Friday, April 30, 2010

Reality or pc game?

2010 Gaming PC: Reality or pc game?

The digital realism is reaching unimaginable heights, to the verge of creating characters that we find difficult to classify as real or virtual. Let's say the girl in the image on the right. It is a 3D representation of a Korean girl. It looks real, right?. But after a few seconds looking at something tells us that something strange happens to her. Too perfect and cold at the same time. I miss that twinkle in his eye, the breath of life that we recognize instantly among our peers. Stare us a feeling of rejection that experts call "the valley disturbing."

PC Gaming Industry

The term was coined by Japanese roboticist Masahiro Mori in 1970. It refers to a repulsive response that makes us a being too similar to humans but is sufficiently "non-human" so we can detect it. Overall, we produce more sympathetically as real a picture of the same girl.

From movies like "Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within" to "Avatar" has been done to progress in the representation of virtual beings who are able to meet the actors on the big screen. In the pc game world, how to tell a story that has been achieved by "Heavy Rain" could be a prelude to what will bring the cinema of the future. Films featuring characters made interactive computer capable of transmitting the same emotions as flesh and blood actors.

Current technology allows ever more convincing models. One of the latest developments has proposed a few weeks ago the company nVidia at the Game Developers Conference. An impressive simulator that can represent the movement, physics and appearance of the hair of a girl. We leave you with a video in which we make a demonstration of this amazing technology, which could be used in upcoming games.

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