Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Gamers Wait for these PC Games

The best thing that comes to your PC.

The PC gaming world can sometimes seem alien to everything that moves daily blogs from the web and video game news, there is always talk more than the console versions of the same titles and PC exclusive, with most honorable exceptions, are usually left parked by the little impact on sales and follow-up by gamers (World of Warcraft separately).

To show that PC players will have reason to give cane to expensive graphics cards of their teams, we intend to list the 4 games (and one more tip) that will make us be proud of our PCs in 2010.

1 - Rage
id Software and John Carmack ... We know that Rage will technically be the bomb, we do not know is whether they will be able to return to the glory of Quake and Doom I / II or whether we will continue the mediocrity playable Doom III / Quake IV.

2 - Deus Ex 3
The first delivery was an absolute clasicazo, an evolution of System Shock playable system that culminated after Bioshock. The second delivery is no longer a passable FPS. Does the third? We'll see, but out of respect to the original include it in this list.

3 - Fracture
As absolute fan of X-Wing vs. Tie Fighter (does anyone remember those games?) I've been waiting for something modern to match. There have been several near-successful attempts, as the original or Freelancer Jumpgate, Jumpgate Evolution, but this promises to be all that we have been waiting and more ... If I'm honest is the game for any platform, I most look forward with Halo Reach.

4 - All Point Bulletin
Typically, and for all we know so far, this game would not include in the list, but developed by the creators of the most underrated game of all time (the GLORIOUS Crackdown) and having all the earmarks of playable maintain the spirit of this, next to a persistent online world can be "silent success" of 2010.
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