Tuesday, January 19, 2010

StarCraft 2 2010 (PC)

It's almost twelve years have passed since one of the titles of real time strategy more important in the history of the game come out to market. StarCraft was a revolutionary in the genre by bringing dynamism and speed to frantic multiplayer games and a tireless, relentless, and shows no signs of damage when we realize that, even today, are still enjoying it. Blizzard Entertainment knows the legion of fans awaiting the release of their second delivery is huge, so I returned the loyalty to their product in the form of love and pampering to work. And is that both development time (started in 2003) predicts that StarCraft 2 will be great ...

How would you improve the foundation for a genre that, a priori, seems stalled for years? What would you do to your fans are not disappointed with the output of the game who have been waiting so long? If we look at all the details that have given us about StarCraft 2, we feel it will be more of the same: maintaining the well-known races (Terran, Protoss, Zerg), when it would have been logical to think that created a new for the occasion, the proposal in the field looks the same and no major alterations units. What if we look more closely? Aside from the obvious graphical leap, every one of the points made great original titles have been taken a step further: the millimeter maps designed to introduce different strategies, new units that complement those already known and modes individual campaign and multiplayer that will far outweigh (or at least it seems from this perspective) to everything we've seen in other RTS. And yes, I am generalizing.


I'll start this review with what we know at the moment on the single player campaign. As previously announced, StarCraft 2 will split into three parts, each focusing on the protagonists of the game breeds. Thus, the present one-StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty "will be presented to us by the Terrans, starring Jim Raynor four years after the events of StarCraft: Brood War. Good old Jim does not like the attitude of the emperor of the Dominion, Arcturus Mengsk, and has spent all this time to annoy with small and annoying attacks. But now things are much worse, and it is precisely because of the bad relations between humans: the Zerg have returned stronger than ever to expand throughout the galaxy, and its imprint is reflected in the large number of planets they have conquered.

The campaign will place us in situations of long, everyday for anyone who enjoyed (and enjoy) of the work Blizzard fight in more than 30 missions in which we will eliminate any existing threat, defend our position with specific facilities , or working as escorts. However, the change is more than noticeable in the resolution of these, where a good strategy will be key to ensuring our survival. A clear example is the mission of Redstone, which we will supply a number of minerals to finish it. In meeting will be crucial to keep in mind what our goal from the outset: do we want to collect all the minerals as soon as possible, holding the Zerg wave as we can? Or prefer to clear the area of enemy aliens, to then take us calmer collection?
starcraft 2 terranstarcraft 2 gameplay
Another case of Meinhof gang, a mission that will test your speed based on the cycles of night and day that will live during the game. At sundown, soldiers infected by the horde Terran Zerg will attack us without mercy until our defenses yield. Not so when reluzca daylight, at which time we must take to destroy all the reservoirs in which to hide our former colleagues, now become the enemy. The game times will alternate these cycles that depend on the difficulty chosen, and may be five minutes in a medium difficulty.


The importance of our success in missions not only reflected in our progress towards the end of the campaign, but also reward the work invested in each and every one of them. For every victory gained by money and units that complement our troops. With the profits we can improve our arsenal, armor and accessories to have more chances in the following missions, but as expected we will have to choose carefully. Blizzard's team does not want that when we finish the campaign has control of a super-invincible army, but properly manage the resources by following a few guidelines, objectives to be achieved. So if our style is purely defensive, we must focus on improving the armor of the soldiers, while if we're going to launch the attack must focus our efforts on improving health and weapons, for example.

We may also invest our savings in paid soldiers, mercenaries contracted for a specific number of missions to be agreed based on our purchasing power. And apparently, we must set aside some money to rent their services as it will be crucial at certain points of the campaign in which we can not face what is coming down on our own. Cost nearly three times more than standard units and may not improve the least, but calm: do not need. You will truly feel safer having them around, that's for sure.

And not everything will be better soldiers, as StarCraft 2 is intended to spend time exploring the maps. To do this, we can also let us pay for investment research. During the parties to find various artifacts that may be used to our advantage, reflected in the long term. Let there be no corner undiscovered.


As was the case with the original StarCraft, this new release is intended to get established between the gaming community. StarCraft 2 seeks to break the mold again, setting new standards in the world of RTS to create a hybrid between RPG and strategy. So our relationship with the characters he encountered along the way will be crucial to the development of history, to change direction as our decisions.

This will provide different options we can choose missions that will serve primarily for small victories and to develop our troops. The road we follow will lead us to a certain end and show us events, scenes and different music videos at our discretion, making the individual totally replayable campaign. That will get at least the wait for the following expansions, so to call them-is more bearable when we have Wings of Liberty hand.

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