicles of Mystery: The Scorpio Ritual PC Game

Chronicles of Mystery: The Scorpio Ritual

For Nicole Bonnet, everything starts in the United States where a new series of mysterious murders and especially wild talk of the town. The killer always leaves the scene of his crimes a doll dressed in the style of the 18th century. His initial investigations lead to the Paris and Marseilles to Spain and Cuba. As for Sylvie Leroux, following the death of his uncle who had made an important discovery concerning ancient Order of Knights Hospitaller, she tries to find us and travel from Malta to the Vatican via Istanbul.

Developed by the same teams, and arriving home one month apart, both securities City Interactive has a lot in common. Based on the same mold these two adventures in the style point & click for the third person we offer two different stories, but achieving almost identical and the game mechanics strictly similar.

After an initial adventure subdued, Nicole Bonnet had to do better with its second survey and unfortunately it started badly for the investigator with a cinematic introduction that it is impossible to pass and we must play again Whenever we continue our party. After this first hurdle, the two titles we offer exactly what we expect from our time with this class of games.

We move the two young women by pointing to a spot on the screen and by double clicking the make run. Other objects are to be able to harvest them in detail, combine in the inventory and use in environments or with the characters we meet. Classic now by clicking the question mark on the bottom of the screen we show the areas of interactive sites through. The Art of Murder, the pointer shaped mouse displays small icons on the left and right buttons indicating the action that will be based. From Ritual To The Scorpion, the pointer changes shape depending on feasible actions.

Art Of Murder: the hunt for the Puppeteer

Investigations adventure

Visually, the two tracks we posted a pleasant environments colorful, varied and rich in detail with some animations atmosphere from time to time, but are not plenty. The two heroines modeled in 3D, however, suffer a certain rigidity in their movements and a glaring lack of charisma, especially for any particular Sylvie Leroux, Nicole Bonnet fared somewhat better with its false air of Vic McPherson (Still Still Life 1 and Life 2) that give a certain sympathy. French dubbing is okay even if somewhat lacking in dynamism. The background music are discrete in both titles and sound effects are satisfactory. Many kinematic reward our progression. Often very short, their quality is fairly average with a vague general well now.

But it is mainly in the course of history in solving puzzles that the two titles are different. Chronicles of Mystery: The Scorpio Ritual From the player helps a lot, far more than Art Of Murder: the hunt for the Puppeteer. Thus, it is impossible to leave a place until everything has been done, where Nicole is happy to report that we must remain something to do, Sylvie puts us on track of what remains to be done. The enigma of the ritual of Scorpio is much more logical than Art Of Murder, they are also much easier. When an object is missing in a place to perform a particular action, it is almost certain that we find in the next screen.

Art Of Murder: the hunt for the Puppeteer is a little more industrious in the progression of the adventure because of a lack of logic associated with interventionism narrative imposed by the developers. Thus, we have to do complex things impossible to recover at some point when we know that we shall need later. Likewise, give an object a character is sometimes talking and sometimes using the object on the person, but one of its possibilities is valid under the circumstances, quite frustrating!

The lifetime is affected immediately. By its very easy, Chronicles of Mystery: The Scorpio Ritual ends very rapidly between four and six hours. Art Of Murder: the hunt for the Puppeteer opposes a little more resistance, particularly for the reasons mentioned above and therefore falls in the middle games of this genre in terms of life with six or eight hours before to see the end. Note the appearance of Sylvie Leroux Art of Murder on the terrace of a café, a poster plastered on a wall of the cover of Art of Murder in Adventure Sylvie Leroux and the furtive meeting between the two heroines on the site of Gozo. Small friendly winks for two titles missing some of fantasy and humor.

Chronicles of Mystery: The Scorpio Ritual From

Very classic, both titles let themselves go nicely despite a few flaws. The achievement is generally of good quality, but lacks flavor and dynamism. On this last point Art Of Murder is the title that offers the best alternative. Both games City Interactive fulfill their contract without embellishment, without trying to make little more able to convince the player. Unfortunately for them, they arrive while a Runaway: A Twist Of Fate was expected and that he is actually doing the very best in the field. Note nevertheless that this latest adventure Nicole Bonnet is much more interesting than the last. But we have not heard the last of them as each new adventure are already on track.

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