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Riddick Vin Diesel PC Game

Riddick Vin Diesel
Vin Diesel in Los Angeles received a set of questions from various media in the face of all the details on its Riddick. Since we did not want to miss the opportunity to participate in this event.

Atari made an appointment call with Vin Diesel at 23:00 on Friday. Bad day to be waiting until night to end a hard day's work. We could not reject the offer or the opportunity to not only learn about the latest title in Tigon Studios, but also to ask some questions to the popular actor taking advantage of the promotion of his latest title from developer. Yes, Vin Diesel is not just a very versatile actor when he wants (his memorable role in Guilty Declaradme away from any box that placed him as a guy given to the action, but nothing more), also has a study which claims founder member and participant.

In addition to her personality is not the rings fall in explaining, as he did with an hour late, that his role in the production of the Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena was far more important than many consider, among other things because it was he who gave life to the script, was forced to record a new Motion Capture system that actor, in his own words, just never get used. Diesel is passionate about pc games in capital letters, and so this interview was emerging as a good opportunity to ask what were your early or what else has caught the attention of his career in the industry. With a title like Escape From Butchers Bay at the back of his studio, no doubt that we have a unique character with lots of interesting information to offer.

However, despite the nervousness that accompanies this kind of situation, the actor appeared in the room with an hour late. Atari took up the matter very wisely and left-to us and the rest of the media, including PCGameTrek was the only Spanish-in the presence of Randy Nelson, one of the designers of Assault on Dark Athena, who happy unveiled the first doubts of the press. Here we offer you the transcript of the first questions of the event, all focused on key aspects of the game;

Riddick Vin Diesel

Question - You have returned to rebuild from scratch Escape From Butcher's Bay for the launch of Dark Athena. Has an opportunity to include new features, or else the game is still as in your day?

Answer - Yes, of course. The main argument we had in our favor was the problems of compatibility between Xbox 360 and original Xbox, which is not allowed to enjoy the original title, so we decided to do it again so that users discovered what was the beginning of everything. We also had to offer the game also on the PlayStation, which never saw the light. It was a way to please the enthusiast community and we really believe we have achieved very positive results, which will surely delight both fans of the series and those who join it first.

P. How have you approached the multiplayer mode, one of the most important points of the original?

R. We have focused this modality in a different way, based on information from the universe of Riddick. We have included the way in which Riddick Pitch Black can run faster and use their innate abilities in the dark, while the other characters have to seek with flashlights and all kinds of junk. It is really a unique experience to be a FPS where premium not only action but also how to do things for the stage. You have to play to appreciate all that I am commenting and rating you can surely when you have the game in your hands.

P. Let us know what you had in mind when creating this sequel. What aspects are most important, any information you give us.

R. First, there is an environment very different from the first delivery. Keep in mind that it is the same production team, they're talented guys who put all their energies to create an adventure that meets expectations, but above all that is accurate to the original product that seek to represent. From the beginning we had great freedom of expression, although we had to retrieve all the conceptual art and completely change the atmosphere with respect to Escape From Butcher's Bay-ESBB from this moment.

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