Friday, July 9, 2010

Video game industry moved 25 billion U.S. dollars

"Wiii, we are rich"

That the video game industry is huge is not news. Knowing that in 2009 moved 25.2 billion dollars just in the United States is immeasurable. But there is one more item Surprisingly, if the U.S. entertainment programs create a separate country, its Gross Domestic Product (GDP) would be at the location 88 between the 181 nations that analyzes the IMF, surpassing countries like Panama, Estonia and Bolivia. More details of 2010 PC Games Industry Can be found in PCGameTrek.

According to the report prepared by the consultant Newzoo unknown, the U.S. market is made up 182.9 million for digital entertainment enthusiasts (61% of the population), who consume on average $ 138 per year, between games, consoles and accessories.

To reach this result huge, the study interviewed 12 000 people and included computer games, casual and mobile software. Moreover, added the sale in stores, online subscriptions, downloads and even used games. The numbers are slightly higher than those of analyzing company NPD, who said that last year the industry moved "just" 18.96 billion U.S. dollars

According Newzoola, games consoles up 61% of the market, while computers account for 16% and mobile games reach only 3%. The rest are divided between expenditures for web sites (10%) and payments for subscriptions multiplayer games (9%).


  1. so 9 percent of US play World of Warcraft instead of actually playing games? nice! and the mobile market is only 3 percent? iirc they used to say future lies in mobile games. now they say the future lies in motion-sensor games. god knows what they're going to assume next.

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