Monday, December 21, 2009

Modern Warfare 2 PC Game

Modern Warfare 2 PC Game "surpasses all records of entertainment"
The launch of Modern Warfare 2 worldwide seems to have been a success, and Activision wanted to share it with new sales data in the U.S. and UK markets, sales that the company believes makes him worthy of "the biggest launch in entertainment in history ".

Thus far, and according to the company's own sources, have already raised $ 310 million, with sales of 4.7 million games in only two markets and on the first day sales of the game.

Mike Griffith, CEO of Activision, said: "These sales have surpassed all records in the entertainment being a clear testimony that we have a great cinematic experience and the type of game that offers Call of Duty. Modern Warfare 2 has elevated the interactive experience to levels just before imagined setting a new standard of entertainment, "

In conclusion notes that "Call of Duty PC Game series has become a cultural phenomenon that shows the power of video games as a means of entertainment."

Following the announcement of these results look nothing outlandish figures that handle some analysts, who say the game could have sold about 7 million in its first day on sale worldwide.

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