Monday, July 5, 2010

A new look at the video game industry

Microsoft and EA threw the first stone of what awaits us in the video game industry in the coming years. Gone are the games full of trash talk, the marathon sessions of Halo or Modern Warfare, now the industry has turned to the social domain, that of what they hear every day. But unlike socializing through networks like Facebook or Twitter, the challenge of 2010 PC Games industry is going to get back to where we were playing at home, which was given in the days of Atari or NES and was gradually losing.

A few years ago hinted that Microsoft would go down this path by implementing Xbox Live Arcade on Xbox 360, but it was not until the success of the Wii thought that the two giants in the importance of the casual market and how to leverage their platforms to achieve a new experience. Both Microsoft and Electronic Arts speak of a revolution, something that will forever change the game industry and while not the first (thanks Wii) seems to be no rest until they make this change is grounded. Is this the change we need?

After seeing the two conferences I can give me an idea that the industry will be divided once again, first to the consoles that we have opted for a family game and on the other developers who follow the line of mobile phones, Facebook and other platforms for interaction. Both roads are on the concept of socializing, each in their own way and is something we have to live through the coming years.

Until recently thought that hardcore gamers were a species threatened with extinction, now I have no doubt that eventually become extinct. It may survive one another nostalgic cling to the past, as many now are betting on the PC, however not form part of this new society of gamers.

The new industry self-commitment to a player, he has no problem to invite their friends to dinner and making a fool trying to dance Dance Central. In terms of games the word "Accessible" is the cornerstone of this movement. The interfaces will eventually be simplified so that anyone can pick up the game and enjoy it. Examples of this movement are present in current games like Prince of Persia or Splinter Cell: Conviction.

The technology will do its part, the question then becomes: Are they prepared to face this change?


  1. the answer is: they sure will try, but since they're all aiming for casual market, and since casual gamers, unlike hardcore gamers, can stop gaming at any time (because, if you haven't noticed, casual games are usually boooring), the sales will suddenly decline, and what happened back in 83 will happen again (who do you think Atari2600 games were aimed at? casual gamers. there wasn't such a thing as "hardcore gamer" at that time). After that, gaming companies will (again) realize that their success is in the hands of hardcore gamers, and everything will go back to normal again.

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