Thursday, September 30, 2010

5 reasons that show the evolution of Civilization V

Since its release in 1991, Civilization established himself as a recognized not only in the genre of turn-based strategy, but in the history of video games. September is the month in which Civilization V is released and here are five reasons why you should not miss this new version.

1.Modificable. Civilization V will allow users to create weapons, characters, accessories and other objects by means of tools included in the title and make the experience something completely custom, best of all, these changes can be shared without restriction.

2. Renewal graph. Today's computers deserve a new visual appearance, Civilization V has stunning graphics, the units are very detailed, the historical leaders of different countries are more real and have more texture maps and terrain than ever.

3. Field. For the first time, the land is divided into hexagonal blocks, the traditional square behind us. What does this mean? No more stacking of units and a much more fluid. There will also be city-states controlled by the CPU ready to be conquered, make deals or negotiate diplomatic.

4. Technological breakthroughs. In previous releases there was an exchange of technology, now two civilizations that are at peace can make a pact to investigate and obtain rewards together.

5. Características.Un out of 18 new civilizations with their leaders, various conditions for success in the missions, units and unique buildings for each one, and Artificial Intelligence divided in four levels to taking care of things, are reason enough not to let this title.


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