Wednesday, December 16, 2009

PC Games Addiction

The Viral Addiction Computer Games

Today, it is very common to get a child as young as 5 years to a person sitting at a computer either at work, at home or outside a social rather surf the Internet, games or playback. The endless hours spent on this tool more and more media technology has aroused considerable concern.

Over the years, the industry of PC gaming evolution in the production of a 486-processor for dual processor high performance heart that supports serious players ultra high-end graphics card. Gone are the days when the only option for a player to interact with the command of his computer keyboard while playing a game of Space War Adventure. Through years of research and development of fast, the players today have a choice of multiple simulation game.

The attraction of major characters in the heroic fantasy game that had many in the kingdom could not experience in a world without existing condition. Intriguing story lines of the enchanting voice that evokes a player still in the PC gaming world. Often, players will also take in the game for hours in their struggle to move to the next level or just for an attractive price. The sense of accomplishment in this game addicts very rewarding and satisfying.

Top favorite PC games like Left 4 Dead 2, Dragon Age, The Sims 3, was Street Fighter IV and many other simulation games that brains, thinking strategies, cooperation between different actors or even promote the self-discipline, but the long hours consistently leading in the square box lead to social problems among students, couples and families. This obsession leads these addicts neglect their family and friends, sleep disorders and problems with work or school.

With the increasing availability of online games, there is a disturbing trend in the most vulnerable to attract players in the fantasy world of their much needed money pocket on the purchase of a game with extra tools and extra time d 'monthly subscription. There are many published stories about young children to their parents using your credit card for these purchases. Thurs Global is the viral infection that spreads rapidly and is indeed a need to act quickly and use.


Brunhilde Cassiopa, MBA PC Game Editor, article writer working for
PC Gaming Magazine - Editor

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