Sunday, December 20, 2009

PC Games Hardware

PC Games Hardware: 27.000 million

The first global entertainment industry mount up the economic crisis and the slowdown in consumption in 2010 to reach 27.617 million dollars in revenues for hardware implementation of video games. Green shoots, according to data supplied by the consultant Jon Peddie Research, which expects revenue to soar next year recovering 30 percent growth before the crisis.

The video game (PC Gaming) market continues to rise next year and regain the high growth in the years preceding the economic crisis with the hardware sector (main base systems, accessories and upgrades) shooting 30 percent from 2009.

The improvement of the sector would in all major markets following the global economic recovery. The release of Windows 7, the multimedia library DirectX 11, the advanced physics applied to the pc game, publishing high-quality titles that are expected during the holiday season and new visualization capabilities and the advent of 3D, are the reasons that highlights the consultant for the advancement of the sector.

A healthy year with revenues of $ 27.617 million in hardware alone. Growth will also keep the following years with 32.749 million in 2011 and 34,760 million in 2012. Thus, the video game industry would increase distances to the head of global entertainment far beyond the film industry, television or music.

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