Thursday, May 6, 2010

On All Platforms That Make Sens

Bungie released its "on all platforms that make sense"
The study gives some more clues about its agreement with Activision.

If yesterday we announced the agreement reached between Bungie and Activision to distribute games from the first by the second day in the studio responsible for the Halo series has some more details about the conditions of the agreement.

"We have the opportunity to benefit from the experience and knowledge of them for things like cross-platform development, something that, to be honest I do not have much experience," said Brian Jarrad, the studio executive UGO portal. What platforms will your next game? "We're trying to get it on any platform that makes sense for the type of game we try to do."

The possibility of dealing with an existing IP Activision also addressed in the interview. "It is a topic of conversation that might occur, but they have partnered with us specifically for the vision that we and the universe of games we want to create for the next decade."

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