Monday, June 7, 2010

Lost Planet 2 2010 PC

The dark side in cooperative play

The good
High quality graphics, very dynamic competitive modes, four-player cooperative campaign.

Finding a suitable cooperative game is difficult, poor artificial intelligence, peer need to kill some bosses and has a very weak story.

Lost Planet 2 good attempts to retain many elements of his predecessor and make new ones, although some of them are not perceived as well as anyone would think and even the new cooperative mode can feel more like a nuisance in several respects. The game takes place ...

Lost Planet 2 good attempts to retain many elements of his predecessor and make new ones, although some of them are not perceived as well as anyone would think and even the new cooperative mode can feel more like a nuisance in several respects.

The game is back on the planet EDN III (which happened the first of the series), but this time the surface is no longer full of snow and ice, great jungles and deserts have appeared in the planet's surface, but mankind continues to fight for control of mineral and thermal energy. So now in a slightly more friendly, has increased the number of people trying to kill each other and there are different factions of mercenaries and pirates.

There is much more to tell the story of Lost Planet 2, though attempts to develop a plot in which all factions have a role. Everything takes place in small videos that occur every hour after you complete a number of missions and through small dialogues, that while trying to add more flavor to the story, not strong enough to help her cope.

Perhaps the biggest change in Lost Planet 2 compared with its predecessor, is the co-op, since each stage of the campaign will have three colleagues who will follow you everywhere. These can be controlled by other players and definitely want it to be so, because the enemy artificial intelligence so much as a friend is pretty bad, and sometimes your teammates will stay in the middle of the battlefield simply receiving the shots without blinking, something that no person two functional neurons would.

Due to the lack of good computer-controlled companions and the high difficulty of some leaders, need to find human partners, but unfortunately that's not an easy task, since the game does not let you join games in progress (unless you have completed the next level to that mission), and waiting in a lobby for fifteen minutes (assuming you've found a line in the episode and chapter you want) is not very pleasant.

Once the action begins, the game is pretty fun, working alongside your colleagues to face giant monsters and hordes of enemies can be very entertaining, especially while using a huge weapon or a Vital Suit (robots with high destructive capabilities).

The scenarios are a lot of details and many times you have more than one way to pass through, and that gives your team a chance to spread to explore the secrets that can hide the map.
The title is divided into episodes, chapters and missions, once you pick a chapter you have to complete several tasks before it lets you save your progress and there is no inter-mission checkpoints, so if the electricity fails, you get disconnected from network or simply want to stop playing before the end of a session that could last up to an hour, is necessary to leave your work and forget the time you've invested.

Graphically Lost Planet 2 looks awesome, from the snow and have dominated to the green of the jungle plants, no matter the direction that look will always find a lot of details to enjoy, and even this is reflected in the character creation, because you can alter the look of your mercenary, to change parts of their dress or the color of many of them.

Something very rewarding and helpful for all players do their best, is a reward system which pose additional goals, how to activate all communication stations or go through an area undetected, once the requirements are completed additional points are awarded to players, so your characters level up and acquire new skills, names and weapons.

In competitive multiplayer there are not many changes, all the fun vandalizing other players with a Vital Suit, still there. On the other hand, design your character is something that adds variety to the battlefield, whether you're playing a simple way as Deathmatch, where players engage in a gunfight without complicated objectives or any of the slightly more complicated case where to perform missions such as stealing an egg from Akrid (giant insect-like monsters) and maintain active communication with all positions to get points for your team.

2 Lost Planet has many design flaws as if the game had been released early and is difficult for anyone to sit down and play it to experience the amount of paperwork that must be completed for a game or frustration leads to artificial intelligence. However, underneath these problems lies a fun game you could enjoy if you're willing to invest some of your time looking for a game online.

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