Friday, March 19, 2010

FSX Games

Finally the awaited FSX has started his final gait, on Monday 24 July was presented in Madrid to the press.

There were some sites of importance in the field of computer games and flight simulation fans, all in the headquarters facility of Microsoft and Spanish responsible charge of Head of Aces and designer, Paul Lange, recently arrived U.S. to attend Campus Party in Valencia and also perform the presentation of its product to enthusiasts and simulation games that impressive frame. Exercising as a translator of Oscar del Moral presentation, product manager of Microsoft Spain.

As expected, the expectations over the past year, based on photos and comments on the new Flight Simulator X, was crept to the fans of this type of simulation programs are totally satisfied with that seen in this presentation.

To begin to comment that this is fully compatible with FSX which until now had ... Flight Simulator 2004, so anything bought or mounted at the level of scenarios or aircraft is lost when you install the new FSX, and this in itself is all good news because there's nothing to throw away .

Another important development is that contrary to what we all thought, the FSX is made of 100% to work on Windows XP and not on the new Windows Vista, in fact the latter will not come until early next year and what FSX we have in our stores with a large synchronized global launch for this fall, said Paul Lange obviously not leaving aside the possibilities that will give the new Windows Vista and its Directx10 modern technology, so that once launched certainly be made available to buyers through Microsoft FSX Update An update to take advantage of all these improvements.

And how is the new FSX? ... it simply stunning. Something different from what they knew as far scenarios, weather, pictures of aircraft or flight, etc.. A world seen from the air resembles an awful way to camp. The mountains, rivers, cities, airports and a huge charge another dimension and so on are now more real views on any of the previous versions, for example, major airports like Madrid Barajas has searched absolute level of detail, including the new Terminal T4. This version contains autogen system can get to stop any small computer for this to be very powerful because the world literally comes to life.

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