Friday, December 25, 2009

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite

The online mode is expanded in Monster Hunter Freedom Unite

The hunters of Europe can join forces in the online multiplayer mode of Monster Hunter Freedom Unite.
Capcom announced that Monster Hunter Freedom Unite for PSP (PlayStation Portable) will be one of the first games that are played online via the application Ad Hoc Party, when it is available on 22 December 2009.

The Ad Hoc Party application will allow players of Monster Hunter Freedom freely embark on adventures without the need to be close to their usual hunting companions. Since establishing strategies to implement unique attacks, players need to work together to get hundreds of hunting wild beasts that await them in the game and progress through a wide range of adventures available.

"The success of activities such as the Gathering Hall in the UK, a dedicated location to facilitate multiplayer gaming sessions are a testament to the great intention of people to play Monster Hunter Freedom Unite with your friends. The new Ad Hoc Party service make it much easier for players form teams and play together not only in their own country but throughout Europe "said Michael Pattison, Senior Director European Marketing.
Guest Post By PC Games Magazine

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