Friday, January 15, 2010

Defense Of The Ancients Demigod PC Game

No solitary pleasure for Demigod?
In the letter endorsing the concept initiated by Defense Of The Ancients, Demigod will therefore get rid of a number of classic strategy game real time. Here, no question of embarking on collecting resources, building bases impregnable or excessive exploration. The cards are simple, nearly symmetrical and serve as clashes between two factions virtually identical. Thus, the player does not directly control all its troops. In fact, it does not control even a single unit: the Demigod.

Demigod: the Guardian and Fire triumphed

Through parts between two camps, but two to ten players, participants must better manage the benefits and shortcomings of their Demigod to protect their fortress while attacking the enemy they must destroy to win . At the heart of a base which we do not support the construction, the citadel is the starting point of the Demigods and it allows them to acquire a number of improvements to strengthen the defenses of the base, improve cash flow or to move small units that are with us.

If it comes to gold to pay for these improvements, farmers 'scavengers' are however not the party. In Demigod, this is done automatically based mines that we control and Demigods enemies that we terrace. All the "trick" the game is therefore based on the proper use of the Demigod to take control gradually of the entire map. This control involves making flags and the gradual advance on the camp of our enemy who will try today, of course, to do the same on his side.

Players must choose between rush towards the enemy stronghold or advanced calmer. They should also consider allocating their money to choose between buying equipment for its Demigod, improve the troops accompanying or give defense structures are some questions that can not fail to arise during part of Demigod. Moreover, we must reflect on its progress in that Demigod As part of gaining experience to be shared on a skill tree.

Technically successful Demigod has several game modes in multiplayer parties vary, but fishing solo.

Narrow content? Normal is a half-god!
These skills must be chosen according to the map, but also Demigods retained by the opposing team. In total, Gas Powered Games offers us eight cards and much Demigods. The strategies are obviously different depending on whether we should fight on or Ziggurat crucible and in the same way, the choice of Demigod is crucial. It holds two categories: the Demigods assassins and generals. The first (foul beast, Guardian of Fire, Regulus and size-Tour) are ace fighter with specificity: ranged combat, melee or magic.

As for the general, things are slightly different. Of course, Demigod is more powerful than any "small unit", but it should be more careful, because the oak, the Queen of Thorns, Lord Erebus and Sedna are much less resistant. These four heroes in fact rely on their powers of prayer, protection or care to win. Once you choose one of the Demigods, it becomes more important to follow the "small units" for support rather than truly pursue the fight.

We do well here is a summary schematic of fighting Demigod and fans will notice quickly that in reality things are much more thorough. Let's just say that depending on different Demigods "assembled" in a team, the possibilities "tactics" are much greater. Note that despite the affinities that players have with a particular Demigod, there really is no ugly duckling in the lot. The eight heroes are endowed with real assets and can only say that some have mastered more slowly than others.

Demigod: some Demigods in action

Also note that Gas Powered Games is listening to the players to constantly carry out readjustments through small updates. Updates that were already allowed to return to the main problems in North American launch of the game: the lag observed network. Today, although there is still improving, things have become very playable and there is no real criticisms of this level ... The situation is unfortunately not the same everywhere.

Thus, the content of the game still seems very light. Only eight cards and eight heroes are scheduled game from Gas Powered Games, which remains far from its model, not far from 100 different heroes despite the single card! The developers have however promised news after the release of the game and now that the technical problems are almost fixed, hopefully it all too soon. Meanwhile, we have a Demigod aesthetically very successful and has an ergonomic quite remarkable is that at $ 40 (on Impulse), is adding a little salt ... Fortunately, the Euro "is with us"!

In committing themselves to the proven concept of Defense Of The Ancients, developers Gas Powered Games can not be wrong. Gameplay side, there has not to worry and Demigod is a very good defiler with parties rhythmic loop that is often fast enough. Alas, I must admit that they are perfectly balanced parties, the friends of Chris Taylor has been a little light level content. With only eight cards and eight heroes, Demigod seems light ... Fortunately, the fun game is there and the parties to ten players are among the most fun we had played a long time. Still, no tutorial, it is difficult to advise beginners, while its content may disappoint those accustomed to Defense Of The Ancients ... A choice to think about while waiting for the playable demo!

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