Monday, June 7, 2010

BLUR PC Game 2010

Game Review
Define blur is not easy, but in an English magazine found him a very good name: Modern Carfare. Blur is defined differently: as a man running races, and this video explains it perfectly.

Define blur is not easy, but in a British magazine she found a very good name: Modern Carfare. Blur is defined differently: as a man running races, and this video explains it perfectly.

Reference to Modern Warfare is no accident, the multiplayer is built around the experience to grow and meet challenges, but we are getting ahead a lot, blur is a combat racing game that, unlike the kart type games, it is with real cars, you can run Audi, Dodge, Focus, VW, Koenigsegg, Land Rover, BMW, Nissan and Aston Martin, among others.

Seeing the game, many doubt his pedigree, but just need to see the logo on the box, everything is under control, Bizarre Creations, makers of Project Gotham Racing, are the developers of blur. Surely some people expected, or at least wanted, another PGR, but possibly create blur was the right decision.

The market is racing simulators and a little tight, and now it is fashionable to offer them less hardcore game modes, where novices can run without worrying about suspension, brake pads, or any other parts that do not know how to adjust, so the supply of casual racing game suddenly seems to be redundant and Burnout Criterion taking another course and making the next Need for Speed, Bizarre seizes the opportunity and seeks to occupy the space for those who feel the need to run without thinking suspension damage, for all we want to destroy and we are not very interested in the racing game of our nephew.

The setting of blur is very similar to Need for Speed Underground, racing takes place at night in cities around the world, the effects are neon lights, outrageous, and work very well. The goal of the game is to run different types of careers and the goals (such as checkpoints or destruction of other vehicles) or be the first to reach the final goal.

In PGR to move forward or we need to collect level up kudos in blur fans are used, each move you make, the damage done, finally. After a certain number of fans, you level up, and with each level you upload liberate more cars to use.

That fight is racing because there are power-ups to choose from, some offensive, some defensive. Yes, most scratch can seem like a sappy version of those found in Mario Kart. Y fanboys, calm, saying that blur is copy is Mario Kart is like saying that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is a copy of Doom.
Another difference is that there is a power-up ultra-powerful to be given that will last, no, it's a more democratic, everyone can see the available power-ups and get the wishing, of course, if not someone else wins. Also unlock mods that modify the behavior of some weapons, your shield or even give you ownership of more force to ram your opponents in single player races do not seem as powerful.

Of course the story is null, insert the game, you press start and start running. The campaign is difficult, at first you think will be of those games where you laugh at the Artificial Intelligence, but 20 players are racing, your enemies will beat you, takes your lunch money and you will walk away smiling. Yep, it can be humiliating.

So why would play? For online play blur is to live a battlefield at high speed. The analogy of Modern Carfare was well thought out, in blur you need to make challenges to access more cars, mods and colors for your car, and there are so many colors compete with up to 19 players is too intense, and here the mods you have available do make a difference, because online you will find several types of player and such a scale battles that will need everything that can give you an advantage.

Depending on the car you choose will have the typical options: what accelerates better?, What vehicle will reach the highest speed?. But the most important of all which one has more life?, Every attack against you to connect your life a little lower, and remember that there are 19 people who do not want to see you reach the goal.

Online you will find careers, including equipment, and a mode called Motor Mash, which is basically Twisted Metal, the blur, but with boring levels, it is best to keep racing. The experience of playing by yourself can be somewhat frustrating, but doing it online gives you the satisfaction you could want from a game, in the single player mode the AI can be irritating and even unfair moments, but in the way online there is nothing more satisfying than destroying your opponent's car just as he is about to cross the finish line.


  1. Hmm, I always though blur is..., "weird". I mean..., where does all the powerups come from? how can an audi shoot a particle???

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