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Anno 1404 PC Game Review

Anno 1404 PC Game

The East has never been so close ...
Before going into details which will surely excite the many fans of previous titles, it is necessary to explain the concept behind the Anno series. A concept that developers themselves have chosen to detail, little by little, through the single player campaign that takes longer than ever airs long tutorial. In early part and then to us to test some Northburg Richard, Lord of his condition, decided to entrust the management of a small island it regards our stronghold. The aim being to achieve establish and grow a colony worthy of the name on the island in question.

First buildings, fighting at sea and exploring the East program at our video compilation

We start therefore with a small warehouse on the seafront, some wood, some tools and a very large tract of land that opens our arms. In Anno, however any question of degree and therefore should not cut corners in building this colony. We begin by ensuring the minimum living wage to our people: the establishment of a woodcutter and a fisherman's hut sufficient to satisfy the needs of the less demanding the fringe of the population, the pioneers. We build houses and then the pioneers arriving slowly in the colony, significantly increasing our cash flow.

Broadly speaking, we are here the key element of the game: finding the balance between inflows of money procured by the people (via taxes) and expenditures aimed at improving the lives of these people. The goal is to build more prosperous colony possible: in fact a colony and arrived at some point, we speak also rather city or medieval metropolis! Indeed, once a certain threshold is reached pioneer of new buildings to "unlock" new resources can be produced and a class more "civilized" inhabitant may come into play

Four stages are available as well (pioneer, settler, patrician and noble) and each of them result in a mandatory change the appearance of the city to meet the changing needs of residents. Sewing up, we arrive at a city much more impressive than in previous Anno, but he must succeed to keep pace, because the requirements are more important. Indeed, among the many novelties of this version 1404, we note the presence of needs "secondary". While only one type of food enough to satisfy the need for "food of all classes must now diversify things.

New requirements, new interface and new culture in three images, the main additions Anno 1404!

Indeed, while the Pioneers simply fish, add spice to the menu of settlers and bread to the patricians! The same goes for the linen garments which must be complemented by leather doublets or spirituality of our congregation who do more than just a simple chapel. This increased need may seem minor, but in fact it completely changes the way we build the colony. Things are obviously a little more complex, but all still very gradual it is hardly troublesome for newcomers or beginners management.

Who said more needs to satisfy, said obviously more production mechanisms to assimilate and more natural resources to find. Of course, our island departure as great as it is, does not contain all the materials and, more than ever, we must therefore turn to the exploration and trade. Exploration side, things have not changed and the ships loaded using basic materials, he "just" to find an island which coincides with our plans. Trade side, however, things have greatly changed due mainly to a complete overhaul of the design tool of trade routes has made good progress.
Integration "express" from the East had been a crime!
Simply put, this tool is as powerful as it is quick to learn and exchange our food islands or those of other people present on the card is now a cinch! A game that allows you to quickly get acquainted with the last major novelty of Anno 1404: the presence of Orientals. These people who were closer to North Africa live on islands warmer and operate a new range of resources. Again, it was for developers to enrich a very logical content of the Anno series. Suddenly, the Orientals are able to produce the famous spices for our colonies.

War is an excellent way of defeating its competitors ... but diplomacy is not to ignore

Many other products are used in "East" and trade with these people or, better, establishing a colony in the East, are essential in order to develop a little ambitious city of departure. To talk numbers, the introduction of the East and these new materials can lead to a total of more than 200 buildings, 24 types of resources and 64 different goods! Yet - and here we must acknowledge once again the excellent work of developers - the game never seems abundant, the player never feels overwhelmed.

I must say that once again Related Designs / Sunflowers, supported by Blue Bye now, we have developed an interface worthy of all praise, which certainly has not changed much compared to that of Anno 1701, but is a little more comfortable. Note also that each element of this interface is detailed at one time or another in the long-player campaign. A campaign which gives the main objectives to accomplish, but also many subtasks to learn to control all mechanisms implemented. These subtasks take the form of quests that you are of course free to refuse.

The regulars will tell you as good as it is, the single player campaign will never replace a "free part" and of course it did not matter to delete this option. Here, you can start a game by simply choosing the level of difficulty, but it is also possible to set up an incredible number of options to customize the adventure. The cards are larger than those of Anno 1701 and life promises to be simply staggering. Note however that the developers have added another six scenarios leading to parts of nearby open parties, but with very specific objectives to accomplish.

The military system decrypted by the game developers

Note finally the presence of hundreds of awards to, somehow, to validate our progress and to compare themselves to others, provided you have registered online profile ... A little more irrelevant in the gameplay, but reinforces the life of already hallucinating Anno 1404. Ultimately and outside the reserve for the protection TAGES used by Ubisoft, there is little fault to be the new Anno. It would however liked the campaign a little more open to a scenario worthy of the name and not a "simple" tutorial.

We would especially like that the creators provide more guidance to players so that they can better "know" their people. It lacks information on the transition from one stage of development to another or a tool to verify the proper functioning of a particular production line. But say it really criticizing. More disturbing, however: Anno 1404 is more greedy Anno 1701. More beautiful there's no doubt (look at our catch), but also more greedy and to enjoy, aim for a double-heart 1.8GHz with 2 GB of RAM and a "small" GeForce 7800 GT.

Of course, Anno 1404 is not going to revolutionize a series that anyway did not need a revolution. Leading the boat without much pressure from Ubisoft, the developers have prepared a reinterpretation of the concept they implement for ten years. A concept they have mastered to perfection and works within seconds of play integration of production chains longer and more complex, the arrival of the East or redesigning the system of trade, however, are more than simple changes. It is true innovations that improve the gameplay, but also prompt us to rethink the way we play, to see the little routine that was installed with Anno 1701. With dozens of options, a long campaign, multiple scenarios and parties "free" exciting, Anno 1404 is the best of the series title, if not to possess, to discover!

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