Tuesday, December 22, 2009

PC gaming industry 2010

Dell sees a future in PC gaming industry
The founder and chairman of Dell, Michael Dell, sees a future in the industry of computer games, which by 2010 will move 4,000 million dollars a year (3,140 million), with consumers hooked on high speed connections defeat the monsters of the Internet.

(Agencies) Dell said at the Austin Games Conference that his company is positioning itself to lead the computer games industry.

"Things like multi-core processors, faster engines for physics and graphics, wider screens, web cams: the hardware is changing dramatically and this can make the game very exciting experience," Dell said.

Dell, the world's largest maker of personal computers with 55,900 million (43,910 million euros) in revenue last year, earlier this year bought Alienware, a Miami company that is responsible for making game systems.

Dell, a native of Texas and a great gamer, said that attending the conference to see what developers and game designers want to see in the hardware of computers.

"I want to know what things look in the hardware, and they want to discover what will happen with the hardware, new features and capabilities, and can be assured that we will enable the next generation of games," he added.

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