Thursday, April 8, 2010

F1 2010: Keys to success

After three years, a new title based on the F1 circus will arrive in a few months. What elements should be included for that title was actually dreamed up by amateurs? Here our opinion ...

We can say without equivocation that few sports in the world so that they combine technology, improving daily, lots of expertise and research support, and yet that all this also depends on a person who needs to be done in a special wood to succeed. This is Formula 1, an amalgam of elements very important before you begin the season as during it. The development of the fireball begins when a season has not even finished the last. Dozens of engineers, test hours in the wind tunnel, aerodynamic studies, testers doing miles and miles, the boosters will always try to get more power, tire tests under various conditions, ... and in the end everything depends on a pilot has enough to make arrests in the last chicane, braking worry more than your competitor and get fun in the home straight.

And so long as everything else in the race runs smoothly. Not to mention free practice, qualifying laps of Q1, Q2 and Q3, that accompanies the weather, that is not immersed in an indirect impact, or that different types of mechanical failures do not appear, overheating motor, good pit stops, including the output of a safety car may be good for our interests, ... Current F1 depends on many things, that the technology involved is only part of the core. Two weeks of work between Grand Prix and Grand Prix can break down because the pilot has taken two tenths of a second later a curve being stuck in the escape, or because it has limited the engine when I took advantage and do not force it has decided to stop lying or simply because, without wishing to enable pit speed limiter during the race (hello, Hamilton). For all this, and much more, Formula 1 is so attractive.

Actually many of us gamers to enjoy we love racing games, arcade games and simulators either. In this case, the desire of a good title for this specialty has long been dormant. The sensation of speed, emulate our favorite drivers, feel (within our means) what it would drive a Ferrari, run in Monaco, etc, all this was done to pray for a few years (the last title was the title of the genus launched in 2007 for PS3, though it may be "Grand Prix" of Geoff Crammond idolized the best example of this virtual sport). However, Codemasters is working on the new F1 2010 more than three years. Especially in Spain with the arrival of the brilliant Fernando Alonso F1 has been followed up more closely, and perhaps also why our country is expected in May as water arrival of the new game, with the Spaniard and dressed entirely in red for the home Maranello.

Last year we could try the first approach of the British house the F1 circus both PSP and Wii, and we can not say that the results have been particularly successful. It was also clear that until the arrival of the versions of "strong" on PC, Xbox360 and PS3 can not do a full-value analysis of the intentions of the developers, previously involved in pseudo-court titles like Race Driver GRID Simulator or more Colin McRae DIRT arcade and more elaborate-and second-hand. However, everything you have told us and our partner Xcast well explained in his progress last week, the 2010 F1 paint really well. But ... it has everything it should? Are there elements that are still in time to be included? Incluiríais what this game you to F1 was the most complete and spectacular story? From our humble opinion, and always constructive plan, we will appoint the factors should not miss the next section of Codemasters, and according PCGameTrek, a title would really round. Surely many of you incluiríais other things, or just the same elements, but modified. We know ... it is impossible to please everyone. F1 2010 PC Game Review can make you expect more from this pc game.

While Alonso has won the first race, while Vettel seems to be the tough competitor who has to contend this year the Spaniard (if his Red Bull respond), while de la Rosa, Alguersuari and Hispania Team Racing Championship are more Spanish than is recalled, while Australia has witnessed a dramatic comeback Spanish, and the largest of the large-alias-Schumacher has returned to its natural place, we'll bite the bullet content to see the championship and await the arrival of the title that occupies. Are you with us? Let's take this car firmly that soon we can control and give way ...