Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Modern Warfare 2: Stimulus Package

Following criticism from the player community, we spoke with Rob Bowling of Infinity Ward to clarify some points about the controversial war simulator downloadable content.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 was one of the titles that marked last year. In this so far this has been uncovered as the enormous success expected to be, but it has done with the help of his campaign not only alone, but with the help of impressive multiplayer mode that has done as good times pass over half of the amateur community that has this unique, regularly being the most played title on Xbox Live every week. Robert Bowling, an active member of the development of strategies Modern Warfare (he designed the combat tactics that later will be torn down by the enemy) has been responsible for presenting the latest map pack that has appeared on the market, first to date. Nobody can answer this question better than the fans themselves, especially when the community was up in arms against what is considered an unfair price -15 euros for a pack of 5 multiplayer maps, 2 of which are rescued from a previously COD .

Thus, in order to answer all your questions, Activision has given us the ability to chat via telephone with Bowling to hear more closely what the 'Stimulus Package' that will be released on 30 March, will offer for the price of 1200 Microsoft Points. As announced at E3, the PS3 and PC users will have to wait a little longer to enjoy it but, nevertheless, is a good time to find out what offer and for answers to this controversial IW. Stimulus Package includes Crash and Overgrown maps, taken from Call of Duty 4 and completely original three maps; Bailout (composed of several levels), Storm (industrial area) and Salvage, which locations will use the snow of the title. Concerns about them this interview.

1. What time began to develop the DLC in particular, during the production of the original game or a posteriori? Many users complain that companies cut material of their games and then make extra money in the form of DLC.

Response - We started to develop the DLC in early January, although its design predates. We took a short break during Christmas after the original release and then continue doing piecework on maps until finally we completed a few weeks ago.

2. Okay, so already had in mind in preparing this package before launching the game, but did not start working on it until later.

So, we prefer to take a break, think about things calmly and then focus on the demands of gamers.

3. This being so, what could you say to the players to understand the value of this product? What innovations are included to justify this package has been released separately?

New Call of Duty Announced
Well, basically, our goal is to add variety to the multiplayer, giving people the opportunity to discover new material to that previously had no access. To do this we have based on feedback from players and the community, we have asked to see what news they wanted to see, further squeezing what ways, because as you know all about them when it comes to this kind of products . There is also room for surprises than anyone expected. This time we can say that here we find a little something for all players (Translator's note: Bowling uses a play on words in English). In the Stimulus find three brand new maps based on certain aspects of the original while also mapped include two remodeled extracted and Call of Duty 4 (most played). We tried to make each player feel a little of what you like so you can enjoy it the way you want. So what do you like, fighting as a team? That's what the map Storm, a new map that can exploit this plane.

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