Thursday, May 6, 2010

Dragon Age: Origins "Darkspawn Chronicles

BioWare details Darkspawn Chronicles, the new expansion of Dragon Age
Be launched, remember, the 18th of May for $ 5 or 400 Microsoft Points.
Dragon Age: Origins "Darkspawn Chronicles

Few days ago we announced the existence of Dragon Age: Origins "Darkspawn Chronicles, but confessed that after his announcement was not much further information to give the BioWare secrecy about it. In today, however, the Canadian company has taken the first details.

The study reconfirmed that the game appears on PC and Xbox 360 on May 18 in exchange for 400 Microsoft Points on the console and 500 Microsoft Points BioWare compatible. The date of the PlayStation 3 has not been provided so far, but we sense that its price will go in the same line, being also about $ 5.

According to BioWare the game is set in an alternate history in which the character died in the initiation ceremony and gray guards march under the command of Alistair. "With the return of ancestral threat of humanity and the world plunged into a civil war, has been chosen by destiny to unite the shattered lands and destroy the Arch-once and for all."

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