Saturday, March 27, 2010

Crazy Machines 2

How often have we tried to create some crazy experiment, strange machines, performing some combination of household item and we should not create chain reactions with all sorts of objects. Well, now thanks to Crazy Machines 2 is based on some things mentioned above available in our computer without having to put ourselves in danger, either by solving those created by the machine or invention itself, so you can start preparing your mind and show of what you can.

An objective

The main object is to go beyond the different levels proposed by the mad scientist Doc To use it you will have to go very everyday objects and others not, some of which may include: springs, bulbs, boxes, balls, toasters, robots, ramps ... surpassing the 300, but considerable numbers after giving the "play" you'll see a ripple effect, and whether all is well in place since overcome the level. In this way the game we will use all our ingenuity and imagination.


Graphically the title is very well adapted, ie we will not have incredible detail throughout the game, but in substance, such as each of the objects that have to interact perfectly recreated and achieving a good visual effect when it is put into operation, a laser, a light bulb, the rotation of some nuts, the rebound of a mannequin against springs ... are examples.

While funds remain somewhat soulless, because everything in it is mounted on a gray wall of wood, trying to imitate the subject in which we find ourselves. Through all this, we can put the game in high definition resolutions for players with more powerful computers, as a user with more limited resources may also enjoy the game without being demanding of your requirements.


Monotonous melodies, trying to go a little in keeping with the theme of the game itself, but eventually may get to become rather tiresome, but on a PC you can always run our music player.

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