Thursday, January 21, 2010

Dragon Age: Origins PC Game Review

Analysis of Dragon Age: Origins - Graphic Section - PC, PS3, Xbox 360

BioWare has treated the development of Dragon Age with the professionalism with which we are accustomed, ie the game has not gone on sale until levels have not reached their maximum elevation of performance.

The construction of buildings and open spaces are credible and each zone has its own refined aesthetic, giving the feeling of open spaces or oppressive dungeons as the case with great accuracy, although it is unfortunate that the interaction with the environment is relegated to the background and the objects are mere props no chance of being employed or holding. If we play with a computer powerful enough, we dazzle the exquisite construction, real textures to the smallest detail, lighting and all and each of the elements that build the world of Theda.

The characters are particularly well cared for, so tools such as armor is 100% believable and gives the feeling of being weapons "Battle Ready". Animations, faces and anatomy made with care, with little nuances between them beyond mere cloning which we are accustomed to other titles.

The bestiary is varied and often original, although there are classics such as giant spiders and the like. In battles we find from compact groups of wolves that attack in packs a multitude of different types of enemies attacking melee distance and coordinated with each other, with a wealth of forms, weapons and protections.

Dragon Age: Origins takes full advantage of the qualities of the cards or game consoles, without losing detail at any time.


Dragon Age: Origins is a real treat in terms of its soundtrack.

The talks are fluid and exciting are masterfully implemented and care, which is appreciated by title you're going to devote much of our time talking with each other to solve the missions, to understand the world and Theda his story or to understand the plot and its implications.

The background noises and other sound effects are made with care complementary, noting clear differences depending on the area in which we find or the weapons we use, even in the encounter between different types of weapons and armor are sound surprising nuances.

As for the musical themes, reminiscent of Celtic with a strong element of self-descriptive music of recent times, accompany the player giving interest when due and contributing to the moments of epic struggle and a touch bitter, sometimes, helping to raise the level of adrenaline.

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