Monday, December 28, 2009

Blood Bowl world championship

Launched the Blood Bowl world championship

Blood Bowl: World Cup, World Championships were launched.
Cyanide and Focus Home Interactive announces the launch of the Blood Bowl World Cup coaches can participate in Blood Bowl PC from anywhere in the world, this is the first major competition organized for the Blood Bowl game since launch.

The preliminary phases of classification - open to all Blood Bowl coaches - are already underway for the Winter Championships, the largest tournament of the season. At the end of these phases during the Games Day in France, will determine the first finalist contender for the title of World Champion. The "Winter Champions" will face the winner of the Summer Championship during Super Bowl Blood "to be held in November 2010. Both finalists will receive a substantial cash prize, and the winner of this final will stand with the title "World Champion Blood Bowl video game.

The year 2010 will be very exciting for all of Blood Bowl coaches. They will have to fight hard to achieve the title of world champion.

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