Monday, November 30, 2009

AION Collector’s Edition For PC - Game Review -

Aion, the next set of NCSoft, publisher of Lineage and City of Heroes, which is already a success in Korea and China where he won the Grand Award 2008, and in Korea the number of players just weeks after the launch is impressive.

For it has been informed of the contents of normal and limited editions for Europe. The standard edition will be in metal box, on DVD with manual and a quick reference table, but the collector's edition will be a luxury:

* Items ingame exclusive Wings Black Cloud, which increases the travel time, and Earrings Black Cloud, which increase life and mana, plus an exclusive title that will increase the stats of the characters
* Two exclusive emotes

* Two posters showing maps and Asmodae Elysea
* The soundtrack composed by Yang Bang-Ean (also known in Japan as Ryo Kunihiko)
* The contents of the normal edition, of course, but this time on 2 DVD (I guess to ease unloading;))
* And above all, the jewel of publishing, a figure of 16.5 cm Aiva, hand painted, with wings and a hatchet that can be put on and remove.

Undoubtedly one of the best collector's editions for MMORPGs, and usually also we have seen.

In principle, the official prices will be £ 34.99 and £ 54.99 collector's edition (exchange 40 € and 62 €). The monthly quota is 8.99 £ (10 €)

I leave you some exclusive images of the contents of the AION game and figure, and the emotes trailers after the jump


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