Wednesday, January 13, 2010

World In Conflict - Soviet Assault PC Game

World In Conflict - Soviet Assault:
In Seattle, when the army sneers, the Soviet tick?
Alongside the release of Soviet Assault, Ubisoft sells a version called Complete Edition including both the extension and the basic game. A classic idea after all, but makes sense when one looks more closely the progress of the new single player missions proposed by Soviet Assault. Indeed, there is no question for Massive to invite players to a new campaign. The developers have instead decided to resume the campaign of the original game and to insert six exclusive missions to play in the boots of soldiers of the Red Army.

World In Conflict - Soviet Assault: the attack on Berlin in 15 minutes

Alas, this change in perspective is the only true original Soviet Assault, which offers us interesting missions, but too few, and this, especially since the former is a sort of tutorial preparing the main attack on Berlin. In other words, this disc includes no additional six missions to lengthen the single player campaign and two maps for multiplayer. You admit it's been a bit light, and this, especially since the two cards are available to owners of World In Conflict with the last update of the game

This lack of content is without doubt the biggest problem with an extension that fortunately the good taste to bargain 15 euros. It remains to praise the quality of the six tasks proposed to exploit the wonderful benefits of Masstech Game Engine. The battlefield is huge and the graphics is very good bill, even if improvements in the DirectX 10 does not jump to my eyes. Level gameplay, all is still as a tactical resource management reduced to its simplest expression: the player finally manages the call for reinforcements in accordance with its needs.

On the battlefield, using the specifics of each type of unit is still as important as the commissioning of "tactical aid". Here, it is most often involve outdoor units to deploy a barrage of artillery, napalm attack, an acknowledgment or a nuclear bombing ... Still as impressive, these attacks have not lost their effectiveness on the ground. Ultimately, it can also be said of gameplay from World In Conflict. A gameplay that takes place with as much pleasure as the original game's release, and this, in both solo and multi.

Without backup World In Conflict, we must rebuild the entire country to play the Soviet missions, interspersed between the American missions.

Within eighteen months, the gameplay has not aged a bit and the game's graphics engine Massive is always so impressive when one makes use of powerful weapons at our disposal. Alas, we must admit that even taking into account the relatively low cost of Soviet Assault, this extension is a little light level content. Let's say that fans of single player of World In Conflict will no doubt themselves, but they quickly regret lightness Massive / Ubisoft. Remains interesting Complete Edition package, which for 30 euros, allows newcomers to sample one of the best RTS in recent months in a version a little more complete.

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