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Modern Warfare 2, Infinity Ward PC Game Review

Modern Warfare 2, Infinity Ward

Within five years, Infinity Ward has managed to move from "small team that starts" instead of "absolute reference in the field of action game great spectacle." After the resounding success of Modern Warfare first name, Activision had a lot on the last baby's California studio and can say he was not disappointed. Over 500 million have been achieved in a week on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. Does this mean that this is the game of the year?
Afghanistan, Brazil, Russia: Marines on all fronts
Modern Warfare 2 comes to us when Infinity Ward is already crowned a very solid reputation in particular gained the previous opus, Call Of Duty 4. History does not return to the ins and outs of the script and can enter the heart of the matter, please consult the test PlayStation 3 / Xbox 360 in which Maxentius back on everything you need to know ... Now that you know how Makarov is really bad, you know the Task Force 141 and its members (Allen, Ramirez, Sanderson ...) and you have a clearer idea of the geopolitical context in which the game is, we can go.

Produced mode 'Commando', our exclusive video focuses on various sequences of the single player campaign

With Modern Warfare 2, Infinity Ward so that innovates very little. He is still involved in a succession of missions featuring different characters in the fight against international terrorism. Modern Warfare 2 remains true to the brand name Infinity Ward and the disposal is once again at the heart of the single player campaign. Very spectacular, it takes us around the world (Afghanistan, Brazil, Russia and even the U.S.) for a series of missions generally short (it rarely exceeds 45 minutes), the objectives rather basic, but remarkably dense and rhythmic.

The variety is also needed, not only in environments that make us discover a favela in Rio de Janeiro, an oil rig in Siberia or the famous Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington. There is actually some question driving gear (snowmobile, Zodiac), use of equipment "fixed" (machine guns) and act differently in different situations. For example, some missions are borrowed infiltration, while others are more in the "punch to it, but even in this latter case, situations vary and the attack in the favela is very different from the mission in the Airport Moscow (fictional) Zakhaev.
"Despite mechanical game based entirely on the use of scripts, Infinity Ward has done a remarkable job"
Nothing to say about the forms adopted the single player campaign: it takes full eyes and despite mechanical game based entirely on the use of scripts, Infinity Ward has done a remarkable job of making it quite difficult to criticize the conduct of missions. However, we can find fault with the scenario of the game is certainly dramatic, but who uses and abuses of twists Hollywood "clumsy". The ensemble is far too serious to finally push open doors or falling into the cliches of the most enormous action cinema.

We would like Infinity Ward to show a little more restraint than the studio or sprinkle everything with some humor and even secondary schools to exhibit a hint of cynicism ... However, these shortcomings are quickly forgotten and the real issue of the campaign is to look elsewhere. Firstly, it is too short and failure is all the more noticeable it is catchy. Even commando (third level of difficulty of four), do little more than seven hours to see the end credits, but mostly it relies entirely on a system of progression by failure.

Not to wander, the regulars will at least play commando, but he must do so with the limitations of an aging nicely gameplay: for example impossible to look to identify the enemy. Suddenly, we discovered, it is killed and as you know where the enemy is, it does not remake the same mistake twice. Such a progression system is not rewarding for the player, even if it ensures a certain difficulty to the whole. We would obviously prefer that the enemy artificial intelligence is advanced enough to offer a real challenge, but let's not be too hard, it does not defend himself so badly and the enemies are capable of such maneuvers bypass interesting

Though aging, the technology used allows the installation of a good atmosphere

When 'Soap' slips to the opera "Roach"
Alongside the campaign and then we bitterly regret the absence of a cooperative mode, Infinity Ward moved - like to buy - a Special Operations Section. We do not return to the nature of these missions, Maxence was very well done versions for PlayStation 3 / Xbox 360 and PC content is strictly identical. However, we regret that the challenge is too pointed to be played solo. On one hand we have a campaign only playable solo and the other missions independent of each other, but it is strongly advised to make several ... Too bad Infinity Ward was unable or unwilling expand options for players.

It is now time to address the topic "that angry" multiplayer. No miracle, Modern Warfare 2 does not therefore propose dedicated server and it is a matchmaking tool that selected the participants and determines which host the game. Suddenly, players find themselves with a ping "musty" and the parties are limited to 9 against 9 while the cards seem very small ... distance of 32 against 32 the previous opus! However, the experience system, Weapons / special skills and concept maps are really damn good and provided you do not fall on chitterlings, the parties are very enjoyable.

Especially pleasant indeed they have the quality settings and solos that despite the appearance of aging technology at Infinity Ward, the implementation is correct and finally bit greedy. The graphics are sometimes marred by textures really "ugly", but the composition of the environments is impressive and plunges us immediately into the atmosphere. An atmosphere also doubly backed by the excellent soundtrack and clever use of 3D Vision. It must of course be equipped (NVIDIA, monitor 120 Hz) to benefit, but the result, if somewhat reduced our precision is stunning in solo mode. From a purely technical, Modern Warfare 2 is close to Crysis, but it manages to capture our attention and this is essential.

It is difficult to conclude the test of a game as paradoxical as 2 Modern Warfare, Infinity Ward as constantly blowing hot and cold. Thus, the single player campaign is action-packed missions as varied as rhythm that gives us not a moment's respite. Unfortunately, it suffers from a painfully grotesque scenario that allows all excess without taking down or play the card of the second degree. In addition, its length and the principle of advancement based on a failure by the player are deeply flawed. This is more or less the same for the multiplayer which is very pleasant to play, but so far the standards of the genre on PC.
If the game is ultimately identical to the console versions, we can not forget the multiplayer regression performed by Infinity Ward any more than we can not ignore the unprecedented rate charged by Activision for PC game. We welcome however the solo performance performed by the studio and the incredible atmosphere of this campaign. Modern Warfare 2 is therefore one of the best single player experiences you can find at present for an action game on PC, but do not have hope for its long winter evenings to you see if they justify the 60 euros charged by Activision!

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