Thursday, May 6, 2010

Piracy is a consequence of the price of games

Charles Cecil: "Piracy is a consequence of the price of games"
The creator of Broken Sword is committed to a digital business model and attractive prices.

Charles Cecil of Revolution Games (Broken Sword) seems to go against their classmates in the industry, and believes without hesitation that the current business model is causing the high degree of piracy, especially the high price of games.

"Personally I think the level of piracy that we have is nature's way of telling us that the games are too expensive and that the way it is distributed is not ideal," Cecil said in an interview with MCV.

Cecil seems to prefer a digital distribution model, "Yes, we can put pressure on Internet service providers and bring a number of measures against piracy. But ultimately iTunes has proven that if you make distribution easier and put a price attractive, get the public's respect and, although this does not completely eradicate piracy, become less of a problem "he says.

Think that the best business model is the digital distribution and episodic games: "If we can show that this model can work will create new opportunities for other people."

Charles Cecil is currently working with Sumo Digital in a series of games related to Doctor Who series, which will regularly via digital download individual chapters.

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