Thursday, May 6, 2010

Fallout MMO 2010 public art-works

Fallout MMO: the first was made public art-works
Continued legal proceedings called Project V13.
Fallout MMO: the first was made public art-works
Just weeks ago we reported demand for Bethesda Softworks filed against Interplay video game rights for the Fallout universe, in key MMO, are pursuing the latter. Today, however, the very Interplay has gone one step further and made the first public art-works title, proving that it is in development.

The images you see from here are the classic post-apocalyptic settings and some early sketches of characters. "They are not final papers, but will give you an idea of what we are trying to achieve with Project V13," code name of the game, "said Chris Taylor, head of product and not to be confused with the creator of Dungeon Siege or Supreme Commander, of the same name.
Interplay has signed a definitive agreement with Masthead Studios, creators of massively multiplayer gaming tools "to advance the development of its Fallout massively multiplayer online gaming, whose code name is: V-13 Project. Others use It has a public Beta of this game comes out in 2012.

Interplay and Bethesda are now in a legal dispute over the use of the Fallout franchise.

If Interplay win, will be free to launch the V-Project 13, which would have the right to develop, but only if the massive online game of Bethesda last week announced is not a Fallout game.

But it is not supposed to, but rather it is a game of Elder's Scrolls, is said unofficially.

For months we show images of massively multiplayer online game Fallout.

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