Saturday, September 25, 2010

Best Sites That You Can Find Latest PC Game Reviews

Here you can find links to all the best PC sites that offer PC game reviews, previews and news! Click on the text to be taken to the site!

IGN - One of the best gaming sites on the web, constantly updated news, along with great reviews and previews on many games.

Gamezone - Has many game reviews and interesting articles.

Gamespot - Great site with plenty of reviews, previews and cheat codes.

Gamefaqs - Part of Gamespot, this site has reviews and cheats, but also thousands of faqs and walkthroughs for hundreds of PC games.

1up - Great site with reviews, previews, cheats, game trailers and guides

PC Game Trek - A smaller site compared to the other commercial ones, though still rich in content and has many interesting sections that you wouldn't find on the bigger review sites.

Game Rankings - Takes reviews from game sites all around the Internet and ranks them. The rank is determined by the average score given by the reviewers. Also lists and ranks the all-time best and worst games.

You Gamers - Another great PC game review site featuring very up-to-date news in the world of gaming.

CVG - Computer and Video Games has been around since 1981 in magazine form. Has great reviews, previews, news and forums.

Tom's Hardware - A great site that reviews loads of different PC hardware and has news articles relating to the goings on in the PC world.

GamesRadar - Has plenty of reviews, previews and articles about new and upcoming games. Also has the latest cheats and game trailers.

PC Mag - Plenty of reviews and news about computing technology here. Top site and very professional. Also has resident columnists who discuss the latest issues confronting the PC world.

GamePro - Official site for the Game Pro magazine. Good amount of reviews and news. Has some nice prizes too.

Christ Centered Game Reviews - This is completely different to any other review site listed (or on the entire Internet!). It has a fair amount of game reviews, but unlike any review sites I've come across, it also has a 'morality score.' Check it out, pretty interesting! Oh, and it also has a 'verse of the day' from the bible.

Firing Squad - A game and hardware review site for the hardcore gamer! If you love overclocking and only stocking your PC with the absolute best, then this site is for you!

Yet Another Review Site - Exactly what the title says, though these reviews are written for gamers, by gamers.

Giant Bomb - According to the owners is "the world's largest editable video game database".


  1. I like using Gametrailers as well or Gamershell also has some nice reviews. Thanks for the list

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