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Grand Theft PC Game Review

Grand Theft Auto Video Game
The concept of Grand Theft Auto merit he really believe that we will come back? Since the release of the first branch in 1997, things have not fundamentally changed, even if the staging, it is the opposite of what we have known before. So what GTA IV begins with the arrival at the port of Liberty City, a merchant ship as another ... On board, a Niko Bellic who has been forced to flee his native Serbia to dark stories with a man named Bulgarini, but you will have time to learn more throughout the adventure, because the characteristic of this Grand Auto Theft is good storytelling. Oh sure, it is not very original, but the staging is excellent.

Though sometimes a little too seriously, the scenario includes a large gallery of characters

Very gradually, in true Rockstar style, it allows us to discover the colorful characters, the universe made of criminals sometimes funny, often despicable, but always ready to "render services" ... At least with friends like these, our brave Niko Bellic does not need enemies! They are actually ready to shoot in the legs and these are cheap shots during many twists and turns that continually revive interest in this story of gangsters. Niko starts at the bottom of the ladder alongside Roman, his cousin the "big mouth", and must build up contacts to make his name and live the way the American dream.

More realistic novel, but also less timid and more expeditious, Niko was not long before being spotted by the Russian mafia, traffickers Haitian and American gangstas. The mission succeeded to contracts or "errands" and, yarn needle, Niko finds a way to make some money, obtain weapons rather diverse and, especially, to unlock different parts of Liberty City. In doing so, the player accesses more hideouts, shops, vehicles and miscellaneous equipment to accomplish its goals. Of course, history of advancing the scenario, it takes others to make decisions and choose to kill one or two players, or not to accept a contract.

If the player sometimes leads to more delicate missions, there is no mention of blocking as a fool, to find themselves facing a cruel game over. A failed mission always gives us the opportunity to start to do better then that death leads us in fact to the local hospital from which he can leave for a small decline in our savings. Be careful however not to be tightening by the police: this event is probably what can be worse because the player is released without any weapon on him. It must then necessarily visit a supplier and breaking the bank not to leave any naked!

Without originality, the missions are varied enough to renew the adventure

On the merits, nothing new under the sun of Liberty City then. Grand Theft Auto IV is, like the preceding sections, an action game for the third person. We always offer to chain tasks to service types more or less desirable and it is always about to climb one by one the steps that will lead us 'summit'. Where things change is in the game and if we've already talked about staging simply excellent, we must now address the incredible sensations that emerge from the city. Memory player, it has rarely felt truly live in a city.

Certainly, many buildings remain permanently closed and the limits of "artificial life" here reproduced by Rockstar quickly jump to the eyes, but we still have leaves. The developers have done an incredible job for the immersion is complete, the walks are as successful as possible and above all that renews itself constantly. The interface, particularly discreet, there is obviously much, as well as the variety of environments, vehicles and characters encountered. Stronger still, despite some technical limitations, rendering the city is incredibly rich with windows wide variety of neighborhoods and have a "soul."
A colossus with feet of clay?
It takes no more than a few minutes to completely take over the game and although each in their way, the different phases of gameplay are not free from blame, this is hardly embarrassing. Thus, the conduct could be more flexible, the firing sequences have benefited from being played for the subjective aspect of adventure would have benefited interactive dialogues or multiple choice, but it is ultimately the details and progress is compelling since the previous opus: with phases of shooting richer and fuller, driving styles very different depending on the vehicle "borrowed" and, above all, write more effectively at all levels.

If it is not the most beautiful game in the world, GTA offers some nice effects

To avoid spoiling anything, the PC version has numerous improvements over the console versions of this Grand Theft Auto IV beginning with the control system. Once is not custom, it is possible to move the lever to couple keyboard / mouse without unplugging anything. Better information on the screen change depending on the device being used so that the beginner is never lost. During phases of conduct, it may well be more enjoyable to play than the joypad when the mouse is far more precise to align the enemies ... But it is all a matter of taste and, fortunately, Rockstar gives us a choice.

Developers have also used the power of modern PCs to improve the look of Liberty City with a traffic management more polished (during rush hour, traffic jams are real) and a field of view much more satisfying. Note also the shadows more successful and overall textures more detailed, although it remains far from the leaders of this type on PC: tenors who have not, however, manage an entire city! The management of a city as a whole leads us to be more lenient with Rockstar, but it does not excuse everything, and alluded to in the introduction, Grand Theft Auto IV is what might be called a 'nest bugs.

A first update was distributed two weeks after release, but since then nothing and things are far from being perfect. First, we must mention the number of tools in place before launching the game: the Rockstar Social Club, Games For Windows Live, SecuROM protection, tools and C + +. Net framework to complete the side Steam client, with the tool to the platform from Valve ... You admit it's been a bit much of TSRs! Problem, it does not play to be especially unstable, quite the contrary. Things have improved markedly with the first update, but we are still far from faultless performance.

Multi, video editor and richness of content does not outweigh the "technical uncertainty" of the PC version

Thus, many players are now facing problems with the SecuROM protection, others are faced with problems of memory management that lead back to the Windows desktop. Last but certainly not the least of worries, countless players have to do with fluidity of animation more than questionable that to make matters worse, tends to deteriorate during the game. On some machines, and must be resolved in sessions of two / three hours before running good old GTA. Question power machine, the concerns are all the more regrettable that there is no playable demo or tool for evaluating performance.

Fortunately, the configuration recommended in the back of the box seems realistic and enjoy the game properly (read: have a level of detail higher than 1680x1050 on consoles), you strive for the Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz supported by at least 2 GB of RAM, a graphics card like GeForce 8800 or Radeon 3870 and a controller for the Xbox 360 followers of the joystick Even so, Grand Theft Auto is fickle and we recommend staying with Windows XP 32-bit to put all chances on his side. In the absence of a playable demo, it is not possible to know if the game will properly on your machine. Despite the qualities of this Grand Theft Auto is a problem that can not be missed!

Within minutes of exclusive video on PC

Substance, Grand Theft Auto IV is an excellent way both PlayStation 3 than Xbox 360, there was no reason for the pleasure of play is not to go with this grinding PC. Indeed, we must recognize that the adventure is really involved, the scenario correctly written with dialogue that score and characters more interesting one than the other. The variety of gameplay is another point that we should welcome this and virtual that is New York City Liberty City is a true happiness. One the other, all conditions were required to make GTA IV a title to have absolutely PC. Alas, a thousand times, alas, the programmers at Rockstar have filled the finger in the eye, and deep, with their adaptation. The whole is marred by genre protection "painful", the stability of the game is more than questionable when the hardware requirements are quite mind-boggling. The most troubling still is the fact that we can be sure before buying that the title will work correctly on his machine and that, despite the pleasure we feel when playing, we simply prevents you Advisor: Pending hypothetical second update? Sad world.

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