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Magic Kingdom PC Game Review

Magic Kingdom PC Game

It's not rocket science

At the Magic Kingdom is the excitement to celebrate the new year. After the festivities, Simon takes his main activity, eating pizza while admiring through the film made for New Year Alix, his girlfriend, goes exasperated. Then the knock on the door of the house. Simon makes a superhuman effort to get out of his comfortable armchair and go open. And then, what was his surprise to meet face to face with two strange creatures with green skin who threatened him with a mysterious device resembling a weapon. Simon slammed their door in my face and then must find a way to escape. Aliens have invaded the Magic Kingdom and its fate in the hands of Simon, which is not necessarily good news.

Initiated in the wake of the previous title, few elements distinguish this particular episode of the previous level interface proposed to us. We now find ourselves in an adventure game-style point & click for the third person. Displacement Simon have been intelligently designed and, according to the remoteness of the click relative to its position on the screen, he will run or walk. Double clicking on an output (all visible by pressing a key) can go directly to the next screen. The inventory can be continuously displayed or called by placing the mouse in the bottom of the screen. The main interactive features are also viewable at any time through a key. From classic now, but the effective and all necessary options are present. The authors know their subject.

Like its predecessor, the newspaper accessible at all times provides a summary of current objectives and those completed. The help system has been preserved and we have three clues to put us on the trail of what to do. If the first two tips are just reformulating the problem while putting us a little bit on the way, attention to the use of the latter. Indeed, the latter in most cases, gives the solution. It is therefore impossible to stay stuck for long in this episode, despite some puzzles in the absurd logic inherent in the series and the fact that we live in a magical world.

But fortunately, Silver Style did not simply offer us a simple copy / pasted from the previous episode in the achievement. Thus, the title has greatly improved visually speaking. If it is still as colorful and offers us very many details in his surroundings, a great effort has been made on the rendering of characters, they are not really in cell shading, have an aspect that comes close strongly and can display various animations fairly thin. Some defects are visible when close up on faces, but nothing too serious. This subtlety of animation we avoid the appearance of robotic characters and allows highly detailed movements of each action.

Simon the Sorcerer: The Meeting With Extraterrestrials - Cuts selected 1

Harry Potter had better watch out

Various activities of which are found here and there in the environments a little cheer to the places visited. A nice job has been done on the play of shadow and light creating an atmosphere and an atmosphere appropriate for each location. Novelty compared to the previous episode, the camera is not fixed and it follows Simon in some of his trips to zoom in and out a bit more dynamic. We find again delight with panoramic environments and not mere decorations occupying the space of a screen. Incidentally, the game supports widescreen now becoming more widespread.

We regret the work on the French dubbing of the previous episode, very disappointing on this point. The title is passed from the hands of those Atari Micro Application, it has not seen fit to pass through the French dubbing box. Recognize that this is not necessarily a disappointment, being excellent English dubbing and lip sync in good order. The subtitles in French are not free of some shells, see translation error, but on the whole nothing very frightening. Especially since the good-natured humor is transcribed and the correct adjustments. Musical compositions are varied and enjoyable as the soundscape rich in sound effects. But some fall into the ludicrous or lack of care some loops with unfinished slightly scratching the ears.

Humor, parody, derision and irrelevance are the credos of the series of Simon the Sorcerer. Having scratched the fairy tales and mythology in the previous episode, this episode tackles some innovative themes for the series anyway. If fairy tales are less skinned before (Puss in Boots takes for his number) is mainly Pirates of the Caribbean and the infamous Jack Sparrow and Star Wars that are targeted now. We find some people involved in the series (Alix Swampy), some from the previous episode (Goldilocks thief, Little Red Riding Hood always as ringworm and activist and the Wolf totally alcoholic), and that little new make their appearance here. All are in their degree including the Wolf. Only the genius from the second opus is not well operated in that episode.

Everything we proposed a scenario for staging rather sympathetic in the early hours of gameplay, but unfortunately difficult to keep pace and gradually begins to falter. The riddles are also suffering some redundancy and the same mechanisms are found repeatedly used. Although the title late tries to revive the vitality of the adventure by offering a puzzle can be solved in three ways or managing the wolf, he is too cautious and much more linear than the previous one in which a myriad of small quests were proposed to solve simultaneously. Here, the scenario takes us without giving us the choice to a disappointing end to which lack of imagination of the authors is evident and where the player has little to do. For the account, if you do not abuse the third option of using integrated plan between eight and ten hours to see the end. An end that offers a new menu to translate the sounds emitted by the aliens and to understand the end of the story.

Simon the Sorcerer: The Meeting With Extraterrestrials - Cuts selected 2

With this fifth installment of the adventures of Simon the Sorcerer, Silver Style confirms his mastery of the genre and the re-railing of the series. Their mistake may have been to propose a little too quickly on a new adventure without taking the time to tinkering with small onions. With proper implementation and a very interesting story, despite the fact that it sank into the big time by anything, this new adventure nonetheless a sure bet in the series. It will appeal to fans of the sorcerer and his world shifted.

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