Saturday, June 12, 2010

Kane & Lynch 2 PC Game Review

Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days
A dirty, dark, violent and promising shooter

Kane & Lynch: Dead Men received mixed responses from his audience, but that did not stop to prove that he had good material, so that its developer, IO Interactive, known for creating the successful Hitman franchise, will launch a sequel starring the strange duo, Kane, a ruthless criminal who has lost everything in life, and Lynch, a schizophrenic fugitive not being under the influence of strong drugs, can get out of control.

The most important change that promises Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days, is that Lynch will be the star now, that is something that many people can be a wise decision because the character is full of mystery and because of his unstable psychological condition their actions are unpredictable.

Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days promises to be very different from most games, here you do not have a military trained to fight terrorists, are two unscrupulous criminals with nothing to lose, fighting the scum of the underworld. This title will immerse you in dirty and dark places where even the most decent person has his hands full of blood, especially when you consider the hostility of some people in the suburbs of Shanghai, where the story unfolds.

Something beautiful to have chosen this city, which has all sorts of places and neighborhoods, so although the game probably will take you to some of the worst places, most likely you see all kinds of environments to explore in your adventure.

As you can imagine, will have a cooperative mode and will be one of the main attractions, going from the title of the game you can identify that you have a partner to carry out your crimes, and as developers, will be reflected in the relationship of the characters so that even when playing alone, you feel that Kane is by your side strategies, such as flank the enemy to take another path, which indicates that it will be an excellent cooperative experience.

The game is not aimed at young audiences, and not due to the amount of violence, simply because the characters, history and ambience are made to be enjoyed by adults and that will be displayed in the language of each, which will full of words that no mother would like to hear from his son.

Something very interesting Kane & Lynch 2 is its competitively. Maintain Fragile Alliance mode of the first game, where your team must make a grand larceny to escape with the loot, of course, unless one of your classmates will become greedy and decides to betray his friends to keep all the profits; also added a new mode called Undercover, in which a team of thieves is actually an undercover police officer to be removed one by one to their peers without the others realize, though of course, everyone will be looking for that rat liar.

Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days promises to deliver a raw experience, and generate all the fun of competitive and cooperative modes with big ideas. So, if all goes as the developers have it in mind, the game must remain in your sights.

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