Sunday, September 26, 2010

Women still minority in the gaming industry

We know from recent reports that women ADES declared active gamers are already about 19% of the market. In a world where the user has always been mostly male, is good news for some time that this part will be balancing things.

However, in the workplace women remain a minority. According to a survey by the British Sociological AsiciaciĆ³n only 4% of employees in the gaming industry in this country are women. Even more troubling, if possible, taking into account that in 2006 it stood at 12%. The jobs have been consulted animation, programming, design, engineering, marketing and human resources.

According to the authors of the survey, the cause of the decline would be due to "high number of hours required in the industry." Of the 457 women surveyed, 43% argued that working in a video game company "required too many hours for their welfare." 32% work more than 45 hours per week and the rest of respondents exceeded this figure long, to 10% of them exceeding 56 hours per week. A rhythm that is not willing to support anyone, either male or female.

A more flexible working hours would reconcile family life and give the industry a better picture of labor market face. Another striking data is that 79% of respondents had no children.

Despite being a newly established industry, the gender gap also exists.

Source: PCGameTrek UK, Latest Online Gaming News


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