Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Popular PC Games of 2010

The Most Anticipated PC Games of 2010

The video game industry is one of the most profitable of the planet. Games not only billed more than the films, are also capable of overcoming any brand.

Thus, during its first week on the street, 15 days ago, the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 sold no less than 4.7 million copies. This title war on a day billed $ 310 million, nearly double the money raised by the film The knight of the night, the biggest blockbuster in a weekend of premieres.

In this report, pcgametrek.com reviews the most impressive pc games of the 2010 season for the PC many of whom were launched in the United States.

Metro 2013 PC Game
For its artistic quality and a script based on the work of Dmitry Glukhovsk writer, appears as the game of the year. It's the same developers of STALKER and is set in an apocalyptic future where humans are a dying breed. The survivors are hiding in underground stations of savage mutants.

StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty
New chapter in one of the classics of military strategy, whose protagonist is Jim Raynor. Although not yet have a release date is known to be three episodes. In Wings of Liberty will be able to control the human faction in Heart of the Swarm, driving insects and robots Zerg Legacy of the Void, psionic Protoss warriors.

Tarantinesca conception of beauty as a lethal weapon in this game takes form. The mercenary Ruby Malone, with their special skills, can shoot from all angles and leave no enemy in their shoes.

Fallout: New Vegas
The previous chapter of this game became one of the titles most prized strategic survival this year. Although Vegas will build the engine and graphics resources of 3, it is not a new expansion. The crawler will lone battleship suit the ruins of Washington to explore the world of Sin City. Also, will reveal clues about the nuclear accident that left the planet devastated.

Colin McRae DiRT 2
This second edition of this game promises to double car details of his predecessor it promises to be better than the first version of Colin McRae Dirt 1 pc game. (PC GameTrek) There will be competitions in the jungle, desert and urban landscapes. Add customization details. The list of vehicles is divided into seven categories, with cars to walk on roads and cities.

Max Payne 3
It has been 12 years of his last mission and now Max is bare, fat and bearded. Although managed to leave behind their addictions. For the conversion is complete, changes the darkness of a New York City by the sun of the Brazilian favelas. His new occupation will be as a security guard in a private neighborhood.

Rage PC Game
Following the catastrophic vision, a meteor hits the earth and forced to build bunkers. In the Earth's surface soulless creatures that swarm crush everything in its path. Those who want to explore the region would be implanted in your body parts nanotechnology. In this shooter will be able to control vehicles and an arsenal of heavy caliber.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (PCGame Trek)
The Call of Duty franchise proves that though the missions are all combat need not be repeated. Very clever. It was on sale in the U.S.. UU.

Splinter Cell: Conviction
After the disappointment with Double Agent, in this fifth episode of the series veteran Sam Fisher is back with its arsenal of thuds and smart devices. The man is now a fifty into gray, which compensates for its lack of agility with the experience that gives the years. The challenge will be to campaign against his own spy agency in broad daylight and mingling with the crowd on the streets.

BioShock 2 PC Version
The events take place 10 years later than the original, when the protagonist ends up becoming a Big Daddy. But unlike other armored guards, this may leave the premises of Rapture to explore the marine world. His worst enemy will be the Big Sister, the addicts who were redeemed. One of the key points of this game is its originality. Through a series of "plasmids" the player can reap different skills that help people cope with greater comfort levels.

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  1. Well this is a great list of popular pc games. I myself prepared a list on my blog called " game pc populer 2010" but this list is even better than mine!
    I think the most popular pc game in 2010 is Football Manager 2010 PC Game, I like to hear more from you about pc games 2010:)