Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Age of Empires - AOE 3 Game Review - PC Game Trek

Strategy Game - PC - Age of Empires 3

The conquest of the New World!

If there is a pc game that laid the foundations for real-time strategy and marked the way forward, this is Age of Empires. The king of the genre is back. Long live the King!

The second Age of Empires allowed us to control kingdoms and empires in a historical period that ended in 1500, during the feudal era. Que recuerdos ... My enemy catapults crushed the walls while the cavalry was destroying the ranks of archers! In Age of Empires 3 the story develops. Now we are in the period of time ranging from 1500 to 1850. This means that we will experience the onset of the artillery, infantry rifles and the great naval battles. It was from 1500 when it began the colonization of America, the new world. The European powers used their resources to explore and conquer the new continent, struggling not only against the natives, but also against its European neighbors trying to get through. In Age of Empires 3, we can take control of the British, who enjoy an enviable economy; of the Spanish, who receive huge amounts of resources and reinforcements from their homeland, of the French, who enjoy the sympathy of Native American tribes or any of the other five civilizations available: Portugal, Russia, Ottoman Empire, German and Holland. The gameplay remains very faithful to the previous Age of Empires, adding an element as the metropolis and sweetening the whole amazing with a technical aspect. Gaming Review for PC 2009

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