Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The video game industry may be responsible for the crisis label

Returning to the fray with the hackneyed themes downloads 'illegal' in this Guardian article outlines an interesting theory about it. According to the author, who defends, like everyone else, it is impossible for each download made equivalent to a sale and that we should at least have all súperCEO salaries to meet such expenditure, the main culprit in the decline of traditional phonographic media sales is none other than the video game market.

And the theory is very simple. According to the sales figure since 1999, was created Napster, music sales have evolved inversely to the video game, ie what the record companies have lost won game developers. The Guardian article suggests that, assuming that the purchasing power of average user of both products has not changed substantially in 10 years, the most logical thing is to think that these users have chosen to spend your leisure in a market much more attractive because they get more for your money.

If a game 40 € offers weeks or even months of fun, an original CD of 15 € for a standard group, taking into account the dramatic musical level we are going through, you will have at most two or three good tracks and a further 7 fillers. It is reasonable to invest in the game and download the 2 tracks salvageable from anywhere. Therefore, the label will have lost $ 2, which is what those two items lowered costs from, say, Amazon, and not 15 € ($ 20).

Totally believable.

And the obligatory questions:

* If the statistics shuffled labels and collection companies conformed to these figures, did any government would support the excessive battle against "piracy" that are taking place?
* If the record companies and fund companies know these figures, what is sought through this pantomime collecting?


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  3. the problem with these people is that, instead of using technology, they try to "battle" it.

    Example in videogames: Valve is using internet with steam. Ubisoft is battling internet with "Online Services Network" DRM.

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